03 Oct, 2018

League Of Legends Guide: How To Play With LoL Supports

Are Lol supports important? The simple answer to this common question is “Yes”. When playing League of Legends, you may assume many different roles to lead your team to the threshold of victory. Of course, each of these roles is integral to your game strategy and collectively contribute towards scoring a victory against the enemy.

The Importance Of LoL Supports

However, the role of the Support is often misunderstood, understated and downright underappreciated. For instance, a common misconception among LoL gamers is that role of a support is simply to heal players when they are drained of HP after a heavy trade.

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Yes, it is true that an important role of Support champions is to heal their allies. However, it would be suicidal to simply classify them as the healing class – they do much more than just healing weakened allies.

Things To Remember As A Lol Support

As a Support, here are just a few tips on how you can improve your game and lead your team to a glorious victory:

  • Trade With Ranged Carry – As a support, it is a fool’s errand to abandon your AD Carry and go all guns blazing on bottom lane enemies. Your primary objective should be to protect the AD. When you see the AD engaging the enemy, follow suit. Similarly, when you see him disengage, retreat with him and create a safe passage for him.
  • Avoid Taking Free Damage – As a support, you must think long-term and survive through the game. The way you position yourself will help you in achieving this simple objective. Throughout the game, make sure that you are strategically positioned to take damage ONLY when you are redirecting it on yourself to protect the AD Carry. Also, make sure you are in a position where you can respond promptly as soon as you take damage.
  • Cut Loose Ends – By loose ends, we mean anticipating enemy ganks and overseeing your lanes to ensure that they are not exposed to ganks and ambushes. Warding the river is another important task that the Support must take up since failing to do so will expose your lane. The last thing you want is a river gank that costs you more than you had bargained for. Focus on warding the river by buying tri-bush and save the ward for the endgame.

  • Ward Camps – Warding the wraith camp of your enemy is an effective strategy if you want to keep a watch on their jungler. You can then plan on whether to gank your enemy with all guns blazing or adopt a fallback strategy and anticipate an enemy gank on you. This strategy is effective in both setting up kills as well as preventing untimely and unproductive trades.
  • Use Ping Wards To Counter Dragon Wards – When playing as a support, it is essential that you know how to use Pink wards. Pink wards play a crucial role throughout the game, enhancing your vision and allowing you to kill enemy wards. Doing so will benefit you in two main ways:
    • It will give you greater control over the dragon.
    • It will blind the enemies to ganks carried out by your jungler.

If you see the enemy going back to buy a pink ward to kill yours, you must go back to retrieve it. this is because having control over dragon should be absolutely crucial to you.

  • Go For Defensive Masteries – Giving a higher preference to defensive masteries and runes will grant you more durability in lanes. This is especially useful if you like to play with less tanky (more squishy) supports like Janna and Soraka. Defensive runes and masteries will build your armor and durability both of which are essential as a Support since one of your main job descriptions is to take heavy damage. Even if you select tanky Supports like Braum, it is essential that you build defensive masteries and runes to enhance your chances of surviving through the game. Remember, what distinguishes a great support from a good one is that a great support never dies!
  • Do Not Last Hit – If your AD is not at base, there is absolutely no need for you to hit last. As a support, minion kills is not your highest priority. Yet, if you do engage minions and kill them, you will end up depriving your AD of precious gold which he needs to build damage for the endgame. Taking cs from your AD is the same as punching him in the tenders.

  • Time Wards And Abilites – As a Support, it is imperative that you time your cooldowns. This will give you an incredible advantage against the enemy and can make all the difference a successful trade and a failed one.
  • Counter With Oracles – Buying an early oracle will give your game a huge boost as it will give you a huge advantage throughout the game, allowing you to tackle enemy wards with little effort.
  • Look For Other Income Sources – Since the main job of a Support is to guard the AD and ensure his survival, it is essential that you leave the minions to him and let him score. As an alternate source of income, you can buy gold for every five items, preferably in the early game. This way, you will have a steady source of income which you can then use to purchase more wards, support items etc. to last the game. Similarly, you can also set masteries and runes to help you get gold for every five items.


A Support is a high utility champion whose role in the game is absolutely crucial. In many ways, your entire game strategy revolves around a Support as he is the one who will open doors for ganks, harass enemies during the laning phase, and create advantages and opportunities for the whole team.

He is also the one person in the team who MUST have exceptional map awareness and is able to protect the team and march them to the gates of victory. Hence, a skilled support, one who can wave the flag of victory after the endgame, will turn the game 180-degrees in your favor and give you the competitive edge that you need to claim a glorious victory.

Is there an important Support role that we have missed out? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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League Of Legends Guide: How To Play With LoL Supports
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