27 Apr, 2015

Experience Lag free Gaming in Philippines

To many of gaming enthusiasts out there, Kill Ping has been nothing short of their digital savior that rescued them from online lag issues. Unfortunately, there are some gamers in the Philippines that didn’t feel much of a difference.

After some research, we came to a conclusion that the gamers who did not experience any decrease in lag were not connecting to the appropriate servers. One general advice for all gamers is to follow the rule of thumb and connect to the nearest server to their location. Meanwhile, you also might wanna try out Kill Ping’s guide on how to reduce lag issues

Lag free gaming in Philippines

We have taken the liberty to compile a guide to address and solve this issue for now and for the future:

Globe Telecom

Dota 2 gamers in the Philippines using a Globe Telecom connection have the option to connect to different servers. To help every gamer decide on which is the closest server to his/her location, we are going to demonstrate it by using a few examples:

Dota 2 Hong Kong Server
For instance, gamers in Taytay & Quezon City would normally connect to the closest Dota 2 server in Hong Kong and Kill Ping’s server in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Dota 2 China Server
Gamers from Mandaluyong City can get great results on Perfect World Servers by connecting to Kill Ping’s Hong Kong server.

Dota 2 North America Server
For the gamers connecting to NA server from Lacson would achieve better ping rate by connecting through Kill Ping’s Singapore-Tampines server.

Dota 2 Europe Server
For the Dota 2 players from Lacson connecting to EU server can receive good ping rate by going through the Kill Ping’s Singapore-Tampines server.

League of Legends Europe Server
A League of Legends player wanting to connect to EU servers would connect to Kill Ping’s Hong Kong server to reduce his/her lag issues to a minimum.

HearthStone US Server
For Hearthstone players residing in Quezon City and connecting to US server of the game can opt for Kill Ping Hong Kong server.

Philippine Long Distance Telephone

Similarly, we would like to share some advise for the users of Philippine Long Distance Telephone.

Dota 2 Europe Server
Gamers in Manila, Philippines, who want to connect to Dota 2 EU servers and have Philippine Long Distance Telephone as their ISP can connect to the US server of Kill Ping for minimum lag and packet loss.

Dota 2 China Server
While gamers who want to play on Perfect World servers can also go for Kill Ping US server. This instruction is specifically for gamers in San Fernando.

TERA US Server
Those who want to play TERA with minimum lag should connect to TERA’s US Servers via Kill Ping’s Hong Kong server to get the best lag and ping results.

The below chart highlights locations and the corresponding servers accordingly so gamers can get a  better understanding and experience better connectivity with Kill Ping.

CityISPGame Server LocationKill Ping Server
Mandaluyong CityGlobe TelecomPerfect World ServersHong Kong (SAR) – Kwun Tong
Mandaluyong CityGlobe TelecomEuropeSingapore – Tampines
Mandaluyong CityGlobe TelecomUnited StatesSingapore – Tampines
Quezon CityGlobe TelecomHong KongMalaysia – Kuala Lumpur
TaytayGlobe TelecomHong KongMalaysia – Kuala Lumpur
San FernandoPhilippine Long Distance TelephonePerfect World ServersHong Kong (SAR) – Hong Kong
ManilaPhilippine Long Distance TelephonePerfect World ServersUS – LA
SampalocPhilippine Long Distance TelephoneHong KongHong Kong (SAR) – Hong Kong

See How the Pros Do it
Here’s Team Rave’s Manager himself showing you how to set up Kill Ping. Furthermore, he also shows how much ping and lag reduction he is able to achieve via Kill Ping. Check it out yourself.

Feel free to drop a comment if this solution worked for you. However, if you did not witness any change, then share your feedback with us so we could try and solve your problems ASAP.

For those who have not tried the magic of Kill Ping, feel free to join and experience lag-free gaming like never before.

Lag Free


Experience Lag free Gaming in Philippines

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  • Omar Patagoc

    how bout in mindanao area sir

    • Hello Omar,
      Kindly tell us your location details at [email protected]
      We will see the best possible server that you should connect for minimum lag.

      thank you

    • Dekotaa

      Yes it works there. Download it and it will show you best route :)

  • chino

    how do i set League Of Legends Ph…our launcher is in garena please answer

    • Dekotaa

      The new build supports garena now. Update Kill Ping

  • Kirito

    plss answer , league of legends PH module and launcher is in garena , it is installed in garena , and i use already killping but, i get 0 active connection even if i configure it correctly , message said that they found the module of league of legends but still 0 active connection , plss help , TY , i appreciate your respond

    • Dekotaa

      Please visit their website and go in live chat. they will solve your issue on spot :)
      PS download latest build. It have improve connections

  • Ooi

    Games with different Launcher and Game Executable files can’t be launched with Killping

  • Michaelgt

    How do I play TERA NA with it? It connects to the launcher but, that’s it. Just the launcher. Ping is still the same in-game.

    • Dekotaa

      You must have to add TERA in the app. Go to their live chat for further settings. They will solve your problem then and there :)

  • Daryl Eraña

    hi can i ask?im in tanza cavite philippines,whats the right setting for me?

    • Dekotaa

      Please ask them in live chat. They will tell you the best route according to your location :)

  • Zaayoi

    Is there any free trial?

    • sparK

      Kill Ping trial versions have ended

  • sparK

    If you have high ping on those servers then Kill Ping definitely can help =)

  • wayu

    No CS:GO? What is this program? Designed only for MOBAs in PH?

    • sparK

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    • sparK

      CS:GO is also supported by Kill Ping. You can try it yourself and see a huge decline in your ping. In case Kill Ping is not helping you out, you can still ask for assistance from the live support team.


      • Gabriel P. Cadiz

        Does Kill Ping reduce lag also for connecting to faceit servers?

        • sparK

          Hi there,
          Sorry for the late reply but Yes it does help reduce lag when connecting to faceit servers.

  • cris


    • sparK

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  • akansha naithani

    can kill ping reduce laging in garena lol for India ,delhi.

    • sparK

      I am sure it will. Kill Ping has many players from India and many of them play LOL through Garena. You can ask for further assistancce in this regards from Kill Ping’s 24/7 available support which you can see in the lower right corner of the page.

  • akansha naithani

    and my internet provider reliance which both 2g and 3g give same 302 -356 ping.

    • sparK

      Wireless internet connections are not preferred for online games. It is advised that you switch you self to a more stable wired connection. It is definitely going to reduce your ping.

  • sparK

    Hi there,
    Sorry for the late response. You can find all the necessary details regarding Kill Ping on the main page. I am pretty sure it is gonna help you you as Kill Ping is already assisting a lot of players on PLDT.