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Heroes of the Storm

Easy Tweaks to Prevent Windows 10 Lag

March 19, 2019  |  by Spark

Windows 10 may be the most stable OS till date. For online gamers however, it sometimes can cause problems and that is why we are here to help you solve these issues. In online games, players may face lag in some of the most unexpected of ways. There have been many cases when users just

How to Lower Ping in Seven Steps

March 19, 2019  |  by Spark

If your are playing online games and are facing the issues of high ping then here is a detailed guide on how to lower your ping for good. Online gamers in today’s time face a common problem of ping when it comes to playing their favorite online game. On and off, gamers tend to look

How to Use Kill Ping in Online Games

September 18, 2018  |  by Spark

Around the world, online gamers have queries on how to can use Kill Ping in online games to reduce lag. As part of our endless efforts to provide online gamers around the world with a lag-free gaming environment, we at Kill Ping ensure that players don’t have a tough time doing so. And certainly, Kill

How To Get Low Latency In Online Games

August 20, 2018  |  by Spark

Latency is a term that is commonly heard in online games. Something that is related to your connection with game servers a low latency makes sure that players can enjoy their game to the fullest. But, this might not always be the case since almost everyone is not lucky enough to play their favorite game

5 Games Like Hearthstone You Have To Try

July 26, 2018  |  by Dani

Ever since we were little, we have been playing with trading card games like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! And Duel Masters. However, with the newer generations coming in, technology took its take on the genre, converting the same exact experience but in the online world. This meant that you can have the same experience you get from

Low Ping in Online Gaming with Kill Ping

July 16, 2018  |  by Taha Effendi

It’s been few months since Kill Ping entered the world of online gaming and has already conquered a lot by providing lower ping to thousands of online gamers. However, Kill Ping won’t rest until each and every online gamer is free from ping problems for good. Many Kill Ping users wonder how Kill Ping is

Blizzard Faces DDoS Attacks, All Overwatch Servers Down

July 9, 2018  |  by Spark

Blizzard is once again DDoS attacked which is currently affecting all of its game servers and as a result, no one is able to play any of their games let alone Overwatch. This time around, the DDoS attack started off with creating login issues for Blizzard players. This is something that happens whenever more IP

How To Fix Heroes Of The Storm Lag

July 9, 2018  |  by Spark

If you are one who has been constantly complaining about the Heroes of the Storm lag, then we might just the fix for you. After spending hours and hours, looking for different workarounds, our technical team is here with the most comprehensive HotS fix guide. Heroes Of The Storm Lag Everything ranging from the Hots

Steam Summer Sale 2018 – Best Game Deals That You Should Buy

June 22, 2018  |  by Spark

The biggest sale of the year is finally here and undoubtedly this has been the most anticipated and the most awaited one among all. With several of titles to choose from, it can really get tough to make the perfect choices. Discounts going up to 90% makes you wanna think you want to buy them