20 Mar, 2019

Fix Your DOOM 4 Lag

Update: Doom 4 is a hardcore favorite for FPS players. And when you are playing it online increases the fun even more. Well, unfortunately, the issue lag-related issues remain. But this has not stopped us. We have updated our blog, bringing you more ways to deal with Doom 4 lag.

Doom is one of the earliest first-person shooter games and practically gave birth to FPS games genre. So, though the legendary game seemed to have faded into the archives of history with time, some ardent fans always prayed for a reboot to the ever-so-popular FPS game.

DOOM 4 Lag

With the arrival of Doom 4 beta, your prayers have certainly been answered. The game is unlike any other FPS you’ve played before as it offers the same fast-paced adrenaline-pumping action but with radically enhanced graphics and gameplay.

This time around, there is, however, one teensy little problem in Doom – lag! While the original Doom was a single-player first-person shooter, Doom 4 takes the battle to the online multiplayer arena which means that gamers will inevitably face lag.

DOOM 4 Lag Fix

If lag is driving you up the wall, here are some easy tips to resolve this annoying problem and make your gaming experience much better. However, keep in mind that though lag might be the same, the reasons for the issue are always different and vary from user to user. So, there is a chance some of these fixes might not work for you.

doom 4 lag fix

Background Applications

If you are constantly facing lag, your internet connection may be THE main culprit behind this frequent annoyance. If you have a connection with a bandwidth of 1-2Mbps, take note that such low bandwidth is barely conducive to gaming. But that might not be the only thing leading to lag in the game. As going through some statistics data routes and distant game servers also act as a catalyst. If that’s the case your go-to plan must be Kill Ping.

doom 4 lag

If you already have a connection with a bandwidth of 4Mbps or higher and are still facing constant lag in Doom 4, try one of these tips:

  • Run a speed test to check the actual bandwidth that you are getting from your connection.
  • If you have a 4Mbps wireless connection, promptly switch to a wired connection as it is much faster and offers more consistent data transfer speeds. This will significantly reduce lag.
  • Check for background applications that are leeching your internet bandwidth. These applications include torrent download applications, download managers, and video streaming applications.
  • Disable the auto-update feature of security applications running in the background such as antivirus, antispyware and firewall. These applications are set by default to auto-update their database and virus definitions when they detect an internet connection. This way, they leech your internet bandwidth and this leads to lag.


If you are consistently facing lag in Doom 4, you may want to peek under the hood and recheck your hardware. This is problems like lag, stuttering, freezing and rubber banding are related to your system hardware, namely your RAM and GPU. Both your RAM and your GPU are responsible for temporarily storing essential game data to make it more readily accessible during a gaming session.

So, when your hardware is not up to the standard demanded by Doom 4, lag and other similar problems such as stuttering, freezing and rubber-banding become frequent annoyances. You could resolve this issue by going to the graphics settings of the game and lowering graphics/texture details and disabling anti-aliasing. Upgrading your system is always the best way to go as you can enjoy the game at full settings.

You can also go to the Windows Task Manager application and check for applications that are consuming too much RAM. Once you have identified these applications, close them to release used RAM. It is best to religiously follow this practice before you launch Doom 4 so as to ensure it doesn’t lag.

Kill Ping: Farewell DOOM 4 Lag

The last but the most effective way to reduce lag is by trying out Kill Ping. Kill Ping optimizes your gaming connection by connecting you through its own servers and routes that are specifically designed for online gaming sessions. Once the connection has been established, Kill Ping uses efficient server-routing techniques that essentially helps your packet data to avoid the clutter and traffic throughout the route.

Kill Ping

Kill Ping facilitates a smoother gaming experience by using optimized gaming routes to the game server with a minimum number of hops. This dedicated route enables the game data to bypass the clutter and all the traffic that you may face when connecting to the game server. Thus, you can enjoy an increase in the data transfer rate with minimum lag.

With these useful tips, you can significantly reduce lag and enjoy a much smoother and faster gaming experience. However, remember all other steps are pointless if you have a slow server connection because you will inevitably face Doom 4 lag or packet loss. Hence, your choice of server is absolutely essential if you are serious about getting rid of lag once and for all.

doom 4 lag pc


Fix Your DOOM 4 Lag
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  • Rhett J D.

    Lag only occurs if you die and it resumes your missions its video and i have more ram and cpu power them most 26g of ram a high end video card with 2 g on it alone and a 3.4 g cpu quad. Its the game not my machine

    • sparK

      Hello Rhett,
      Given your specs I am pretty sure that the issue is not on your side. This is why we recommend using Kill Ping if a player has tried all the other steps provided in the guide. This will let you reduce the lag from the server side and in return provide you a much smoother gaming experience in Doom 4.


  • Yves

    Can you please make/write a tutorial on how to add Doom to the killping program? I’m planning to buy.

    • sparK

      Hi Yves,
      Thank you for the recommendation. We sure will be adding the video tutorial for how to play Doom 4 with Kill Ping.