03 Jul, 2015

Tips For Going Extra Mile In Professional Gaming

Gaming has now become a professional sport. Players around the world are looking forward to actually make a career out of gaming. However, the question lies as what makes professional gamers different and unique from millions of gamers out there? No, it’s not their luck that they are being paid to play. Apart from that they are doing what they enjoy, there are some aspects that can make anyone be as good as a professional gamer. All it takes is the dedication.

Below are five steps that will make you better and probably the best at what you love to do. Since this guide is general for all gamers who want to be a PRO,we will not be focusing on a single game. Infact we would take it in a way that is understandable to players coming from all genre. Unless we get a demand to cover the professional aspects to each game separately.

Go Pro
Take it from the literal meaning. If you are considering taking a career out of gaming, spend your buck into it. The first and foremost thing that you should do is get the gaming gear suitable for you. Remember, it’s not just the peripherals themselves that make you a Pro. However, they provide great assistance. Having the best possible gaming gear for you would make you at ease from the side that you might be lacking. For instance, buy a gaming mouse. Based upon the type of game that you play, whether it is MOBA, FPS or RPG, choose the mouse according to your needs. If you play World of Warcraft, having a mouse with more buttons at hand would allow you to be more active in game as you would have several spells at your disposal, at the palm of your hand. For Dota2 players, having 4 to 5 buttons allow you to use several items and abilities that you might use through a keyboard if you do not have a good gaming mouse. For FPS gaming, a mouse with minimum response time allows you to have lightning reflexes in game. You would not be whining that you would have killed the guy if it wasn’t for the shitty mouse. Having gaming peripherals will help you focus more on your own skills, since at that time you would not have the worry that you might be under performing due to hardware issues.

Benchmark your targets
Now that you have your basic needs covered sort out what you want to achieve. In order to improve, you should know your lacking.

“There’s no such thing as PERFECT or COMPLETE… only continuous improvement”

Even though, I don’t know who said this, it still remains true to almost any aspect of life. In order to be good you should know what you are bad at. Make targets for what you want to improve. Considering the example of an FPS gamer, you are almost a professional gamer if you have a good aim. However, having a good aim is hard. For many this is their lacking which they might not overcome for the rest of their lives. If you are not good at aiming, practice your aiming as much as you can. Practice deathmatch to the max. Aim for the head and nothing else.

There are many maps in CS:GO that allow you to practice your aim. Do this till the time that your eyes might burst out or your fingers would bleed. There is a common problem and perhaps the biggest difference between you and a professional gamer. That thing is believing in your self. You would not do any good if you do not practice to the fullest. You CANNOT become a Pro in a weeks time. Do not make yourself believe that you have improved until you actually feel it in your bones. Being over confident would lead you nowhere.

Create your targets and take them one at a time. Playing countless hours would not take you to a higher level if you are not learning from your mistakes.

Master one thing to the fullest and move on. Decide your targets according to the role that you play. If you play Dota 2 as a Mid laner, note down all the possible mid lane heroes. Practice one hero to a point that you know all the pros and cons of the hero and how to deal with them. If you got to own Sniper with your mid lane Pudge, it won’t make you good for the rest of them as well . Play with a hero for all possibilities because every single game you would have a different opponent and then you will make decisions and adaptations according to that. This is what mastering means. Picking a hero with an attitude that you can PAWN almost anyone in your lane is when you switch to the other.

The Way of the Pros
You won’t be good if you don’t see how the Pros do it. You learn the most from the best. Watch replays, demos of professional players of your game to see how they perform react in competitive matches. One of the best ways to learn new things is to follow the Pros.Watch their streams, focus their gameplay and see how they see the game. More importantly watch the one who is playing your role. If you are an Awper, watch the games of good Awpers from top professional teams. The reason this is advised is because if you tend to follow a single Professional player you adapt to his particular play style but you might not know how others Professionals would play that particular role. Watching different Pro players for the same role will give you an analysis of different ways the role might be played. There are many well known hubs that allow you to regularly follow Pro teams, players and watch live matches along with past ones.
Muscle Memory – Reaction Time
While many of you might not even know the term, know this, Muscle memory is a thing that would help you be at the top. Muscle memory can be defined as a cache that is made by the human brain when you tend to repeat a particular process over an over again. A process is repeated so many times that your muscles react to that situation without waiting for a response from the brain. Think of it as if you are walking. Have you ever made any processes or calculations into walking? Its just so normal to you that your legs just know what to do. Similarly see this as practicing a particular aspect of a game as many times that your muscles make it a habit. Muscle memory helps you have insane reaction times in game. Lets have a look at this young guy also known as ‘SumaiL Spirit’ in the world of Dota 2.


What you see here are insane response times. Anyone who have played Dota 2/ LOL or any MOBA game even once would know what actually happened. This is something that comes with a bit of luck but with a LOT of practice. Doing something for so long that you don’t put second thoughts to it is something you call muscle memory. Lightning fast reflexes in many cases are the reason of your survival and the enemy’s death. Enhance the muscle memory and your skill level would go from 10 to 100.

Practice, Practice, Practice
You might have heard the famous saying that 10,000 hours are the magic number for anyone to be an expert at anything. Well, this is absolutely true if you want to be an expert in gaming. Put in the hours and you will get your reward. Practice to improve your cons the most and practice your pros as well.This will make you good on the things you lack and make you better on the things you are already good at.

Furthermore, Practice DOES NOT mean countless hours of gaming. Practice means that you actually put time in doing things that you might not even like. For a CS:GO player, standing infront of a wall practicing your burst control might not seem to be fun, and when you are doing this for 1 to 2 hours EVERYDAY you might get frustrated. But that’s the point, practice is not for fun. If you are practicing and are having fun doing it then probably you are doing it wrong. Ever seen the movie Karate Kid (The original one from 1984). The Karate Teacher used to make the kid perform household chores countless hours for many days. When finally the kid got frustrated and was about to leave, he came to know how his daily unending practice allowed him to learn defensive mechanisms. He had been doing it for so long that it actually became a part of his muscle memory.

That’s what practice means and that’s how you actually become good. Below is also a video of an FPS legend known as Fatal1ty who shows how important practice is to be good at any thing

Feel like a Pro to be a Pro
This part might seem easy, but trust me it’s not. Feeling is believing. Just saying that you think you are a Pro won’t take you there.When I say Feel like a Pro, I literally mean it. This will help you think in difficult times as what a professional player might have done if he was in a certain situation in game. When you feel that way you would have that attitude. And when I say attitude I absolutely don’t mean the attitude in which you start flaming everyone else calling them noob. Cause that’s not what a Pro gamer does. Have the right attitude will take you long way in and out of the game.

This guy is a living legend in Counter Strike. He might not be performing to that level in Counter Strike:Global Offensive like he was in CS 1.6 but still he is acclaimed by almost everyone who is somehow related to Counter Strike. Just watching the video you can see his attitude. Even being the best at that time did not stop him from being humble enough to say that he is the best at the moment. One can only dream for the image and persona Neo had, and even being at that place he was the calmest player of all.

Get The Best Online Gaming Experience
To improve your game and be par level with other professional gamers can be tough if you do not have a good online connection. There are times when people just end up losing just because they got lagged or DCed in the middle of the battle. Even though in professional matches there are pause mechanisms to control unwanted situations, player usually get frustrated if they have a bad internet connection. This effects the entirety of the team and is one of many reasons to loose motivation and momentum in online matches.
You must have a good internet connection if you want to see yourself at a top level. In online gaming, connecting to different servers across the globe can at times be difficult due to connection problems, and for a professional gamer this is not tolerable. Apart from having a good internet connection, the most important aspect you should not miss is getting a dedicated network path that gives you game routing in a manner that you get negligible latency and ping problems.Kill Ping works wonders in situations like these and is the best friend of Professional Gamers when it comes to connecting game servers all around the world. The video below shows the magic of Kill Ping in popular online games

If you ask any professional gamer your self, these would be the tips he will give you because they are the best that can be given if you want to be a professional gamer. This is because every aspect defined here is tough to do. However, if you are really willing to do what was discussed over here then your rewards would be fruitful.
Rest is for you to decide.



Tips For Going Extra Mile In Professional Gaming

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