04 Jun, 2018

How to Fix Guild Wars 2 High Ping

Ever since the release of ArenaNet’s groundbreaking MMORPG, players have been reporting instances about issues like Guild Wars 2 high ping. Now, for an online gamer, playing under such circumstances can be quite infuriating which could lead to not only in-game death but also peripheral abuse. So, for those who wish to keep their mice and keyboards safe and want to play the game smoothly, we are here to help.

We have scavenged the internet in search for possible ways of fixing Guild Wars 2 high ping issues. And after countless hours, we are here with a comprehensive guide on how you can finally deal with this frustrating issue. Hence, without wasting any more of your time, let us get into it.

What Causes Guild Wars 2 High Ping?

Before we get on with the workarounds, it is important to first understand why players come across Guild Wars 2 ping issues. However, if you are already aware of this and want to get on with the workarounds, then feel free to skip ahead.

Not many people know that high ping is usually linked to irregularities with the connection. Hence, hardware has nothing to do with it. Hardware issues might cause lag but high ping is caused by connection or server problems.

GW 2 High Ping

Guild Wars 2 is an online game which features complex elements which also include a massive player base. In order to handle all the features, having a stable internet connection is essential. Not having one could lead to problems like high ping. Plus, it is recommended that you limit the number of users on your network as sharing could lead to high ping as well.

Guild Wars 2 High Ping Fixes

As we have said before, high ping is an issue linked to unstable internet connections from both the user and the server side. Therefore, the workarounds which we will focus today will be ones which boost connectivity and/or eliminate any irregularities in the connection.

We understand that some hardware changes – like getting a better router or a better cable can boost performance and hence reduce Guild Wars 2 high ping, but those will either take too much time setting up, or are too expensive. Thus, we will look at some workarounds which are easy to do and are not so heavy on the wallet.

Background Applications

Starting things off, let us mention the most common of the workarounds for fixing Guild Wars 2 high ping or lag issue. Background downloads! This is the single most common cause for players to face high ping in online video games. Whether it is, video streaming, torrent or even Windows Updates – running in the background – ping is what suffers.

Guild Wars 2 High Ping

Hence, if you are running any background applications which might be using up your network space, we would advise you to suspend them till the duration of you playing the game. And we guarantee this will have a positive effect on your GW 2 high ping.

Wired vs. Wireless Connection

With the world moving towards better, more advanced technology, wireless seems to be the way to go. However, there are still some cases where having a wire is better. The internet connection is one of them.

Guild Wars 2 Ping Issues

We understand wireless is quicker and more efficient as it requires time to set up but is it effective? Well, not as much as a wired connection as having a wire eliminates external factors like distance and blind spots. In order to get reduced or – in some cases – even get rid of Guild Wars 2 high ping, we would advise you to switch to a wired connection as soon as possible.

Other GW 2 High Ping Workarounds

The two fixes mentioned above are the easiest to carry out. However, there are a few more which could help you get better ping in the game. If you are a little tech savvy and are not afraid to dwell in your PC’s settings then check out the workarounds mentioned below:

  • Defragment all of your disks
  • Delete crash dump files
  • Check Anti-virus settings
  • Add Guild Wars 2 to “High Priority” from the Task Manager
  • Check VPN settings
  • Enable UPnP
  • Change Port Forwarding and NAT settings
  • Enable the QoS feature (Not available on all routers)

If these fixes did not do the trick for you, and you are still a victim of Guild War 2 high ping then upgrading your internet connection is the final resort. However, before you go on to call your ISP, we would advise you to give Kill Ping a try.

Kill Ping: The Complete Gaming Experience

Kill Ping is a ping-reducing gaming VPN which works to help you get rid of ping and lag related issues. Hence, if you are facing high ping, it might be the fix for you. Kill Ping reduces your high ping through its dedicated gaming servers which allow you to play any of your online games without any hassle.

Kill Ping

Kill Ping helps you connect through its dedicated servers which are specially designed for improving your game’s ping. And that is not all as the software is also optimized for reducing in-game lag and other issues like rubberbanding and delays. If you wish to learn more about the software and its uses, check out the official website.

That is it for now, however, with the developers constantly releasing updates and patch fixes for the game, we are sure the future holds a more stable connection. However, till that happens, apply and test out the workarounds mentioned above. Hopefully, these will do the trick for you. If not, then let us know the details of the problems you are facing and we will do our best to bring you a fix soon.

Guild Wars 2 Ping Issues


How to Fix Guild Wars 2 High Ping

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