28 Apr, 2015

Dota 2 Patch 6.84 and Items Update Overview

Dota 2 Patch 6.84
Well, the wait is over. Dota 2 has finally come up with the new 6.84 patch and people have already started banging their heads against the wall. What was originally anticipated by many was the rework of troll and sniper. The two guys who totally dominated the recent META and no one could do nothing about it. With the new patch, probably these two would be the least of your concern. Well, apparently this new patch has reworked almost everything from heroes to items (even wards were not safe).

As of now, probably every Dota 2 lover might have visited the update on the official website. However, there were many aspects to the update worth nothing that you probably left unnoticed while some updates were just too hard to understand.

A brief overview for the patch update is as follows


 There’s heartbreak for you guys. You will not be seeing Troll and Sniper in matches anymore.

Addition of Aghanim’s Scepter to Heroes

  • Lone druid
  • Morphling
  • Centaur (Trust me you are gonna see at lot of this guy in 6.84)
  • Alchemist
  • Wraith King
  • Nature’s prophet
  • Nyx assassin
  • Obsidian Destroyer
  • Weaver
  • Luna
  • Naga
  • Shadow Demon
  • Techies
  • Tinker
  • Lifestealer

The scepter upgrades on heroes you might have not ever imagined is now a truth. With many heroes now having scepter upgrades, heroes in almost any role might consider this item as their first priority.

New Items

Boots of Travel Upgrade Boots of Travel Upgrade

Octarine Core Octarine Core

Solar Crest Solar Crest

Silver Edge Silver Edge

Moon Shard Moon Shard

Glimmer Cape Glimmer Cape

Guardian Greaves Guardian Greaves

Lotus Orb Lotus Orb

Enchanted Mango Enchanted Mango

More the Gold, the Better! NOT FOR ICEFROG

With the 6.84 patch update, Icefrog has made this META more fight oriented rather than make core heroes more of gold diggers. An important thing that was integrated with this patch was the value given to support heroes in this patch. Now, support heroes  have an opportunity to gain more gold just by kills and giving less gold by their deaths. This is because of the ratio of Bonus Gold for hero kills being reworked. Now, heroes that are more farmed would eventually be juicier (in terms of gold) rather than wandering supports who get caught at the wrong spot.

Creep bounty has also decreased which eventually disses on the farm oriented heroes. Direct hero kill bounty have also decreased by 100 and this is now divided into an AOE. Bounty earned from neutral camps has also been nerf-ed separately for each camp/creep.  This means team fights are now MORE important.

Every gold gain after buyback has been reduced to 60%. Furthermore, pushing high ground is more rewarding now. Melee and Ranged Barracks team bounty has been increased to 275 and 225 respectively, and t2 and t3 towers also have reduced armor now. Making team fights more rewarding along with decreasing bounty across the map has turn out to make the game itself more adventurous and happening.

With all the updates that came through the 6.84 patch, Icefrog has made DOTA 2 more fun to play throughout 1-5 role heroes. Making the patch team fight oriented, comeback mechanics have slightly been nerfed making the game less lengthy then in the past.

This was on overview of what you will be seeing in Dota 2 until Icefrog comes up with something new. Overall, the patch brings positive changes to the game giving importance to roles and team fight. What the communities and players themselves say about the new patch is still to be known. However, whatever they say would be for the betterment of Dota 2 itself.

If you have already tried 6.84 and have something to say about it, feel free to drop down your comment below.

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Dota 2 Patch 6.84 and Items Update Overview

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    about the invoker level 25, the defeaning blast (circular defeaning blast) should be active after click at ground and not after pressing the keyboard. Kinda weird and awkward with the new patch and always hard to skill perfectly.

    Suggested way : press keyboard and then click target. (the old ways)
    Not Suggested way (new patch): press keyboard and active the skill.

    Sorry for the broken english xD