08 Aug, 2018

Dota 2: Hero Guide of Arc Warden (Stats & Builds)

Every since the hero made his debut in Patch 7.19, people are constantly trying to find the best Arc Warden Guide. One of the more recent additions to Dota 2, Arc Warden; has started to become a favorite for many. The ranged agility hero is literally a game changer due to his ultimate making him the first choice of many rat strategies. Seriously, heroes like Terrorblade, Naga Siren can’t even match the split pushing capabilities that Arc Warden has to offer.

Being able to completely clone one’s self is something entirely unique in Dota 2 that makes Arc Warden a very difficult hero to counter but also makes him tough to micromanage and play in an efficient manner.

Arc Warden Dota 2

So today, with this Arc Warden Guide, we will walk you through each and everything that is necessary for you to know and play the hero well in normal/ranked queues.

Arc Warden Guide

We will start off the Arc Warden Guide with elaborating you all the spells of Arc Warden and how they can be used in favor for Arc Warden’s split push


The first spell from Arc Warden is quite of a calculated ability to perform for its maximum impact. The ability deals a total of 390 damage at Level 4 with only 20-second cooldown and a mana cost of 75 making it quite spammable. Flux slows enemy unit by 50% so even a point in flux is okay, if you wish to prioritize other spells than Flux.

The drawback with Flux is that it does not apply the slow or the damage if the targeted enemy unit is in 225 Radius of other enemy units. So if you have used the spell at an inappropriate position then you have basically wasted the spell.

However, the modifier checks for the presence of units every 0.5 seconds, so anytime the target unit gets alone, the ticker starts taking effect.

Magnetic Field

The OP AOE boost for allies within 275 radius. Magnetic Field will grant all allies within the radius a 100% evasion as well as a maximum attack speed of 80 on Level 4. The evasion also effects buildings and remains same on all levels.

Having one point in Magnetic Field will allow you more than enough of sustainability that you desire and since the way Arc Warden is being played, early extra levels in Magnetic Field won’t be of any much use. And since the 100% evasion remains the same on all levels, this secondary Glyph of the spell is really worth having.

Spark Wraith

This is your bread and butter. Spark Wraith is somewhat of a skillshot spell that needs timing and placement to have its effectiveness. Similar to landmines, Spark Wraith damages and haunts enemies after being placed on the ground for 3 seconds.

Having a 4 second cooldown, spam Spark Wraith as much as you will. The ability has 50 second duration so cover a huge AOE with multiple Spark Wraiths and deal damage to more enemies within the area. You can also place them at the same position since the spells stacks multiple times

Though Spark Wraith is the only spammable ability Arc Warden has, its manacost is quite large for a agility hero (130) and therefore, its proper management is quite important or you will end up returning to base every minute. Having a 2000 range, Spark Wraith can really set the pace of the game and decide when and where team fights take place.

Tempest Double

Arc Warden’s Ultimate and something that makes the hero one of the most feared ones as of Patch 7.19. Tempest Double lets Arc Warden create a Clone of himself at the cost of 30%/15%/0% of the current Mana and HP. This is the spell that makes Arc Warden different but more powerful from heroes that are dependent on such abilities such as Naga, Terrorblade or Meepo.

The clone is not something like an illusion of the hero as it can use all the spells and items that Arc Warden currently has even utilizing raw damage items such as Daedalus, Desolater or even a Rapier. Creating a double of himself Arc Warden can multiply his effectiveness on the map making him a Rat Hero who Furion learns lessons from. And since all the spells and items can be used on the double, items such as manta and necronomicon allow Arc Warden to create an army of units that cannot be reckoned.

Unlike Meepo who dies if any of his double gets killed, Arc Warden’s double does not even provide any gold or experience, allowing you to wreck havoc with your double on one side of the map having no fear of dying while your hero is safe farming in the jungle

Why Pick Arc Warden?

  • Good Intelligence Gain (2nd most in Agility heroes ) making Arc Warden a good spell spammer
  • Highest Base Strength in game
  • Though item dependent, is a lot of flexible with the choice of items and can be used as a carry or a nuker; even as a support.
  • Quite Mana efficient
  • Good attack range
  • Can harass the shit out of enemy heroes with the 2000 range Spark Wraith
  • Has a huge buff with Magnetic Field
  • Has the best split pushing ability
  • Good experience and Gold gain through early Hand of Midas

Skill Build

arc warden skill build

What To Keep in Mind

  • As a agility hero, Arc Warden has the second lowest agility gain among all the heroes in Dota 2
  • Slow movement speed
  • No escape abilities
  • Slowest turn rate in Dota 2
  • Needs good macro skills (must have past experience with heroes like Naga Siren, Meepo, Terrorblade or atleast Chaos Knight)

Must-Have Items

  • Hand of Midas

The most important item on Arc Warden is Hand of Midas. Having two times the bonus gold of 190 and 2.5x experience that his ultimate allows Arc Warden to cope up with early domination and also give him the extra boost of levels he requires early game. The gold boost is never a bad thing and assists Arc Warden in having core items rather quickly. With the Tempest Double Ability, Arc Warden starts to split pushing around the map really fast while staying a lot safer. Almost every Arc Warden Guide will encourage the Hand of Midas as a must-have item.

Item Build

  • Manta Style
  • Necronomicon
  • Octarine Core

Though this Arc Warden Guide mainly covers the split pushing build, it is, however, one of the most effective ones as of now. Arc Warden can also be picked as the core carry position but the way his abilities work, the more units – the better. Furthermore, his base agility is not that much and therefore taking him to the core carry build requires a lot of Agi focused items to be built on the hero to carry the late game situation.

Manta Style and Necronomicon work separately on Arc Warden’s double and thus provide a total of 4 illusions, 4 summons so there’s not much to say anymore. Just stomp the enemy lanes as there’s nothing stopping you. Just beware of the enemy Earthshaker :)

Here’s a video of SingSing playing Arc Warden using the split pushing spell build. Just watch him own the enemies.

We wish you have fun playing with Arc Warden. Though the hero requires a bit of microing skills, we hope the Arc Warden Guide will prove helpful and allow you to play better with the hero in future.

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arc warden guide


Dota 2: Hero Guide of Arc Warden (Stats & Builds)

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