19 Mar, 2018

Dota Pro Circuit Rankings: Who Will Make It To TI8?

With the introduction of Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) points, the professional scene of Dota 2 has changed for the better. During the previous years, teams didn’t know much about the deciding factors behind the invitation for The International. This meant each team had to go all out to get the invitation to the most coveted Dota 2 tournament.

This time around, Valve has decided to make the invitation process much clearer in order to allow teams to make their way to the event, leading to the introduction of Dota Pro Circuit Points which will allow teams to be abreast with the knowledge about what’s the procedure behind the invitation for every Dota 2 Major and Minor event.

VP will still make it to TI even if they drop all the tournaments coming up till The International.

While some of you are aware of how DPC points work, many find it hard following the numbers, and how do they all stack up. For this, we have come up with a comprehensive blog. We will define all of its aspects in the following paragraphs.

What are DPC points

Dota Pro Circuit Points are ranking points awarded to the teams based on their overall performances throughout the year. Eight teams with the highest DPC points will receive a direct invite for Dota 2 The International for the year.

How are DPC points earned

Top four teams participating in any major and minor Dota 2 tournament are eligible to get DPC points at the end of the tournament. The top place gets the most DPC points. For Major events, the top place finish provides 750 DPC while the Minor events first place finish gives 150 DPC.

Points Distribution

The point distribution format for the top four teams of any major or minor tournament is as follows:

dpc points distribution

Apart from this distribution, it is important to note that players also contribute to the points earned by a team in any Major and Minor event. This was recently the case for Na`Vi’s roster who acquired Ilya ‘Lil’ Ilyuk from Virtus.pro and also attained around 900 DPC points with his transfer. As of now, Na`Vi holds 1199 DPC points with almost 78% of points contributed by Lil, comfortably sitting in the top 8 of the DPC rankings list. Similarly, it was Saahil “UNiVeRsE” Arora who contributed almost 330 DPC points to the tally of Fnatic. Now the team has 614 DPC points.

This shows just how much importance the DPC ranking has in making or breaking the spot for The International. But the fact is that apart from Virtus.pro with 7197 points, no other team is sure enough if it will make it to this year’s TI8 or not.

Out of the 16 teams in the DPC rankings list, only VP is the confirmed team for the event. This means that VP will still make it to TI even if they drop out of all the tournaments up till The International 2018.

However, this isn’t the case for other teams, as they have a long and difficult road ahead in order to receive a direct invite. Most recently, Evil Geniuses (EG) have crawled up the ladder after winning the GESC Minor defeating VG.J Thunder in the finals, and accumulating 150 DPC points in the process.

gesc placings

Natus Vincere with a 3rd place finish at the event, have slightly contributed towards their rankings by adding 30 DPC points.

Predicting the Future

Now comes the point of prediction. With only one team confirmed up till now, the fans and community are somewhat worried if their favorite team can make it to this year’s The International. Considering there are still nine more Major/Minor tournaments scheduled until TI, we can just try to predict as to which teams are more likely to win a direct invite for the Dota 2 The International 2018.

However, this depends heavily on each team’s performances and attendance at the upcoming events starting from the DreamHack Minor through to the PGL Major.

dota 2 event schedule

A total of 9450 DPC points are still up for grabs with attending teams do have a chance to take the top place and gather the maximum points allotted for the events. The upcoming DreamHack / Dream League Season 9 will be attended by some online gaming giants, including:

• Team Secret
• Team Liquid
• Newbee
• OG
• Team Empire
• Fnatic
• Immortals
• Pain Gaming

dreamleague playoffs

While the matchups are tough, there is a strong chance that Team Secret, Team Liquid, and Newbee will come with all their guns blazing. Any of these three teams can win the tournament.

On the other hand, OG has most recently bid farewell to their core player Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok so the team’s chances of performing well with their interim player and coach Sébastien “7ckngMad” Debs look bleak. Plus, since they have changed a player after the roster lock, it means they won’t be eligible for an invite in any case.

Considering any of the three teams in the event, they will contribute a maximum of 150 DPC points to their ranking. This will only give a slight edge to Newbee as they only have 15 more DPC points than Vici Gaming. In terms of placement, however, no team will have any change in their respective positions.

The next Major event will be the Dota 2 Asia Championships starting from 30th March 2018. All major teams will be attending the event, and with a total of 1500 DPC up for grabs, this is going to be an exciting yet tough tournament.

Taking into account the performances of the top teams in accordance with the DPC rankings Newbee, Team Secret and Team Liquid will benefit the most from the event. The only big upset might come in the form of Optic Gaming’s performance or if Virtus.pro continue their dominance at the event.

dota 2 team rankings

And while we cannot rule out any upsets in the tournament, we can expect even better from the top seven teams in the list, considering they are the most obvious ones with a chance to make it to The International 2018. Newbee and VG.J would also come out their A-Game considering the event will be held in their home country. They can have the home advantage and enticing fans to support them.

The next big event will be the EPICENTER where VP, Secret, Liquid, and Newbee will once again fight for their share in the million dollar prize pool and most importantly the top place with 750 DPC points available for the slot.

The question is that how many major and minor events will these top teams attend leading up to The International 2018? Even if we ignore the Minor events, there are still five Major tournaments yet to commence with the last, PGL Major awarding out 2250 DPC points.

However, considering the current rankings, recent performances and VP already confirmed a place for TI8, we can expect Team Liquid, Newbee and Team Secret will also join the list of directly invited teams. As for Evil Geniuses and Na`Vi, they will have to play exceptionally well in the Majors if they hope to get the place in the Top Eight for the TI8.

Teams like Mineski and Fnatic are out of the top 8 rankings and will be attending some of the upcoming events. Mineski has the highest chances of moving up the ladder considering their stable roster. However, breaking their TI curse will be a tough ask, despite the fact that being the top SEA team, they continue having a hard time against other big teams. If they do so, it’s most likely that they can pip Na`Vi in the DPC ranking list.

Final Words

From the start of Dreamleague up until the PGL Major, the events will be handing out a total of 9450 DPC points. Each and every one of them counts for those who wish to make it to the biggest event of the year and the claim for being the very best.

This year’s road to The International 2018 is surely fun and yet intense. With half of the DPC points already won, every Major tournament following will be even more nail-biting. This brings us to the end of this blog. Hopefully, we are leaving you with lots of food for thought.

Tell us what you think about our predictions? Which teams are anticipated to win a direct invite for Dota 2 The International 2018?


Dota Pro Circuit Rankings: Who Will Make It To TI8?

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