21 Aug, 2015

Dota 2 Salt between Aui_2000 and PPD

With many speculations underway during the Post TI5 shuffle, one of the most controversial moves that took the Dota 2 community by fire was Team EG kicking out Aui_2000 right after winning the biggest prize pool tournament till date. This led up to a great deal of discussions that largely accused Team EG as well as their captain PPD for making a extremely bad decision.

Even though there was no official statement for Team EG in this regards, reports from several sources confirmed it with Aui_2000 himself confirming that he was kicked from Team EG.

The Dota 2 community was flooded with accusations on Team EG and mostly sympathies for Aui_2000 on such a cold hearted move by a reputed organization. Things heightened even more when it was decided that Aui_2000 will be making room for the EX player Arteezy who will be taking role of the carry position and Fear the legendary carry will hone the 4th position support role. Team EG’s captain PPD has something to say about the entire situation and wrote a long blog on the entire scenario.

PPD had almost written a complete lore on the situation and it took a long while to complete it. However, what PPD had to say through the blog is mainly divided into three parts.

Frist off, PPD started with telling how initially Aui_2000 was picked for the team stating and citing a talk between PPD and EternalEnvy that Cloud9 was removing them from their roster. Having identical game play with Zai, Aui_2000 came as an obvious choice for the replacement.

However, in the second part of his statement PPD talks about the pros and cons of AUi_2000 and how the team had enough for the guy and made it a team decision to remove Aui_2000.

According to PPD these were the stated pros and cons of Aui_2000 that led to the decision of his removal

1. Hard worker
2. Dedicated
3. Talented
4. Trustworthy
5. Malleable
6. he’s just the nicest guy ever

1. Not an effective communicator
2. Often makes mistakes under high pressure
3. Creates a stressful environment

Though they are merely 3 cons, but apparently they were the reason of Aui_2000’s kick in the butt. And according to PPD’s post, there was just everything the team tried in order to overcome the cons so that they don’t affect them during crucial matches.

And seemed it didn’t cause hey! They just won 6.6 Million dollars.

But that was the same tournament PPD had decided that Aui_2000 was just enough to bear. According to ppd
“I would spend hours in my head preparing strategy and going through drafts with Sam only to have aui question our strategy as we sat down at the goddamn stage.”

And then comes the part of Arteezy. According to PPD, Arteezy was just the perfect person for the team currently. Even though EG had Fear, they could not rely on him for a long time. Arteezy currently the best carry in the world started to make complete sense. Arteezy himself backed his return to EG by stating that EG was the home for him and Team Secret didn’t feel that comfortable.

But, in the entire scenario, the thing that we all missed was how Team EG and especially PPD conveyed his message to the Dota 2 Community. Yes, it’s obvious and people can understand that communication issues result in teams falling, and Team EG could have run away with that. However, the problem lies on how PPD tried to pin point every one Aui_2000’s mistakes. This can greatly affect his Dota 2 persona and how many teams will think of him. PPD could have just stated that team chemistry was being threatened and players were not comfortable playing when you have communication problems. However, PPD described every single problem they had with Aui_2000 and this is extremely unprofessional.

Think of it when D’Maria was moved to PSG even when Manchester United was pretty good with him. Their manager Louis Van Gaal didn’t go around telling everyone why they transferred him and how they were mad at his actions. All was done in a proper manner and the transfer was done on good terms.

In the case of PPD, he showed a complete unprofessional attitude, something that should not be tolerated in professional gaming, especially in times when more people are actually taking it as an actual sport.

Team EG is also being pointed for this act. Being a reputed organization in gaming, Team EG themselves showed an unprofessional attitude because of no official announcements for the team’s roster change. It has been almost a week since Aui_2000’s announcement of him being removed from the team and till date Team EG has no official say in this regards. Aui_2000 is still in according to their official page
Roster changes are nothing new and will happen from time to time. However, the way this happens greatly reflects a player and/or organization’s professionalism and dedication towards their profession. With the recent controversy revolving around Aui_2000, PPD and Team EG things might be questioned for how matters are being handled within the gaming community.



Dota 2 Salt between Aui_2000 and PPD

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