04 Feb, 2019

Dota Auto Chess Strategy – How To Easily Rank Up To Bishop

In the start of the year, a new custom map by the name of Dota Auto Chess made its way into Dota 2. This new map was a unique take on the game’s classic tower defense genre but with added complex elements like economies, synergies and boss fights, in play. As a result of all this, Dota Auto Chess quickly reached the top of the Dota 2 Arcade as the most popular custom map of the game. Well, with so many of Dota 2 players now playing the game, there came a need for a guide on how players can get better at the game and rank up with ease. Well, this is where we come in. We have for you a Dota Auto Chess Strategy.

Dota Auto Chess Strategy

Dota Auto Chess Strategy

Going through this guide, you can substantially increase your chances of winning in Dota Auto Chess, while also granting yourself the chance to rank up to the much-wanted Bishop rank. For those of you who want to accelerate this process, we have also published a Dota Auto Chess Guide which is filled with unique tips and tricks to help you annihilate your enemies.

So, without taking any more of your time, let us get on with our Dota Auto Chess Strategy. Following the four different strategies mentioned below and improve your game for the better. That being said, keep in mind that a game like Dota Auto Chess requires skill but there is an element of luck involved as well. As a result, don’t go in a game thinking which strategy you will go. First look at your first hand of chess pieces and then decide. With that said, let’s begin.

Beginner Strategy – Mech/Goblin

For the people who are just starting off with playing Dota Auto Chess, we would highly, highly recommend the Mech/Goblin strategy. This combination is not only is it one of the strongest combinations in the game but it also one of the easiest. We say this because The Mech class usually features pieces from the Goblin species. So, in a way, you can say that you are killing two birds with a single stone.

dota auto chess beginner strategy

Plus, with a combined bonus which grants health regen, a roster of Goblins and Mechs is one of the most durable pieces within the game. This combined with a couple of high damage dealers, like Demons or Assassins, winning in Dota Auto Chess is not going to be an issue for newcomers.

We recommend a roster with Bounty Hunter, Clockwerk, Tinker, Timbersaw, Techies, Alchemist, and Gyro. Going with this roster, you will have Mech bonus (HP regeneration increased 25 for all your friendly Mechs) and the Goblin bonus (Armor and HP regeneration increased by 15 for all your friendly Goblins). With these 7 pieces in your team, you can play around with the remaining 3 picks, hence, adding in another potential synergy bonus.

Advanced Strategy – Druid

For the Dota Auto Chess players who are used to the map’s mechanics, going for the Druid class can be the change you need to win. This is because of the class’ special bonus which allows you the ability to combine two pieces together, instead of the usual three. As a result, players are not only saving up on their economy but also helps you get a substantial advantage in the earlier stages of the game. Furthermore, with Lone Druid and Treant Protector both available, you won’t have to worry about a strong defensive team.

dota auto chess advanced startegy

There are a total of four Druids available which means completely these can give you a massive headroom of 6 remaining slots for you to experiment with other classes and species. Our recommendation would be to look out for pieces which can deal massive amounts of damage. This can include Assassins, Demons and even Elves.

Expert Strategy – Warriors

When Dota Auto Chess came out, the creator brought in quite a few Warrior class pieces in the game. However, during that time, the synergy only granted an Armor bonus only if players had a minimum of 3 or a maximum of 6 active pieces. This was a pretty strong strategy to start with but to survive in the later stages of the game, players had to divert to other synergies. Hence, making the Warrior class pointless.

dota auto chess expert strategy

That being said, with the latest Dota Auto Chess update, the creator has made a number of significant changes to the game, especially for the Warrior class. Today, if you log in to play Dota Auto Chess, you will see that the synergy bonus extends to a combination of 9 chess pieces, making this Armor bonus one of the strongest ones in the game right now. Completing a roster of 9 Warriors, grants a Class bonus of 9 armor each which is a massive advantage at any stage of the game. Plus, if you have all 9 pieces from the Warrior class, you will also get the Beasts, Humans and Orcs Species bonuses which will further strengthen your roster.

The list of Warriors is quite diverse as it features pieces for all types of playstyles. You have Axe, Tiny and Doom as your front line defense. Then you have Juggernaut, Troll Warlord, and Lycan as your main Damage Dealers. And units like Kunkka which have the best crowd control abilities within the game. Overall, the Warrior class makes for one hell of a strategy.

Now the drawback is that one, the Warriors class is quite expensive and two, if you are facing teams that are focusing on magic abilities, there is a chance your strategy might not work. So, before starting off with this strategy, just look around the map and see what the other players are focusing on.

Final Words

That is it for now but be sure to stay tuned as we are going to be bringing you with more Dota Auto Guides like these in the days to come. Until then, comment down below and let us know what you think of these Dota Auto Chess Strategies we have mentioned here. If you have any other strategy which you think will help the community get better, let us know the details down below. We will do our best to add them soon.

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Dota Auto Chess Strategy – How To Easily Rank Up To Bishop

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