12 Apr, 2018

Fortnite Datamine Reveals Exciting New Skins

Just yesterday, Epic Games rolled out a massive update for Fortnite, adding a ton of new features into the game. This included the all-new Port-a-Fort grenade which allows players to construct a triple-storey metal fort for added protection instantly. Now, it seems the developers are not done with adding more content to the game as a recent Datamine has brought to light, details on some new skins which might be coming to Fortnite very soon.

According to Storm Shield One, a community website solely dedicated to Fortnite, a truckload of exciting new cosmetic items have been added into the game’s official database after yesterday’s update. These include everything ranging from outfits to fliers, emotes and pickaxes.

Fortnite skins

The Datamine reveals details on a few upcoming Legendary Skins which include Tricera Ops which dresses the player up in a Triceratops outfit, Leviathan which is a space suit with a fish for a head, The Tomato Town mascot and a sci-fi skin called Cipher. And that is not all. The developers are also planning to add more cosmetic items for these skins which include both, backpacks and pickaxes. To learn more about these new items, check out Storm Shield One’s official page for more details.

It is unclear as to when these skins will be introduced into the game as the developers have yet to confirm anything related to these new cosmetic items. However, with the Battle Pass for Fortnite coming to a close and a new season just around the corner, we believe the developers will be coming out with an official announcement for these new skins very soon.

Till then, why don’t you give us a minute of your time and let us know what you think of Epic Games’ approach to adding new items to the game?

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Fortnite Datamine Reveals Exciting New Skins

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