22 May, 2018

CS:GO Update Goes Live Adding in Major Hitbox Changes

After undergoing quite a few changes in the past week, Valve is here with yet another update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). The all-new update adds in significant changes to Nuke. But that is not all as with the update, the developers have introduced a new type of neck hitbox.

Last week, the developers released the te for CS:GO test servers which added quite a few interesting new additions to the game. This includes changes to maps like Overpass and Nuke, while also featuring a few alterations to the hitboxes. Well, today, the developers are here with yet another update, titled CS:GO Update It adds in those previously tested changes, plus a few new ones, to the live version of the game.

CS:GO Update

To learn more about the CS:GO Update, check out the official patch notes down below:


  • Bomb logic now runs every tick when it is close to exploding or being defused, addressing some rare cases where an extremely close defuse would still result in the bomb exploding.
  • If a bomb would both explode and be defused at the same exact time, it will now be considered defused.
  • Prime accounts will now receive a warning in a Competitive lobby when they enter matchmaking with other Prime accounts whose Trust Factor may impact their matchmaking experience.


  • General adjustments to ambient sounds:
    • Increased resolution and character of reverb effects to better reflect surrounding map geometry
    • Small mix adjustments
  • Improved vent destruction sounds and increased audible distance.
  • Added a new hitbox type for necks and applied it to the existing neck hitbox on character models. Bullets that penetrate the neck into the head will now count as headshots. This should make it more intuitive to tell when an attack from behind will result in a headshot.
  • Fixed ‘use’ key to more reliably pick up weapons on the ground and to not drop the active weapon if a replacement weapon cannot be picked up.



  • Optimizations for low settings
  • Blocked visibility between silos inside A site
  • Ported over ShortNuke gameplay changes:
  • Removed Toxic
  • Vent no longer connects directly to B site, but has another exit close to double doors
  • Pushed new corner boxes on B site further back to prevent headshot angle towards ramp
  • Added solid background to yellow crane inside B site
  • Smoothed out some player movement


  • Lowered volume of ambient sounds in Overpass
  • Added grenade and player collision to fence cage near construction
  • Removed spooky shadow fading in when approaching T main entrance to B site

Furthermore, there are rumors regarding the release of some other features which the developers have not yet confirmed. To check out details on those, visit the Reddit thread.

That is it for now, but stay tuned as we will be bringing you more CS:GO updates in the coming days. Till then, comment below and let us know what you think of the all-new update, are these the changes you wanted?

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CS:GO Update Goes Live Adding in Major Hitbox Changes

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