19 Dec, 2018

How To Fix The All-New Fortnite Explosion Glitch

A few hours ago, the developers at Epic Games launched a brand new update for its rapidly-growing battle royale video game, Fortnite. Now, the update titled, Fortnite v7.10 Update introduced a couple of new things in the game which included the release of the all-new snowball launcher and a complete overhaul of the Stormwing plane. However, there seems to another addition, one which the developers did not wish to release. Yes! we are talking about Fortnite’s newest explosion glitch.

Fortnite Explosion Glitch

According to the Fortnite community, a new game-breaking glitch has emerged in the game not only restricts players from constructing but also breaks everything that the player comes into contact with. With the rise of this glitch which is being addressed as the ghost of the infinity blade has enraged many Fortnite players. Now we understand that it looks quite cool and amusi9ng at first but the fact that you can cover yourself in fights completely ruins the fun of the game. Just check out some these reports down below:

From this, you can pretty much see that playing Fortnite with this glitch in play can become quite infuriating. And since the developers have yet to address the situation, it seems nothing can be done about it. Well, not exactly as we have found a way to get rid of this glitch if you get infected by it.

It seems all you need is one of Fortnite’s newly introduced Zip-lines and that is it. Just hop onto one of them and you are good to go. The glitch goes away. So, next time you feel the presence of the ex-infinity blade, just look for one of the zip-lines and build as many walls, stairs, and roofs as you want.

That is it for now but be sure to let us know what you think of Fornite and its current status after its most recent update. DO you think Epic Games is doing a good job keep up with the game’s rising demand?

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How To Fix The All-New Fortnite Explosion Glitch

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