10 Mar, 2019

Guide to Reduce Battleborn Lag

Tired of facing Battleborn lag and looking for a permanent solution? Here is a perfect guide to solve your problems once and for all.

We all know how awesome a job Gearbox did with the creation of Borderlands. This is the same reason why we all had high hopes with our fingers crossed for the release of their FPS MOBA, Battleborn. Released just a week ago, Battleborn set the stage high for their biggest competitor Overwatch. Although there are goods and bads for both, the one thing that will give priority to one game over the other is preference.

Now that the praising has been done, we’ll come to the issues that have been troubling Battleborn users since its release. Apart from the usual bugs and crashes, being an online game, it faced the common dilemma which is Battleborn lag.

To overcome the scenario, we as part of enhancing the gaming experience of online gamers, compiled a list of tweaks to solve the problems players have been facing and why they should use Kill Ping to solve Battleborn lag.

Battleborn Lag Issues

Let’s first take a look over the number of complains that players have been making in regards to the lag they are facing in the game.

battleborn lag

Battleborn Lag Fix

Below you will find some issues that lead to Battleborn lag. We are pretty sure that apart from the issues mentioned, there isn’t anything else that needs to be discussed. However, if still the problem of Battleborn lag remains untouched for you then the best advice would be to play Battleborn with Kill Ping. Being a new game, the main reason why you might be facing Battleborn lag is due to lack of servers deployed for the game around the world. But that is something Kill Ping takes care of very efficiently so, no worries.

Performance Improvement Tweaks

Special thanks to gameserrors for providing the file, the performance tweaks helps solve some of the usual problems and enhances the overall gameplay in Battleborn. Do note that this may cause some unexpected errors and therefore a backup of the file should be made prior to any changes. The file can be found over here.

Changes to be made are as follows;

• ParticleLODBias=0
• MotionBlur=False
• MaxParticleResize=100
• MaxAnisotropy=16
• LightEnvironmentShadows=False
• LensFlares=False
• FXAA=False
• FogVolumes=False
• FilteredDistortion=False
• DynamicShadows=False
• DynamicLights=True
• DropParticleDistortion=False
• Distortion=False
• DetailMode=0
• DepthOfField=False
• bSmoothFrameRate=FALSE
• Bloom=False
• bAllowLightShafts=False
• AmbientOcclusion=False
• AllowRadialBlur=False

Battleborn FPS Lag

Although faced by many, the issue has mostly been addressed by AMD users which is mainly due to a bottle-necking problem which prevents AMD cards from giving their full potential to the game.

This can also happen because of outdated drivers. Since Battleborn is a new game there is a possibility that the graphic drivers are not optimized for the game. Be sure to stay tuned for the latest changes regarding the drivers and update it as soon as something new comes up.

As for NVIDIA users, the FPS drop is due to PhysX not working properly. It is therefore advised to turn off the option prior to playing the game.

Battleborn Stuttering

Also a common issue which has been reported by many Battleborn players, the reason behind it is yet unknown and hopefully a fix can be expected by the game developers themselves to solve the problem. It is still recommended to run Battleborn on the lowest possible settings to see if it helps. If the results are positive then probably the issue was from your end and your hardware requirements are not upto the recommended one for the game. In case you don’t know below you can find the least system requirements that are a must if you wish to smoothly play Battleborn.

  • Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel i5 5th Generation / AMD FX-6300
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Graphics: ATI HD 6870 / GTX 460
  • DirectX: 11
  • Bandwidth: 2mb connection
  • Miscellaneous: Visual C++ Redistributable 2010 and 2012, .Net Framework 4.5

Traffic Congestion and Game Server Distance

Technically speaking, whenever you play Battleborn, you are connected to one of the servers for the game which should be theoretically placed closer to your location. However, having less servers create a problem since users playing Battleborn with even the closest servers get a ping greater than 200ms.

battleborn lag spikes

Fortunately for you, this is what Kill Ping is known for as it redirects your game data through its own dedicated routes providing a shorter path between you and a game server and hence reducing Battleborn lag. Furthermore, having a dedicated route also prevents you from being stuck in the typical traffic congestion that are manually unavoidable. Below you can see a screenshot of how effective Kill Ping can be in reducing your Battleborn lag.

kill ping server comparison

Kill Ping has added Battleborn in the list of games support by the software. If for any reason you are unable to locate the title, you can simply add it through “Add Custom Game” option. For the main module, select “Battleborn.exe” whereas the launcher can be set as “Steam.exe”.

If the performance, FPS and stutter tweaks mentioned above haven’t been able to overcome your problems in the game, then the only way you can enhance your gaming experience and reduce Battleborn lag is through Kill Ping. Try it now and we are positive your Battleborn experience will change for good.

battleborn lag issues


Guide to Reduce Battleborn Lag

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  • Turmoil

    For My BattleBorn issue is that it’s graphics and lag is very bad. When I lag, it’s like I teleport to a place, or I can’t shoot a target. I have to either shoot everywhere or they kill me. I hope this KillPing thing works or I’ll be so mad.

    • sparK

      Hi there turmoil,
      I hope Kill Ping was able to fix your problem. In case you still are having trouble or are facing lag you can contact Kill Ping’s support through the LiveChat available on the down right end of the page.

      Thank you