17 Jul, 2019

How to Fix 5 Major Known Bugs in Satisfactory Early Access

Coffee Stain Studios, the developers of the comic game Goat Simulator, has entered Steam Early Access with a new title, Satisfactory. This time the developers tried to be more serious and developed a building simulator instead of a crazy destruction carnival. Although, Satisfactory Early Access appears to be fascinating, but as its in an initial stage of creation, it has several annoying issues.

Satisfactory Early Access

How to Fix Satisfactory Early Access Bugs

Fortunately, Coffee Stain Studios appeared to be thoughtful. Their Community Manager posted a step by step instruction of how to fix major early access bugs and lag. We are thankful to IndieGames.Download to provide us with those fixes in a convenient format.

Start-up Login Crash Fix

Login on start-up may fail and block you from joining the multiplayer. This bug can ruin the entire evening. There are no reasons for cursing the world, though. First of all, you have to check the News Feed. If it doesn’t show anything, it’s a good indicator.

To fix this issue, you have to go to the Options Menu. Find the line “Send Game Data” and disable it. Coffee Stain Studios report that this method works out on the majority of machines, but may fail on some devices. The full solution will come with later updates. If the fix doesn’t work on your computer, copy save-files to a safe place and try reinstalling the game.

Saving Error Fix

Absence of saving option turns the game into a hardcore nightmare because you have to build everything from the start when you launch it.

The fix to this frustrating issue seems to be definite. You have to launch Windows Defender to permit the Satisfactory Early Access executable file via the controlled folder access. You should make sure that you chose the right EXE file.

Here is the folder path for self-checking:
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\SatisfactoryEarlyAccess\FactoryGame\Binaries\Win64\FactoryGame-Win64-Shipping.exe

You can get more info on how to use controlled folder access in this document.

Replication Graph Message Fix

Replication Graph reference may pop up when the multiplayer mode crashes. Sometimes you can just close it to reboot the game, but it can freeze it forever as well. Unfortunately, the only way is to wait for updates with this one.

Viewing Mode Lag Fix

Playing Satisfactory in a windowed mode may be useful in multiplayer. Switching between the windowed mode and the full-screen modes is a basic option, but it may end up with the black screen. Do the following to stop it:

  1. You have to open Settings in your Epic Launcher app. The Settings icon is placed in the bottom left corner of the launcher layout.
  2. Now scroll to the bottom to find Satisfactory Early Access line. Select it to expand package and click the line Additional Command Line Arguments.
  3. Open it and add the line WINDOWED without any additional symbols.
  4. Now the game can run in the windowed mode. Remove the line to disable it.

Low FPS on Mid-low End Computers Fix

Though Satisfactory Early Access system requirements are not very high, it may fail to run smoothly on medium and weak PCs. You may have found the solution on your own, but it may be rather helpful for not advanced players.

Go to the in-game Options menu and click Video. Here you can decrease settings to get more frames per second. Enable the Full Screen to get up to 5 extra frames, disable Motion Blur for 2-4 FPS more. There’s no sense in describing other manipulations as they’re all about lowering quality of each effect. Do it step by step until the frame rate becomes normal.

Wrapping it up

Though the entire game is in a slightly funky state, it’s playable enough in both single-player and multiplayer modes. Developers don’t tell the exact release date, saying it may be in a year or longer. It would include significant core gameplay improvements, full narrative, better performance optimization, richer wildlife, and much more interactive items. So, we are hopeful for a much refined and entertaining full-release of Satisfactory.


How to Fix 5 Major Known Bugs in Satisfactory Early Access

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