19 Jul, 2018

CS:GO Update Introduces More Changes To Panorama

Ever since the initial announcement regarding the forthcoming release of a brand new UI called Panorama for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the developers have been constantly working on adding newer and newer content to the game. As a result, a new update has just gone live, bringing forth some pretty major changes to CS:GO and its highly-anticipated Panorama UI.

CS:GO Panorama Update

Changing the entire UI for the game requires some serious changes. And since this is one of the biggest changes we have seen take place in CS:GO, it is understandable the developers are going to be taking their time to make the transition from the current UI to Panorama, as smooth as possible. Therefore, these changes are only going to be applied to the game, if you have the opted for Panorama UI in the game’s settings on Steam.

Check out the complete patch notes of the all-new CS:GO Update down below:

  • Further scoreboard readability improvements.
  • Added ability to connect to a different community server from pause menu while connected to a community server.
  • Fixed prime accounts notification to correctly show number of days before phone number can be used for activation.
  • Fixed Panorama UI to correctly show a notice that a new version of the client is available.
  • Fixed incorrect display of several values in the settings screens.
  • Improved handling of custom keybindings for the development console.
  • In-game main menu music will now play correctly when an embedded stream is playing at minimum volume.
  • Added a way for Perfect World customers to acquire a Perfect World game license when launching the game in -panorama mode for the first time.
  • Added a shortcut button to trade with a friend from the friend’s in-game profile card.
  • Removed some development message boxes.
  • Fixed startup crashes on Mac and Linux.
  • Numerous stability improvements.
  • Adjusted overhead arrows to pull the friend border away so it doesn’t influence the inner color as much.
  • Fixed a javascript error in the loading screen

For those of you who haven’t, will have to wait for the official release of the Panorama UI which by the looks of it, could be in a couple of weeks. However, nothing can be said for sure as the developers have yet to make an announcement regarding its release. So, while we wait for the announcement, comment below and let us know what you think of Panorama. Do you think was what the community needed?

csgo panorama


CS:GO Update Introduces More Changes To Panorama

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