21 Aug, 2018

TI8 Main Event Day 1 Highlights: Newbee Out, VP Falls To Lower Bracket

The first day of the main event at Dota 2 The International 2018 was not quite as many expected. Last year’s TI8 finalists are already out on the first day of the main event and top teams are finding it hard to stand the ground.

Day 1 at TI8 had a total of six matches with two upper bracket BO3s and remaining were the lower bracket BO1s. The upper bracket saw a match between Optic Gaming vs Team Liquid and Virtus.pro vs PSG.LGD. Lower bracket had eight teams battling it out in the brutal BO1 with the loser going home with 13-16th place finish and a prize money of around $123,456.

Upper Bracket

Team Liquid vs. Optic Gaming

The main event opening match was between TI7 winners Team Liquid and PPD lead NA Squad Optic Gaming. With the obvious winners being Team Liquid, Optic Gaming were run down in an easy 2-0 series with Team Liquid taking not more than 30 mins to finish the job. Miracle styled on to the enemy team and analyst were amazed with how ahead Team Liquid was in terms of draft and gameplay among all other teams.

Virtus.pro vs. PSG.LGD

The second match of the series was the most important one as top teams Virtus.pro and PSG.LGD had to face off each other to move on forward in the upper bracket. The first game started off pretty even as both teams drafted pretty differently against each other. PSG.LGD started well and winning all three lanes against VP. However, as soon as the game passed the 10 min mark, VP turned a new leaf and caught PSG.LGD by surprise. Their core Visage was making problems and their offlane enigma was playing spectacular. This however, lead to overconfidence and lead VP to a bad team fight where they committed despite a zero-man black hole and no buybacks. PSG.LGD took the team fight and immediately went for the throne to take the game.Having the momentum boost, PSG.LGD lead the charts in game two and VP never got a chance to come online.

Lower Bracket

Fnatic vs. Team Serenity

While only BO1s, the lower bracket first round is the most intense matches on the face of The International. This time, there were big teams who were fighting to stay alive in the tournament. The first among the two were Fnatic and Team Serenity. Many expected Fnatic to take it on the back of their experience. Serenity however, had other plans and never allowed Fnatic any lead in the game. Having control, Serenity solidified their domination and took the game in 44 minutes and a 39-19 scoreline.

TnC Predator vs. Mineski

The second match of the series was an all SEA showdown between TnC and Mineski. Both teams are the best from their region and seeking the better among the two from just one game was all but tough for both. Having a networth lead of around 20K TnC were on the brink of victory. One bad teamfight however, changed their fate of moving forward in the event and Mineski turn backed the game that was 18-30 in favor of TnC.

Newbee vs. Winstrike

Third match saw Winstrike fight against Newbee in what many expected to be an easy win for Newbee. Winstrike was not in a good momentum following their losses in the group stage and Newbee was considered far better than their counter-parts in this particular matchup. Winstrike however, maintained their cool and the control of the game right from the start. Newbee although had the better draft didn’t seem to find their ground and after a plethora of teamfights and scoreline 41-44 Winstrike took the game and ended the hopes of Newbee at the event.

VGJ.Thunder vs. Vici Gaming

The last match of the day was an all Chinese battle with VGJ.Thunder and Vici Gaming. Surprisingly both were invited teams to the event and now were fighting in a difficult BO1 to stay alive in the game. It took 45 minutes and 34 kills for VG to claim victory over VGJ.Thunder. Despite VGJ.T Sylar playing out of his mind on Terrorblade, he couldn’t make his team move forward in the lower bracket.

At the end of Day 1, Team Liquid and PSG.LGD have moved forward in the upper bracket while the losers Optic Gaming and VP fall into the lower bracket to meet the respective BO1 winners from lower bracket. In the lower bracket we say goodbye to Fnatic, TnC, Newbee and VGJ.Thunder and wish good luck to Serenity, Mineski, Winstrike and Vici Gaming for their run forward in round 2 of the lower bracket that is scheduled to start in less than 12 hours.


TI8 Main Event Day 1 Highlights: Newbee Out, VP Falls To Lower Bracket

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