28 Apr, 2015

Diablo 3: Level 70 in One Minute!

For all the Diablo lovers! If you have ever wondered how you could cope up to the same level as your friends? Or, had trouble playing rifts because you character is low level, here is the ultimate video that shows how this player, ”Datmodz” leveled up from 1-70 in a minute’s time.

The guy shuffled up couple of paragon levels according to the expedition and made sure he was standing instead of fighting around with his friends to absorb as much experience as he can. Buffs, armor bonuses and other aura bonuses from friends could always give you an edge. Above all it’s best if you go for these leveling up voyages when Blizzard adds up buffs for percentage increase in experience on occasions along with that, go for Rifts! So that you can make sure you are always receiving maximum experience during your power leveling.

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Diablo 3: Level 70 in One Minute!

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  • schmittor

    thats in no way a usual lvling vid, its the ultra-rare cow-rift…where in the encounter evry kill gives about 1,9 million exp in lvl 70……….so a fresh character simply jumps to 70 quite fast…..its completly meaningless what gear / spec and paragorn points the fresh character has

    • trill

      Yeah I agree. And hell, I’ve never gotten a cow rift in over 1400 Hours played

    • Jhazzrun

      doesnt really matter, even without the cow rift, just have a lvl 1 join you while rifting and they’ll be 70 within a few minutes anyway.

  • βρασμένα αυγά

    happens in betas !
    i did it early december last year on some 2.something beta before end of season 1 !

  • skdjfksld

    was actually 1 min 6 seconds, so over a minute