27 Jan, 2016

Blade and Soul Review

Blade and Soul made its mark in the western recently. However, in this short time it has become a favorite for many MMORPG lovers. This newly released fantasy game has much to reveal to its players and therefore a Blade and Soul Review became a must for those who haven’t tried the game yet.

Blade and Soul is one of the very few MMORPG that has mixed the flavor of martial arts to PvP, PvE combat. Select your character from four races and indulge in any one of the 7 martial arts based classes to explore the world and take part in a very intense lore of revenge. Level up from 1 to 45 and find your way to the top as you perform various quests and dungeons that provide your experience and monetary benefits to survive. If you are into PvP then Blade and Soul has a lot to offer in terms of 1v1, 3v3 matches and arenas where the whole faction teams up to attack enemies in open battlegrounds

Key Features
Blade and Soul Review showed that the game has put great emphasis over player customization where a character is selected from four races and seven classes with expertise that vary a lot from each other.

PvP system offers a lot to players where individual skills are the deciding factor between a win and a loss
The PvE of Blade and Soul keeps getting intense as you go deep into its lore. The main purpose is to avenge Hongmoon School as the story unfolds with awesome cinematics and extreme combats.


• Gon
• Jin
• Kun
• Lyn

Classes are selected as per the above defined Races. There are a total of eight classes however, only seven have been revealed as of yet.

• Kung-Fu Master is the Jackie chan type hand to hand combat class
• Blade Dancer is similar to Blade Master class but is exclusive to the Lyn race with enhanced evasion, better CC but with weak defenses
• Summoner is the only class that uses Summons (pet) to engage and deal damage in battles
• Force Master is the spell caster of Blade and Soul that excels in mid to long range combat
• Destroyer is the tank of Blade and Soul that can also deal heavy damage while sustaining a lot as well.
• Blade Master is a melee warrior whose main ability is the use of swords, but in an awesome manner
• Assassin mixes the elements of mobility, close combat and weakening techniques to kill enemies
The Korean version of Blade and Soul also has two other classes namely Soul Fighter and Warlock so it is expected that we will see them in the western version of Blade and Soul

The professions of Blade and Soul are similar to what we see in other MMORPGs as well. However the one unique aspect of Blade and Soul’s professions are that all of them are associated to a specific clan in the game.

Kung Fu to MMORPG
One of the main reasons why a Blade and Soul review has been done is to make players understand how well game developers have incorporated the Kung Fu aspect to the game’s combat system. Contrary to clichéd MMOs Blade and Soul brings in the elements of Kung Fu and close combat really well to PvE,PvP system. The heavy targeting system of Blade and Soul enhances combat options even more but at the same time keeping them as simple as possible. Attacks in Blade and Soul may vary depending on the opponents you are facing and for that reason it is important to keep this in mind everytime you are facing an enemy. Knowing what to use and when to use is a tough thing to do but that is what increases the charm of Blade and Soul.

The customization in Blade and Soul offer a lot to players. A new character though starts from zero, he can later on experiment with a lot of builds to fit his role as per his class. New techniques can be learned as your level increases which can be added to your rotation. Ability points in Blade and Soul further allow you to modify the skills as per your will.

For players coming from games such as Guild Wars; Blade and Soul is seriously the one that can compete for being visually stunning. The graphics are what will attract you and the combat is what will make you stick to the game. Visuals for Blade and Soul are literally off the hook when we compare it to any other MMORPG and that is a big +1 to the game.
Issues of Lag
There has been quite some time since players have been complaining about lag problems in the Blade and Soul. The reason lies in the locations where Blade and Soul Servers are placed. Players being far from the game servers tend to lag alot but apart from that there are no vital issues that will keep you away from Blade and Soul.

Finalizing Words
If you like awesome visuals, intense battles, unique lore and deep combat mechanics then all this and a lot more awaits you at Blade and Soul. The game has improved a lot in the time span it took to come out in the West from the original game that was released in Korea in 2012. It can also be seen with the number of players it currently has. The game has been blessed with more unique content, patch fixes and balances to the class that has put Blade and Soul among the top MMORPGs in very little time.

We hope the Blade and Soul Review was helpful. We will be adding more to the review as new things come up into the game and how the community responds to it.

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