14 Jun, 2018

Fortnite Update v4.4.1: Shopping Carts Are Back

Previously, Epic Games took back Fortnite’s highly appreciated Shopping Carts which allowed players to not only travel faster but also get some spectacular kills. This was due to the increase in the number of issues; players were coming across with the implementation of the so-called “vehicles.” However, now the developers have spent some time on the improvement of the shopping carts, they have been re-enabled with the release of the latest Fortnite v4.4.1 Update.

According to the official post regarding Fortnite v4.4.1 Update, Epic Games is bringing back the Shopping Carts. But that is not all, as to compensate for the removal of these carts, the developers have added in numerous ramps and half-pipes across the map. So, if you were sick of building slopes of your own, then these new additions will help you get across the map faster.

The reimplementation of these Shopping Carts is not the only new feature which has been added in with Fortnite’s newest update. Epic Games is also introducing the accessibility of viewing Pro-Am matches, along with an option to report players in Fortnite’s Save the World variant.

Since the Fortnite v4.4.1 Update features some minor new additions, the developers have announced that there will not be any downtime. Hence, the update is as of now, live. All you have to do is restart your game, and all of these changes will be applied to your game.

That is it for now, but stay tuned as we will be bringing you more news regarding Fortnite very soon. Till then, comment below and let us know what you think of these additions. Are you pleased with the reintroduction of Fortnite’s Shopping Carts?

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Fortnite Update v4.4.1: Shopping Carts Are Back

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