10 Jul, 2018

Get Rid Of Fortnite Petition Attracts Thousands Of Signatures

Ever since the release of Epic Games’ Fortnite, the entire gaming industry looks to be addicted to the game. So much so that Fortnite players are taking time away from their families, friends and even their significant others, just so that they can play the game for longer. As a result, those abandoned friends and family members are fighting back with a petition to stop this madness, once and for all.

Get Rid Of Fortnite Petition

With the world split down the middle, a war is erupting with one side in favor of the increasingly popular battle royale titled Fortnite, and the other completely hating it for its addiction factor. Now, while the fans of the title were busy playing the game, someone went online and started a petition which as of right now is closing up on the 7000 signature mark.

“Hey all signers! I know all of you are hopeful this game goes down the drain and with all the attention it’s getting it seems possible. With over a million players worldwide the most they could do would be putting restraints on It in some way which i hope could still help all of you (and me) with your significant others and kids.”

What started off as a joke, quickly turned into something big as the petition started blowing up like crazy! It is now obvious that the love for Fortnite is not universal as there are quite a lot of people out there who don’t share the same feeling as the fans of the title. Now, this could include fans of rival video games but we think the majority of these signatures are from people who have been ditched, left alone and abandoned because of Fortnite.

 “Okay so i see this blew up. It was originally made as a joke and initially i hated Fortnite but i started playing it and it’s actually kind of fun. Me and my friend were just joking and we hoped people would notice but, I see how the game can take away from family time and it is a problem in that sense. I also see how mothers get annoyed and wife’s/girlfriends when their significant others ignore them for It. Regardless we never knew this would blow up so big.”

To learn more about this petition, check out the post on Change.org and see what all the hype is and if, you want to support the cause, go right ahead as this will only help the world realize of the Fortnite addiction.

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Get Rid Of Fortnite Petition Attracts Thousands Of Signatures

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