07 Dec, 2018

Something Big Is Here: CS:GO Operation Battle Royale!

Update 12/7/2018: Finally, the CS:GO Devs come out with what was initially promised to us on Wednesday, a brand new Operation, one which introduces a 16/18 man Battle Royale mode to the game. Operation Danger Zone is now available for all to see and enjoy.

CSGO Battle Royale

With the CS:GO Devs expected to make an announcement regarding what looks to be a brand new Operation on Wednesday, 5 December 2018. However, with the developers getting caught up with some “work”, the date of the announcement has now been changed to Thursday, 6 December 2017.  Check out the tweet down below:

This new tweet has led many to believe that the developers are just trolling and teasing its fans regarding the release of its much-anticipated Operation. Just look at some of these tweets people, including some big names of the gaming world, have been posting:

As amusing as reading all of these tweets is, there is actually a chance the developers are working on a brand new survival themed Operation for CS:GO, one which might just feature a Battle Royale mode. Data miners and beta testers have found numerous images and files which include information of what is being titled Operation Blacksite.

From this it is pretty much confirmed that a survival-themed operation is coming to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, one which just might be titled Operation Blacksite. But since this is still just speculation, nothing can be said for you. That being said, with the developers making a new announcement, we will not have to wait long for the official say on the matter.

CS:GO Dev playing on unreleased Survival (battle royale) map called “Blacksite” from r/GlobalOffensive

Over the past couple of years, we have been seeing quite a lot of changes being made to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, 2018 has been quite memorable for the game when it comes to content updates. From a complete overhaul of the UI to all-new weapons and character models, we have seen everything. And well, from what it seems, Valve isn’t done with its 2018 CS:GO content updates just yet, as they have been planning something big to end the year with – Maybe even new Operation?

CS:GO Update?

Now before we get into the exact details of what we can expect with this upcoming content update, let us talk about the crux of the matter. The thing which kick-started all of this – the tweet from the official CS:GO account. So, before we begin, check out the tweet down below:

From the tweet, this much is pretty obvious that the developers are planning on releasing something on Wednesday, i.e. tomorrow. However, what some of you failed to notice is that the developers have also changed the game’s iconic blue and yellow logo, with a brand new one. This new logo not only changed the color to red but also swapped the character model to one which we have yet to see within the game.

Now, this logo is where things get interesting. Why would the developers add in a new character model when they have just recently revamped both the Terrorist and the Counter Terrorist models? Is there more to this story? Well, we think so.


Since 2016, Valve has released a number of updates for the game which included some very interestingly weird files. Though these files did very little for the actual game, the fact that they are available, paint a picture of what we can expect in the future. Hopefully, the not so distant one that it.

From these updates, we have seen files which point to useable bows, player taunts, and character cosmetics. Now, apart from the recently-introduced Gloves, nothing regarding this has made its way into the game. So, the question arises, why are these files being added into the game? Well, this is where the announcement comes in. Speculations from around the internet are stating that a new Operation is coming to CS:GO, one which will feature all of these previously-hidden features.

Check out this video down below for more details on this:

Possible Battle Royale CS:GO Operation

And well, from what we have been seeing in terms of global trends, what is that one thing that is the shizz right now? Yup, Battle Royale. We believe Valve is working on bringing a BR mode to the CS:GO, and details regarding that will surface tomorrow.

This is the only thing which could link all of this as almost every BR game includes such features. As a result, there is a chance the developers are going jumping on the same BR Bandwagon. That being said, since all of this is a mere speculation, we can not say anything for sure. But this much is confirmed that something big is coming to the game tomorrow. So, for the complete details, we will just have a wait a little longer.

Comment down below and let us know what you think of this tweet from the CS:GO developers, do you think a new operation is coming to the game? if yes, what will it be?

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Something Big Is Here: CS:GO Operation Battle Royale!

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