29 Jun, 2016

How To Fix Dead By Daylight Disconnection

When Dead by Daylight was released nearly two weeks ago, gamers all around the world were instantly drawn towards its dark theme. In the game, a group of survivors must elude and dodge a cold-blooded ruthless killer as they make their way through decrepit cornfields, abandoned junkyards and secluded forests.

While the game has become immensely popular practically overnight, there are a few recurrent problems that ruin your overall experience playing Dead by Daylight disconnection being the most common and annoying. If you too are facing Dead by Daylight disconnection issues, here are some useful tips that can help you improve your connection to the game server:


Antivirus, Firewall, Router, Blocking Game Client

If you are facing constant disconnections from the game server, perhaps you should check for any installed application that may be interfering with the connection request. Your antivirus and firewall may be the reason behind your Dead by Daylight disconnection woes. This is because these applications have known to interfere with your internet connection to ensure system security.


Hence, to begin, disable your antivirus and then try connecting to the game server again. Hopefully, you won’t have to worry about disconnection issues again. you should do the same with your firewall. Also, don’t forget to disable the auto-update feature of these applications to improve your connection to the game server.

VPN Blocking Connection to Server

Many Dead by Daylight players use VPNs to connect to the game server. While a VPN offers gamers a range of benefits, it also has the tendency to interfere with your connection to the game server.

For example, if you use a conventional VPN to connect, your packet data may take more time to reach the game server as it will hop across more data points.

This not only leads to repeated disconnections from the game server but also causes your game to lag and stutter due to packet loss. Hence, you will face Dead by Daylight disconnection, lag and high ping.

One effective way to resolve this issue is to use a Gaming VPN like Kill Ping. Kill Ping provides you with an optimized route to the game server that avoids the routine traffic and congested pathways that your data has to travel trough when you use a conventional VPN.

By using optimized server-routing techniques, Kill Ping makes sure that your data travels to the game server much faster and with a minimum number of hops.


Another benefit of Kill Ping servers is that they are cleverly placed in strategic locations around the world to ensure that they are in close proximity to the game server that you wish to connect to.

With 100+ dedicated servers spread around the world, it doesn’t matter which game you want to play – we have a dedicated server that is strategically placed just so that you can play your favorite online multiplayer game.

Kill Ping also gives you the convenience to access all servers in one package so you don’t have to pay extra every time you wish to connect to a new proxy. Simply choose the server nearest to you to avoid frequent internet connection issues, packet transfer delay and packet loss and many more related problems.

With Kill Ping, you get to enjoy games the way they are meant to be enjoyed – lag free and without frequent internet connection issues. This means that you can still play region-locked games or access region-locked content without having to worry about internet connection issues.

And you can enjoy all the benefits of a Gaming VPN plus much more!

Other Steps to Resolve Dead by Daylight Disconnection

If you still encounter Dead by Daylight disconnection, perhaps you can try out these simple tips to improve your connection to the game server:

  • Use an Ethernet connection rather than a wireless connection because it facilitates faster transfer of packet data
  • Disable firewall and antivirus auto-update and auto-download  feature
  • Upgrade to at least a 4Mbps connection for faster packet transfer speed
  • Stop background downloads such as torrents since they affect your internet speed
  • Stop streaming of videos on YouTube, Netflix etc. since it affects your internet speed
  • Change the password of your Wi-Fi to prevent others from leeching on your internet connection

Following these tips will certainly help you to overcome Dead by Daylight disconnection issues. Do let us know if you find our tips helpful and give us your suggestions on how to solve frequent connection issues in Dead by Daylight by commenting in the comments section below.



How To Fix Dead By Daylight Disconnection
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