30 Jun, 2018

9 Games Like World Of Warcraft To Play In 2018

World of Warcraft (WoW) is an MMORPG which can easily be called as one of the most popular games in the history due to its massive, massive fan following. The game has its very own extremely passionate fanbase which in today’s day and age is a very difficult feat to accomplish. However, with the entire community now desperately waiting for the game’s next expansion, we have for you a list of 9 best of the best games like World of Warcraft which you can play instead.

Games Like World Of Warcraft

So without wasting any more of your time as we all know playing MMO titles require a serious bit of time and effort, let us get on with 9 games like World of Warcraft.

1. Blade And Soul

Blade and Soul is an MMORPG which looks and feels exactly like World of Warcraft due to its similar visuals and gameplay style. It is because of this that in some parts of the world, this video game is known as the Korean version of World of Warcraft. From countless quests to mass exploration, Blade and Soul has it all. The game features a total of 4 different races (Gon, Lyn, Yun and Jin) and 10 very unique classes which range from Blade Master to a Master of the Force.

However, what sets this Korean MMO apart from World of Warcraft is that this game is that it is free to play. Though the game does feature some paid elements like the premium membership which comes with various added perks, but the overall game is free to play. To learn more about Blade and Soul, head on over to the official website for additional details.


TERA is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from Bluehole Studios who are the same people who are responsible for the massively popular battle royale title, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG). As a result, you know it’s going to be good. So, if you are looking for a game like World of Warcraft, TERA might be a very good option for you.

This is because, TERA is a game which takes inspiration from WoW, however, unlike others which completely copy Blizzard’s title, it takes its own spin on the genre. Hence, while staying true to the genre, TERA is like none other. The gameplay style, the in-game mechanics, everything is just beautifully made. And just the cherry on top is the fact that it is free to play.

3. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a game like World of Warcraft which is also quite popular in the MMORPG community. This is mainly due to the success of the game’s predecessor, Guild Wars, which made quite the fan following. So, if you have played Guild Wars and enjoyed its unique models and styles, then we would highly recommend giving Guild Wars 2 a try as ArenaNet has done a remarkable job with staying true to the essence of the previous title.

Furthermore, with the game’s newest Path of Fire expansion pack now available to play, Guild Wars 2 has become a must for people who prefer to play similar games like World of Warcraft. Guild Wars 2 is a free-to-play title, however, for those who wish to take on the brand new fire god, will have to pay a small fee for getting their hands on the new expansion. To learn more, check out the official website.

4. Warframe

There are only a few independent titles out there which become big, however, when they do, those games are truly special and unique. Now, we understand the list here is quite small but there is one game which outshines them all. We are talking about Warframe. This free-to-play third-person shooter is an MMO title of a very different sort. As while staying true to the genre and its many elements, it feels like it’s completely different. An MMO like never-seen-before.

In Warframe, players control member of an ancient race of warriors who have awoken from centuries of cyrosleep to find themselves at war with numerous factions called the Tenno. From reading just this you can pretty much imagine just how awesome the game is going to be and we are not lying, Warframe is actually just that. Head on over to the official website and see for yourself.

5. Destiny 2

The newest game of the lot is one which is not that new in the world of MMORPG due to the massive fan following this game has made in the past. We are talking about Destiny 2, the sequel to the massively popular title, Destiny. We know the initial reception of the game was not up to the mark, however, with recent patches and updates making their way to the game, Destiny 2 is now the game, the developers wanted it to be.

Though this is not exactly a game like World of Warcraft as Destiny is set in the first-person perspective but even then, we think WoW players will enjoy playing this game due to its incredible lore and play style. So, if you don’t mind playing a game in the first perspective and want a similar feel to that when you get from playing WoW, then we would advise you to give Destiny 2 a try.

6. Bless Online

Bless Online is a modern age MMORPG which just recently made its way into the world of video games. However, even then, the game has made quite the name for itself in the community due its over-the-top gameplay elements and features. Plus with a storyline which keeps the players excited throughout the game, we highly recommend MMO players to test out Bless Online.

Talking a bit more about the settings, Bless Online is set in a seamless fantasy where a war between two factions has led the world into a state of destruction and disorder. From this, you can pretty much imagine the essence of the game and how you as a character will progress through the many quests and characters found within the game. So, if this is what peaks your interest, head on over to the official page for more details.

7. Black Desert Online

When talking about games like World of Warcraft, how can we miss out on Black Desert Online as not only does this game look similar, it also features a very impressive storyline. However, due to the game being popular in Korea, Japan, and Russia, not many people in the world know about this hidden gem. So, if you are looking for an alternative to WoW, we would advise you to give this game a try. It surely deserves it.

We say this because just recently the developers, Pearl Abyss announced that it would be changing servers to provide better stability for the North American region. As a result, after this takes place, we are sure Black Desert Online will become a very popular game across the world.

8. Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls franchise is one which does not need any introduction as this franchise has been dominating the RPG scene since the past generations. So, when the developers came out with an announcement regarding the release of Elder Scrolls Online, you can pretty much imagine the excitement which followed.

The game initially received some pretty mixed reviews during its release, however, with the developers constantly rolling out updates after update, the game has significantly improved. So, if you wish to relive the excitement of the Elder Scrolls universe while also being in a party with your friends, then do check out Elder Scrolls Online. This is a game we have high regards for due to its overall growth and fun factor.

9. Skyforge

Skyforge is a free to play MMORPG which is quite new to the world of video games when compared to titles like Blade and Soul and World of Warcraft who have been dominating the market since the past decade or so. Even then this out-of-the-ordinary title has made quite the name for itself and we believe it is solely because of its unique playing style and gameplay elements.

In Skyforge, players can actually take on the role of an immortal with incredible powers to annihilate hordes of enemies and hostile gods. From this, you can pretty much understand just how incredible and mayhem-filled Skyforge will be. So, if you looking for a game like World of Warcraft, then check out Skyforge as this game could be the one you are looking for.


These are nine of the best games like World of Warcraft which we think will provide the players with the same satisfaction you get from playing WoW. Moreover, for those who are on a budget, check out the list mentioned above as it includes a few games which are free to play, while still scratching your WoW itch.

That is it for now, but stay tuned as we going to be bringing you similar content to this in the days to come. So, while that happens, comment below and let us know what you think of our list. Do you have any suggestion of a game which looks and feels like WoW which you think should be added into the list above?

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9 Games Like World Of Warcraft To Play In 2018

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