09 May, 2015

Dota 2 Dictionary for Noobs

Those of you who have just recently ventured into the incredible world of Dota 2, might be coming across a problem which is common for every new game that on starts playing. We are talking about the in-game slangs. Though in most games, these game-specific terms aren’t that much important, but the same cannot be said for Dota 2. If one wishes to communicate with the team while not compromising on gameplay, then using these slang terms are a must.

You can get away with a few matches where you can win without having to say or a type a single world. However, when you get on to the higher ranks, communication is key. And since time is of the essence, you need to quickly say what you want before it gets too late. Hence, in-game slangs carry a lot of weight in the later stages of your rank.

But do not worry, as we have taken out the time to bring you a list of the most commonly used Dota 2 slangs and terms. These are a must for every Dota 2 player that wished to get better at the game.

Dota 2 Dictionary

  • AEGIS: Aegis of the Immortal is an item that drops after defeating Roshan. It is one-time consumable which revives the holder after its death
  • AGHS: It is used as an alternate for the in-game item, Aghanim’s Scepter
  • AFK: This is an appreciation of Away From Keyboard which means the player is temporarily not playing
  • AoE: This stands for Area of Effect which related to spells or heroes that deal damage in an area instead of a single target
  • Babysit: It is often used by carries to ask support players for help in their lane
  • B/Back: This is used to tell your teammates to back off. Simply put, B means to retreat
  • Backdoor: This relates to going behind the enemy team’s creep wave and take out objectives. However, there is a feature called Backdoor Protection which prevents this from happening
  • BKB: It is an abbreviation for the in-game item, Black King Bar
  • Buff: A positive change of status to a hero, such as additional damage or speed
  • BB/Buyback: This is a feature in the game which allows the player to bring his hero back using the gold available
  • Cheese: Upon killing the Roshan for the second time, the Cheese is dropped which upon consumption gives the user 2500 HP and 1500 Mana
  • CD: This is an abbreviation for Cooldown. It is a period of wait time before a spell, ability, or item power can be used again
  • Crow: A name commonly used for the Courier
  • CS: The sum of the Last-hits and Denies of a player
  • DPS: Damage per second relates to the amount of Damage, one hero deals in one second
  • DoT: Damage over time relates to the damage, a hero will receive over a short duration
  • Debuff: The opposite of Buff. It is a negative status change such as a delay or silence
  • Def: It is a short form of the word, Defend
  • Deny: This relates to sacrificing your own creeps to bottleneck the enemy team’s gold and experience
  • Farm: Farming is a term used most by carries as it relates to sidelining the game’s main objectives, for a more personal gain which includes leveling up, killing off neutrals and pushing lanes
  • FF: This is used to indicate to the team to finish the game quickly, hence, finish fast
  • Feeder: This is a term given to players that are feeding the team or are dying too often
  • FB: First Blood is the call for the taking the first kill of the game
  • Gank: This is one of the most important calls of the game it revolves around team play. It is used to tell your teammates that you are moving in for the help and will need assistance
  • GG: Though, many use this is as a toxic statement, it is used as an abbreviation for the phrase “Good Game” which is used for commending the other team. However, in the competitive world, the term “GG” is used for throwing in the towel or giving up
  • GLHF: This means “Good Luck, Have Fun” and is often used at the start of every match
  • Juke: This means that you go through unconventional routes to escape your enemy. This includes using the high ground, tree and the fog of war
  • Jungle: This relates to the area of the map which features neutral spawns and camps
  • LH: An abbreviation for the word “Last Hit”. This is when you take the take the killing blow on the creep
  • Offlane: The lane which is the most difficult to play solo. It is the shortest lane for the team
  • Pull: One of the core tasks of a support. It allows your creep wave to join the fight and it forces the opponent to fight closer to your tower. You can do this by attacking neutral spawns and forcing them to engage your lane creeps
  • Rax: A short form of the word, Barrack
  • RTB: An abbreviation for Returning to Base
  • Solo: This is called when someone does not want help in the lane and would like to play alone
  • Stacking: Like pulling creeps, Stacking is also a very important Support feature as it is the perfect tool for feeding Carries. You can stack creeps when you pull them at the right time which is mostly at the 53-second mark of every minute
  • Split Push: This takes place when a team pushes an enemy base from two different lanes, usually the top and bottom
  • Tower Diving: This takes place when one forces into the enemy tower to finish off the enemy hero
  • TP: An abbreviation for the in-game item used for teleporting, Town Portal
  • Tri-lane: When three heroes stack in a single lane, usually two supports and one carry
  • Wards: The in-game item used for providing map vision

That is it, for now, stay tuned as we will bring you in the coming future. Till then comment below and let us know what you think of our the Dota 2 dictionary, have you gotten a grasp on it?


Dota 2 Dictionary for Noobs
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