25 Mar, 2019

Dota Auto Chess Update March 25 – Massive Changes

Update: New Dota Auto Chess Update now live in the game. Check out the details mentioned down below.

With Dota Auto Chess becoming more and more popular with every passing day, the developer is forced into releasing constant updates to catch up to the game’s rapidly rising demand. However, since DAC is a custom map within Dota 2, finding out the exact details of the update will require you to either check out the map’s overview page or if you are lucky, you’ll find a post on Reddit. Well, to ease this pain, we are here with a one shop stop solution. A tracker for Dota Auto Chess Updates.

autochess update tracker

Dota Auto Chess Update Tracker

With hundreds of thousands of Dota 2 players logging in for Dota Auto Chess daily, the community wants new content within the game. This means that the developers will have to release more and more content to the game if he/she wishes to maintain the game’s rising demand. And well, that’s exactly what is happening. A new update for Dota Auto Chess is releasing every few days.

So, if you wish to learn more about Dota Auto Chess and its updates, we advise you to check out the tracker down below:

Update: 24 March

  • Bug fixes

Update: 23 March

  • Added an option to enable auto combination of pieces (disabled by default, you can enable it on the top right hand corner). When enabled, three identical pieces on waiting bench will automatically combine and promote into a +1★ piece. Druids don’t benefit from this feature.
  • Triple kill sound effect will now be played when any piece eliminates 3 enemy pieces in a row.
  • Rampage sound effect and global announcement will be played when any piece eliminates 5 enemy pieces in a row. The piece gets puffed up as well.
  • Remade Alchemist: Chemical Rage now autocasts Acidic Spray around Alchemist, reducing the armor of nearby enemies. Lasts 15 sec.
  • Balanced Coup de Grace (Assassin’s Perk) critical strike chance from 10%/15%/20% to 15%/15%/15%.
  • Increased Phantom Assassin’s base attack damage by 10.
  • Increased Medusa’s base attack damage by 5.
  • Decreased Medusa’s Stone Gaze stone duration from 2/3/4 sec to 2/2.5/3 sec.
  • Balanced Doom duration from 20 sec to 10/15/20 sec.
  • Balanced Kunkka’s Ghostship cooldown from 10 sec to 15/12/9 sec.
  • Increased Omniknight’s Purification damage / heal by 50.
  • Increased Morphling’s base HP by 50.
  • Increased Sand King’s base HP by 50.
  • Decreased Mirana’s Sacred Arrow cooldown by 2 sec.
  • Redecorated cosmetic appearances for Gyrocopter★★ and Gyrocopter★★★. Splendid!
  • Fixed a bug which English language players who own Hwytty & Shyzzyrd cannot see their courier list.
  • Fixed a bug which Terrorblade’s Metamorphosis can cause the target being transformed into a ghostly zombie when exchanging HP at the instance the target dies.
  • Optimized some base level mechanisms and security issues.

Update: 15 March

  • All Queen players will now have their numeric ranking displayed, rather than only the top 100 Queen players.
  • All pieces’ AI will now initiate battle within 1 second, except for Assassin pieces’ AI, which will initiate battle in 2 seconds.
  • Reworked Aimed Shot (Hunter’s Perk): (3) Hunters: All friendly hunters have +30 base attack damage, and have +30% chance to pierce through evasion. (6) Hunters: All friendly hunters have additional +40 base attack damage and +40% chance to pierce through evasion.
  • Reworked Concealment (Satyr’s Trait): Hides your bench from other players’ vision when there are Satyrs in your waiting bench. Hides your pieces on the chess board until the battle begins if you have a Satyr on the board. Sneaky, sneaky!
  • Improved the visual effect for Concealment (Satyr’s Trait): Allied pieces are now more visible to you, while remaining hidden to your enemies.
  • Decreased Tinker’s Heat Seeking Missile damage by 50 per missle.
  • Decreased Tinker’s base armor from 10 to 5.
  • Slark’s Pounce now deals pure damage.
  • Increased Death Prophet’s base magic resistance from 20% to 30%.
  • Decreased Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear’s base armor from 10 to 5.
  • Decreased Windranger’s base attack damage by 2.
  • Increased Mirana’s base attack damage by 5.
  • Improved Sniper’s base attack rate from 1.2 to 1.1.
  • Decreased Sand King’s Burrowstrike cooldown by 2 seconds.
  • Slightly improved English text quality and consistency.

Update: 10 March

  • Fixed a bug that affects the order of Species/Class counters on courier
  • Fixed incorrect damage and damage counter of Heat Seeking Missiles (Tinker ability)
  • Fixed visual effects on “Illusory” courier effect
  • Fixed a bug that may cause an error when displaying post-game statistics, if the game ends in the preparation phase and players’ chess pieces on board exceed their level cap
  • Now only displays 500 couriers in order of rarity if you have more than 500 couriers in your collection, to prevent a potential game crash (We are considering adding Mass Courier Exchange function in the future)
  • Tinker★★ got a brand new outfit! Now more distinguishable with Tinker★★★
  • Techies★★ made a wardrobe investment and got himself a new set of equipment
  • Clockwerk★★/★★★ now have a slightly larger model
  • Optimized some underlying mechanism to better prevent hacks.
  • Attempted to fix the bug where gold was incorrectly displayed on the top information panel.
  • Rewrote the logic process for purchasing pieces. This was done to fix the bugs causing you to occasionally not receive pieces after paying for them.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get a piece for free by having ridiculously high APM.
  • Modified the AI for Mirana and Lina. They should both be smarter now :)
  • Changed the appearance of Kunkka★★★. The Captain now looks even more awesome and stronger than ever!

Update: 5 March

  • Added class perk/species trait counters for your piece on the board, as buffs over your courier.
  • Added new item: Battle Fury. “BF melee, best melee. Oh Yeah!”
  • Increased Deadly Shot(Hunter’s perk, remained) bonus damage from 25%/25% to 25%/30%.
  • Balanced Evasion (Elf’s trait) bonus evasion from 25%/25%/25% to 20%/25%/30%.
  • (6) Goblin: Nanobots (Goblin’s trait) now affect all allies instead of all goblins.
  • Decreased Dragon Knight★★ and ★★★’s Elder Dragon Form splash damage percentage from 75% to 50%.
  • Decreased Medusa’s Stone Gaze physical damage amplification from 30% to 20%.
  • Dagon now has a cooldown of 15/12/9/6/3s for Level 1/2/3/4/5.
  • Fixed a bug with Hood of Defiance description. Now it correctly shows +15 HP regeneration.
  • Fixed a bug which friend leaderboard occasionally failed to show up.
  • Fixed a bug which gold summary in post-game panel did not subtract the value of pieces you have sold.
  • Fixed a bug which Broadsword grants extra mana regeneration.
  • Decreased Slark’s Pounce cooldown by 2s, balanced disarm duration from 3/5/7s to 5s.
  • Increased Slark’s base armor from 0 to 5.

Update: 27 February

  • Madness mask changed from lifesteal +10%, attack speed +30, armor -10 to lifesteal +10% attack speed +40 with self silence
  • Blade Mail’s damage increased from 10% to 20%
  • DP’s attack damage increased by 10
  • Slark’s attack speed increased by 0.1
  • Alchemist’s attack damage increased by 5
  • Duration of riki’s ability increased by 1s
  • Fix Tinker’s description
  • Its ward can add a debuff of -0.3 attack speed on hits

Update: 26 February

  • POM’s arrow’s flying speed increased from 800 to 1200
  • -Early Termination: During the first 2 turns of a game, you can use a button at bottom right to propose an early end of the game. The game will automatically end if more than half of the players have either made proposal, failed, or disconnected.
  • Added a “total gold involved in the game” display in post-game stats, and a report button.
  • You can no longer give items to chess pieces during the cheering stage after winning a round, to prevent bugs that can cause game to crash or make your items mysteriously vanish.
  • Other languages coming soon

Update: 25 February

  • New chess pieces added: Riki(3 cost, Satyr Assassin), Mirana(3 cost, Elf Hunter), Death Prophet(5 cost, Undead Warlock)
  • Added species trait and class perks: Satyr: Concealment, (9) Elf: Evasion, (9) Assassin: Coup de Grace.
  • Slark reworked: Replaced Shadow Dance with Pounce. Cost reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Alchemist reworked: Replaced Acid Spray with Chemical Rage. Attack rate decreased by 0.3.
  • Decreased Horror (Undead combo) Armor reduction from -5/-7 to -4/-6.
  • Decreased Hunter’s Pack (Hunter combo) bonus attack damage from +30%/+30% to +25%/+25%.
  • Increased Power of the Wild (Beast combo) bonus attack damage from +10%/+15%/+20% to +15%/+20%/+25%.
  • Balanced Scale Armor (Naga combo) bonus magic resistance from +20%/+40% to +30%/+30%.
  • Decreased Battle Hardened (Orc combo) bonus HP from +250/+350 to +200/+300.
  • Decreased Razor’s Plasma field AoE from 400/500/600 to 400/450/500.
  • Decreased Beast Master’s base attack rate by 0.2.
  • Improved Lina’s base attack rate by 0.3.
  • Decreased Lina’s Laguna Blade cooldown from 13/10/7 sec to 10/8/6 sec.
  • Increased Witch Doctor’s Paralyzing Cask number of bounces by 1.
  • Increased Tinker’s Heat Seeking Missle damage by 50 per missle, balanced cooldown from 7/6/5 sec to 8/6/4 sec.
  • Decreased Disruptor’s Static Storm maximum damage from 100/200/300 to 100/150/200.
  • Reworked appearance for Phantom Assassin★★★. Now she SEEMS to have more criticals.
  • Reworked cosmetic appearance for Lycan★★★.
  • Reworked cosmetic appearance for Enigma★★★.
  • Added two Immortal items for Axe★★★. The son is always guaranteed extra sweets.

Update: 20 February

  • Queen players have detail rankings now
  • TB can exchange his hp percentage with a highest hp ally when casting ability.
  • Fixed bugs

Update: 19 February

  • Pause removed

Update: 18 February

  • Fix bug

Update: 16 February

  • Fix medusa bow bug-fix Elemental resistance bug
  • Fix Divine Protection bug
  • Try to fix some bug

Update: 15 February

  • New item – Blink Dagger
  • Humans now silence instead of disarm

Update: 7 February

  • Add some tips in the candy store and loading screen
  • Add Turkish translation
  • Fix some bug
  • Fix courier error bug

Update: 6 February

  • Couriers’ size rebalanced to be nearly the same.
  • (3)(6)Mage adjusted from 50/30 back to 40/40
  • Damage of Razor’s plasma field adjusted from 100/200/300 to 100/175/250
  • Damage of BM’s axe adjusted from 70/110/150 to 60/100/140
  • Tiny’s initial HP increased by 50
  • PA’s armor increased from 0 to 5
  • AM’s armor increased from 0 to 5
  • Troll Warload’s armor decreased from 10 to 5
  • Drow Ranger’s attack damage increased by 5
  • Attack speed of Venomancer’s ward increased by 0.1
  • Lina’s casting point decreased from 0.5 to 0.2
  • TB magic resistance adjusted to 10/20/30

Update: 4 February

  • Only battle infos will show in battle log, and win streak termination added.
  • Combination and chat infos show in bullet chats and can be turned off.
  • Fix collection part bug in Candy Store.

Update: 3 February

  • Bug fixes

Update: 2 February

  • Candy Store: You can preview the effect before confirmation.
  • Candy Store: Collection Couriers Added.
  • Candy Store: You can change your courier immediately after click the courier in list.
  • Battle infos and chat infos now displays in left msgs instead of bullet chats.
  • Medusa and Enchantress re-decorated.
  • PVE enemies rebalanced.
  • (3)(6)Assassins’ combo(Critical Strike) adjusted from 4/4 to 3.5/4.5
  • (3)(6)(9)Warriors’ combo(Armor bonus) adjusted from 6/8/10 to 7/8/9
  • Static Storm of Disruptor’s duration decreased by 1s
  • TA’s attack speed decreased by 0.2
  • WD’s attack speed increased by 0.2
  • Tiny’s attack damage increased by 20
  • Timbersaw’s armor decreased from 10/10/10 to 6/8/10
  • Scream of QOP’s damage decreased by 50
  • Ghost Ship of Kunkka’s damage decreased by 50 and stun time adjusted from 1.4/1.4/1.4 to 1.4/1.7/2
  • Fix Crown Bug
  • Fix DragonKnight Bug
  • Fix Lina and Doom Bug
  • Fix the button Bug on draw panel (cannot unlock the board automatically)
  • Fix Morphling Bug
  • Fix PA Bug
  • Hacker Prevention

Update: 27 January

  • Courier will fly up after 10 win streak
  • Ogre Magi now picks up a prettier weapon
  • Fix bug

Update: 26 January

  • Pure damage of demon’s combo is now exactly 50%.
  • TB’s armor decreased from 10 to 5
  • Tiny’s attack damage increased by 10
  • Mage’s combo adjusted from 40%/40% to 50%/30% (3 Mages deals more damage while 6 Mages nearly the same)

Update: 25 January

  • Opponent searching remade.
  • New Chess: Morphling(Element/Assassin)
  • New Chess: TerrorBlade(Demon/DemonHunter)
  • New Chess: Tiny(Element/Warrior)(!Important–The tree will disappear after picked.)
  • Element combo remade: 30% chance to turn attacker into stone for 3s when attacked by melee chesses.
  • (2) DemonHunter Combo added: All ally demons keep their power.
  • Demon Combo remade: Deal 50% extra pure damage to its target.
  • Mage Combo adjusted from 30/50 to 40/40
  • Warrior Combo adjusted to (3)(6)(9) Warriors, armor +6/+8/+10
  • Elf Combo adjusted to (3)(6) Elfs, chance +25%/+25%
  • Treant Protector’s cd increased from 5s to 7s, damage/absorption decreased to 30/45/60
  • Lina’s cd decreased by 2s.
  • The clock ticks in the last 5s to remind.
  • Disruptor cd decreased from 20s to 15s/12s/9s and radius increased by 50, damage increased by 100/200/300

Update: 21 January

  • Fix bug

Update: 21 January

  • CM’s mana recharge casts per 2s instead of 3s.
  • 3* Druids’ hp decreased by 100-300.
  • Jugg’s attack speed decreased by 0.2
  • AM’s magic resistance decreased to 10/20/30
  • Try to fix Lycan
  • Try to fix SK

Update: 19 January

  • Russian added for testing, we’ll try to make it better.
  • You will only have 50% of original chance to battle with the one for you last round.
  • FPS and Ping optimized (try our best to)
  • Damage stat show only after the whole battle this round
  • A button [end game] added.
  • Crystal Maiden remade, she’ll recharge for allies per 3s for mana (the amount equal to the last version)
  • Decorate some chess, to become more pretty
  • All 3* druids get a level -1
  • Troll’s combo of attack speed bonus increased from 30 to 35
  • Warrior’s combo of armor bonus decreased from 8 to 7
  • Jugg’s cd increased from 10s to 12s
  • Sniper’s casting point decreased from 2s to 1s
  • Drow Ranger’s attack speed increased by 0.2
  • QOP’s scream range decreased from 475 to 425
  • Beast Master’s cd increased from 6s to 7s
  • Fix bug of SK (may not be fixed)
  • Fix the forward direction of chesses
  • Fix Abaddon’s +5 HP bug

Update: 16 January

  • Fix jump bug

Update: 15 January

  • Your courier will become larger after win streak and broadcast at 5 8 10 win streak
  • Jump remade.Chess can still jump when doomed or silenced.
  • Try to fix the bug after doom or hex.
  • Fix bug of missing items in Medusa.
  • Items in RandomCall informed.

Update: 13 January

  • Fix magic resistance bug of Knight’s combo
  • Fix cd of QOP’s ability
  • All items are now multiple

Update: 13 January

  • Chance adjustment: Chess players at level 6-10 have higher chance to call $4 chess and lower chance to call $1 and $5 chess, details in chess players’ buff.
  • 25% amount of $3 chess added in chess pool, less competitive.
  • Druid Pool restored.
  • Mech’s heal increased to 15/25
  • Mage’s magic vulnerable decreased to 30/50
  • Alchemist’s ability damage increased from 10/15/20 to 15/25/35
  • Light keeper’s ability width decreased from 375 to 300
  • CD of QOP’s scream increased by 1s
  • CD of Beast Master’s ability increased by 1s
  • CD of Omni Knight’s ability decreased by 2s
  • CD of TA’s ability adjusted to 6s
  • The multiplier of PA’a ability adjusted from 3/4/5 to 3/4.5/6
  • Clockwerk’s armor adjusted from 5/5/5 to 5/7/9
  • Sniper’s attack speed increased by 0.1
  • CDKEY place added
  • Trees adjusted in order not to block chess players
  • Fix bugs

That is it for now but do check back later for more information regarding Dota Auto Chess and its upcoming updates. If need be, we advise you to bookmark this page for the future.

For those of you who wish to improve their game in Dota Auto Chess, we have written a mastering guide which we think will help you better your skills within the game. Comment below and let us know what you think of Dota Auto Chess? Do you think this is just a fad or will it continue on with its rising popularity?


Dota Auto Chess Update March 25 – Massive Changes

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