27 Jul, 2016

Here Is Why Overwatch Is Skyrocketing In Popularity.

Overwatch is one of the most popular online multiplayer games out there and the game has reached immense popularity in just a short span of time. In just over two months of release, Overwatch has been featured in many different eSports tournament along with a huge fan following with players sinking hours upon hours into the new first person shooter from the legendary developer, Blizzard. Considering the popularity of the game right now, there is no doubt that it is going to become the most played game in the years to come and in this article, we are going to look at some of the greatest reasons behind the game’s skyrocketing popularity.

Why is Overwatch So Popular?


It Gives First Person Shooters A Brand New Meaning

Let’s be honest here. Overwatch was released into the market when every big developer in the first person genre out there was throwing out military and war based first person shooting games and the idea is way past its over-saturation mark. Everyone was literally rehashing the same idea for first person shooters and this is when Blizzard came in with a breath of fresh air, which was Overwatch. What the game does is take the same old first person shooter idea and turn it into something completely different and innovative. Overwatch not only gets the first person mechanics right, it also gives everyone a brand new game where you are not a maniac with a gun running around a map shooting people. Some would say that the idea of abilities and ultimates/supers in first person shooters was first done by Destiny, the console-exclusive first person shooter by Bungie, but since that game is not available on PC, it cannot be counted as a universal winner. That being said, Overwatch definitely gives all of the first person shooter fans out there something new and innovative to play.

Because the game is developed by Blizzard

While Overwatch is a first person shooter game, the game contains all of the ingredients that have made Blizzard a great developer in the past. The game features all of the teamwork requirements and strategies that were present in Blizzard’s previous games. World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo and many other popular games in the world of today came in from the same development house and we all know how Blizzard manages to get it right every time. What is more interesting here is that Overwatch does not have a single player mode and is a multiplayer only title. However, that did not stop Blizzard from adding a massive and immersive story in the game and this can be compared to Call of Duty games where the game’s single player and multiplayer modes have no connection whatsoever. It is also worth noting that this is the first shooter from Blizzard and their first attempt has been very successful indeed.


The game is massively popular in Korea, enough said

For those of you who are not sure what I am talking about, Overwatch recently surpassed League of Legends in popularity in Korea and some of you might be considering this as nothing important, it can be said that this is the game’s biggest win so far. Korea is considered one of the most eSports centric country in the world and being the most popular game over there definitely means something truly spectacular. However, it must be noted that being the most popular game in the region does not mean that everyone has bought the game. The reason behind this is that most internet cafes in Korea have a special version of Overwatch that can be played for free so long as users pay the hourly admission fee for the cafe. That being said, the game’s inclusion in eSports tournaments around the world and the fact that many big names in the eSports scene out there are jumping onto the Overwatch eSports hype train, there is no denying that the game is going to become even more popular soon.


The game is all about strategy and team work

One of the other reasons why the game sways away from very old first person shooter formula is because it depends more on team composition, strategy and timing rather than getting the most kills in a match. It is more about thinking about the role you want to play in a match and how your team is going to help you achieve the objective at hand .What is even more interesting is that players need to gain an understanding of the game’s mechanics and hero abilities before they are able to use them effectively in a team. Every hero and spot in your team has a role and if you do not fill the spot for the role assigned to you, you might not be able to win much in the game.

What is next for Overwatch?

While Overwatch is reigning supreme over the eSports scene right now, no reign remains for a long time until it is maintained. Right now, Blizzard is sitting on their biggest chance for possibly the largest eSports game after Dota 2 right now and the future of Overwatch depends on how they handle the game and its future content. Sure, Blizzard is listening in to all of the feedback provided by the fans on the game but if they want to upkeep the popularity of the game, they will have to continue on the path and also think about new content for the game. This way, they will be able to keep the fans and players interested in the game and take the game to new, uncharted heights.
Are you playing Overwatch? Are you liking the game so far? Do you agree with the above arguments? Let us know.



Here Is Why Overwatch Is Skyrocketing In Popularity.

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