22 Mar, 2018

How to Fix Sea of Thieves Lag

After waiting for three whole years and going through a number of different beta releases, Sea of Thieves is finally here. However, the release of one of the most anticipated games of 2018 has not been a smooth one.  Though Sea of Thieves looks incredible and features some exciting gameplay elements, it is not yet optimized. The game is filled to the brim with stability and performance issues which have resulted in players coming across Sea of Thieves lag.

Sea of thieves lag spikes

What is Sea of Thieves Lag?

Like any other online video game, Sea of Thieves runs on a number of servers through which players connect to one another. However, any hiccups affecting either the server or the PC itself can cause players to come across lag in the game which can be quite infuriating. Furthermore, lag comes in all sorts, ranging from FPS drops to input delays. Since Sea of Thieves is an online completive game, playing under such instances, it can be quite a disadvantage for the player.

Sea of thieves lag

Hence, if one wishes to win, this must be fixed. That being said, before you head on to scavenge the internet, in search of fixes for the lag, we have some good news for you. Our technical team has done the job for you. Listed below are some of the best fixes for the common Sea of Thieves lag spikes and issues.

Sea of Thieves Server Lag

Ever since the release of the game’s first beta, players have been complaining about FPS drops and input delays. And as time went on, more and more community posts regarding similar issues, started to surface. However, at the time, it was not a big deal as the game was still in its development stages. But, now the game is officially launched, one might ask why these issues still persist?

Well, in our opinion we don’t think it is entirely the fault of the developers as Sea of Thieves become too big, too soon. In just a few days, the game’s player base has reached numbers in millions. And it’s not like the developers aren’t doing anything about it. Every day the servers for the game are undergoing maintenance to fix persistent issues in the game right now.

Sea of Thieves Lag Fix

Before we get on to the more complex workarounds for dealing with such issues, we would advise you to optimize your PC. Doing so means your half job is done. In order to enjoy smooth gaming experience, we bring you some tweaks and changes which you can make to give your game a slight boost when it comes to reducing lag spikes in the game.

  • Make sure all of the drivers on your computer are up-to-date
  • Close any background application which is either using up your internet or is using up a lot of your system’s space
  • Scan and defrag all of the drivers, especially the one where Sea of Thieves is located
  • Switch “Power Options” to “High”
  • Adjust Windows for “Best Performance” rather than quality
  • Run Sea of Thieves as Admin
  • Add Sea of Thieves to “High Priority” from the Task Manager
  • Check if VPN is active. If so, then disable it for the time you are playing the game
  • Disable Windows Defender (temporarily)
  • Disable Firewall (temporarily)
  • Check Anti-virus settings for any blockages or network restrictions

However, keep in mind that these are just general workarounds which are used to optimize your PC for better performance. So, if they do not work for you, don’t worry, we have other workarounds for you as well.

Sea of Thieves Beard Errors

Furthermore, the developers have officially published a few fixes from their end which players can use, to deal with the Sea of Thieves “Beard” errors. So, if you are facing the Avocado Beard error or the Cinnamon Beard error, there are ways for you get rid of them. For more details on these, check out the Beard error fixes down below:


Sea of Thieves beard errors

KiwiBeard & FluffyBeard

This error is caused when the servers for the game are either down or are undergoing maintenance. As a result, the only way to fix this error is by waiting for the developers to bring the servers back on.

CinnamonBeard & BronzeBeard

The developers have listed down a workaround which will help in getting rid of this issue:

  1. Press the Guide Button on your controller
  2. Highlight Sea of Thieves
  3. Press the Menu Button (to the right of the Guide Button on your controller)
  4. Highlight “Quit” and press A
  5. Re-launch Sea of Thieves from your Pins, Recent or My Games & Apps areas of your console
  6. Navigate to the menu and join a game as usual

AlabasterBeard, AllmondBeard & CyanBeard

These errors arise when the Sea of Thieves services have been disrupted or lost. Hence, to fix such issues, please check your network status via the “Settings” option within the game.


The reason for this issue is your game client being out-of-date. So, to fix this, it is advised that you update your game.

FishBeard, GreyBeard, Lapisbeard & DaffodilBeard

This error is caused by issues on the server end. Hence, there is nothing you can do about it apart from waiting if you wish to fix these issues.


This issue is caused by antivirus/firewall settings, proxy servers or other network management/manipulation tools. It may also arise if new players are temporarily prevented from joining the game as part of an effort to resolve server issues. If this is the case, you will have to wait for the developers to fix it themselves.


This error arises due to lack of activity. As a result, to fix this, all you have to do is not be inactive in the game.

These were some of the fixes the developers have published themselves regarding the numerous “Beard” errors within the game. Though these are not connected to Sea of Thieves, lag directly, but since some of these are related to the servers for the game, you can make sure if the root cause for the Sea of Thieves network lag is from your end or the developers.

Sea of Thieves FPS Drops

A number of the players are reporting about coming across Sea of Thieves FPS drops within the game, even though they have PCs which meet the game’s recommended requirements. Now, the problem here is that frame rates depend on several factors. Hence, no one can really tell what is causing these drops.

Sea of Thieves Server lag

However, from experience, we can give you a few workarounds which can help you in increasing FPs in Sea of Thieves. You can use following workarounds to fix FPS drop issue:

  • Upgrade your GPU drivers
  • Lower your graphics and video settings. This will lower the stress on the internet and your PC. Hence ensuring increased performance
  • Check out computer’s temps. If reaching above 70C, try giving your PC a break or install additional fans or switch to liquid cooling.

However, if the above-mentioned workarounds did not do the trick for you and the servers for the game are running smoothly, then there is a problem. Don’t lose your heart though, as we have saved the best fix for the last. It is time we introduce to you, our very own gaming VPN, Kill Ping.

Lay Waste To Sea of Thieves Lag For Good

Kill Ping is a gaming VPN which optimizes your gaming connection by connecting you through its dedicated servers which are specially designed for improving game ping. Hence, you can get rid of that infamous lag.

Kill Ping route

Furthermore, since Kill Ping connects you through its dedicated servers, you will experience much smoother gameplay as input delays, lag spikes and all other similar issues will be dealt with without affecting your system’s performance. If you wish to experience Sea of Thieves in its prime state, then navigate to the Kill Ping official website for more details.

That is it for now. Comment below and let us know what you think of our guide on the lag in Sea of Thieves. We hope that this blog will help you address the lag issue for good and give you the optimum online gaming experience that you deserve.

Sea of thieves lag


How to Fix Sea of Thieves Lag

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