05 Mar, 2018

How to Fix Destiny 2 High Ping

After dominating the entire Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter (MMOFPS) genre for the past three years with Destiny, Bungie Studios decided it was time for Destiny to turn into a franchise. Hence on October 6, 2017, the developers released a sequel to the game called Destiny 2. And if that was not enough, the developers later released the game for the PC. However, from there, things started to go down, as the game was far from being playable on the PC due to issues like Destiny 2 high ping.

Destiny 2 High Ping

Though the developers have constantly been rolling out updates and patches for the game which have somewhat fixed the Destiny 2 ping issue, the community is still experiencing such issues. So, if you are the one who is still coming across this issue, and are unable to play the game at all, don’t lose heart. We have got your back. We bring you the Destiny 2 ping fix guide. Check out the steps and lay waste to all of your in-game issues.

Destiny 2 High Ping

How to Check Ping In Destiny 2

Currently, there is no way to check ping in Destiny 2. However, with the entire community complaining about this missing feature, we believe Bungie Studios will soon add a feature for players to check Destiny 2 ping. However, for the time being, if you think you are experiencing lag or ping related issues, check out the workarounds below and see if it changes anything – Fingers crossed.

How to check ping in Destiny 2

Workaround to Fix Destiny 2 High Ping

Before we get on with the more complicated workarounds for dealing with Density 2 high ping, let us get done with the general workarounds for fixing such issues. The workarounds mentioned below are some of the best ways to increase performance when playing video games. So, without wasting any of your precious time, let us get on with them. Check out the general workarounds below:

  • Lower the game’s resolution
  • Change fullscreen to full windowed screen
  • Close unused/background applications
  • Disable Game DVR
  • Repair your PC’s registry
  • Update display and other drivers
  • In the NVidia control panel, manage 3D settings, set the “power management mode” to “prefer maximum performance.” (For NVidia users only)
  • Try turning off shader cache in NVidia Control Panel. (For NVidia users only)
  • Set “High priority” to the game in Task Manager
  • Set Power settings to “Maximum”
  • Increase PC performance by disabling visual effects. To do this, navigate to the Control Panel and select “System and Security.” After that, click on System and then select “Advanced system setting.” From there, click on Settings under Performance and choose “Adjust for best performance.” Apply, and you’re good to go.
  • Select “High Performance” under Power Options (Laptop users)
  • Have charger plugged in for maximum performance (Laptop users)

If the above-mentioned workarounds did not do the trick for you, then it is time; you look into some of the more complex workarounds. But be prepared to make a ton of changes to either your PC or your network settings.

Network Congestion

Since playing Destiny 2 requires you to have a stable internet connection, irregularities in your network can be the cause of the Destiny 2  ping issue. So, if you wish to get rid of high ping, we would advise you to restrict the users on the network or even better, dedicate it to only your device when playing.

Destiny 2 Ping

Furthermore, shutting down background applications which are using your system’s resources, can also boost up performance. And if you are the one who is playing Destiny 2 on a wireless connection, then you are at fault, as everyone knows playing online games on WiFi doesn’t work. Switch to an Ethernet connection ASAP!!!

Enable UPnP

UPnP is a network technology that allows devices on a player’s network to configure the settings on the router or modem to automatically allow the connections they need. In other words, UPnP is the simplest way to make sure a player can connect to Destiny 2 servers. Furthermore, the developers themselves, recommend players to have this feature enabled when playing the game online. So, if you wish to enable UPnP, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the router’s Administration Control Panel
  2. This is usually done through a web browser by navigating to the router’s internal IP address (g.,
  3. Consult the router/modem’s user manual for help accessing the control panel
  4. Find the “UPnP” setting, usually located under the “LAN” or “Firewall” category
  5. Consult the router/modem’s user manual for help locating the UPnP setting
  6. Enable UPnP and save the changes
  7. Disconnect and reconnect all devices on the network

Port Forwarding

If you are hesitant to enable UPnP, then we advise you to at least forward your ports. Though this will not be as efficient as UPnP; it might just do the trick for you. For those of you who do not know what Port Forwarding is and how it is done, worry not as Bungie Studios has got your back. Check out the official troubleshooting page for more details.

If you are still coming across the Destiny 2 ping issue, even after applying all of the above-mentioned changes, then we might have the one, last solution for you. Try out our very own gaming VPN, Kill Ping.

Kill Ping: The High Ping Buster

Kill Ping is a dedicated gaming software which deals with all of your lag-related issues, including high ping in Destiny 2. It does this by granting your PC a more direct route to the online game servers. Hence, it allows you to have a more stable connection, resulting in reduced lag and lower ping.

Destiny 2 Ping

In other words, it optimizes your gaming connection by connecting you through its dedicated servers which are specially designed for improving game ping. Consequently, with Kill Ping activated, you will not have to worry about any network related issues. So, check out Kill Ping now and play Destiny 2 with zero lag or delay.

That is it for now. However, if you are still facing FPS and lag related issues in Destiny 2, we have you covered there as well. Check out our Destiny 2 lag guide and put an end to all of your lag-related trouble forever.


How to Fix Destiny 2 High Ping

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