23 Apr, 2018

How to Fix Sea of Thieves High Ping

After waiting for over three years, Sea of Thieves managed to see the light of the day with the release this year. Now, you might expect that after such a long time, the game would be perfectly balanced and will feature only the bare minimum number of bugs and glitches. But that is not the case with the game, as it came with quite a lot of problems. This includes the infamous Sea of Thieves high ping issue which has left many players cursing the hell out of the developers.

Along with other issues, lag and high ping are two of the major issues in Sea of Thieves. Consequently, many critics gave the game either “mixed” or “negative” reviews. Now, with the developers working hard on getting rid of these issues, we see a lot of potential in Sea of Thieves.

But since the developers are taking their time with rolling out fixes for the game, we are here to help you out in the meantime. We bring you a comprehensive guide to fixing Sea of Thieves high ping. This guide will help you get rid of this issue for good.

What the Community Says about Sea of Thieves High Ping

Now for a game like Sea of Thieves, where players need to have focus, playing with high ping can be quite frustrating, especially when you are on your way back from a massive raid party. However, the problem has become too big. The community has taken to different forums like Twitter and Reddit, to get somehow an answer on how they can deal with the Sea of Thieves high ping issue.

Anyway to change your region in Sea of Thieves? from r/Seaofthieves

Well, those of you who have been facing Sea of Thieves high ping, in the past few weeks and are searching online for a suitable fix for it, then you have come to the right place. So, what are you waiting for? Fix the high ping issue today and play Sea of Thieves like champions tomorrow.

How to Reduce Sea of Thieves High Ping

However, before we get into the details about the workarounds for fixing the high ping issue in Sea of Thieves, let us dwell on the reasons why players are coming across such issues in the game as many players confuse high ping with lag.

Lag is a result of issues with both, your personal rig and the internet connection, while high ping is an issue which is caused, solely, by the internet connection and nothing else. Hence, if you wish to reduce high ping, you either have to reduce the load on your connection or optimize it by some means.

Workarounds for Fixing Sea of Thieves High Ping

Now that we know high ping is linked to unstable internet connections, the only way to get rid of such issues is through optimization. This was previously very difficult to do due to network constraints, but because of the new technological advancements, players can tweak almost everything, according to their need and preferences.

Mentioned below are some of these changes which you can apply to give yourself a significant boost in performance when it comes to online games. This, if done right, can help you get rid of Sea of Thieves high ping.

Restrict Background Applications and Downloads

Since Sea of Thieves is heavily reliant on your internet connection, we advise players, especially the ones coming across high ping, to restrict or close down applications running in the background, which are using up your internet. This includes everything from your internet browser to Windows Update.

The best way to do this is by opening up your Task Manager and checking which applications are using up your network. Once that is done, either close them manually or through the Task Manager. But before you start closing applications, just make sure that nothing important is being downloaded or updated as closing them down could lead to other problems.

Sea of thieves background

And that is not all. Apart from restricting applications, it is advised that you restrict the number of users on your network. More users mean more load on your network which could result in higher ping. You can do this by either letting everyone in your network know that you are playing or by going through your router’s settings and limiting the number of users allowed.

Furthermore, we advise players to reduce in-game graphics if you are experiencing high ping as higher graphics tend to use more of your network connection. Hence, lowering graphics resolutions can give you a lower ping.

Switch to Wired Connection

Over the years, we have seen thousands of players complaining about coming across lag or high ping when on a wireless connection. The fact remains that playing online video games on a wireless connection is the worst possible thing you can do as the connection is not very stable. Hence, lag and high ping are inevitable.

Wired Sea of Thieves

If you are playing Sea of Thieves on a wireless connection and are facing about high ping, then it is your fault. Switch to wired connection now, and you will see a massive difference. However, if you are the one who is on a wireless connection because of some restrictions, then we would advise you to decrease the distance between your PC and the router.

Sea of Thieves High Ping Workarounds

If the above-mentioned fixes did not do the trick for you then, don’t worry as there are a few other workarounds available which can help you get a better ping.

  • Defragment all of your disks
  • Delete crash dump files
  • Check Anti-virus settings
  • Add Sea of Thieves to “High Priority” from the Task Manager
  • Check VPN settings
  • Enable UPnP
  • Change Port Forwarding and NAT settings
  • Enable the QoS feature (Not available on all routers)
  • Upgrade your internet package

Even after these fixes, you are facing high ping issue in Sea of Thieves then we have for you the final fix which we are sure, will work for you. It is time for us to introduce you, Kill Ping, the true gaming VPN.

Kill Ping: The Ping Buster

Kill Ping is a ping-reducing gaming VPN which works to help you get rid of ping and lag related issues. Hence, if you are facing Sea of Thieves high ping, it might be the fix for you. Kill Ping does this through its dedicated gaming servers which allow you to play any of your online games without any hassle.

Kill Ping helps you connect through its dedicated servers which are specially designed for improving your game’s ping. And that is not all as the software is also optimized for reducing in-game lag and other issues like rubberbanding and delays.

Kill Ping Sea of Thieves

With Kill Ping in play, you would not have to worry about coming across Sea of Thieves high ping which in turn will help improve your game. So, if you wish to learn more about the software and its uses, check out the official website.

That is it for now, however, with the developers researching on new solutions to help you get the true online gaming experience, we are sure the future is quite promising for the game. However, till then, we would advise you to give us details of the issues you are coming across in the game so that we know what we are dealing with.

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How to Fix Sea of Thieves High Ping

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