19 Nov, 2015

Best Upcoming Multiplayer Online Games In 2016

Multiplayer online games
Albion Online
First stop in the list of upcoming multiplayer online games is the fantasy MMORPG game from Sandbox Interactive, Albion Online. Currently in a closed beta stage, Albion Online can be purchased for a founder’s pack which will grant access to the game prior to Open Beta.

What’s good about the game is the way classes are more related to the way you gear your character. Unlike what we see in other MMORPGs where a ranged hunter can only wear cloak and heavy armor is not his thing, in Albion Online you can gear up with anything that you desire and prioritize what you think is best for your character. Open World quests and PvP allow players to gain battle stats and experience which get harder if you are willing to get valuable resources from dangerous areas.

Key Features:
– Class Independent Progression
– Player Based Economy
– Loot System
– Man made Cities
– Cross Platform Gaming

Nebula Online
This upcoming multiplayer online game is set in an outer space. Something very unique about this game is the choice players are given for the way they want to play it. You can either be a merchant or a war mongering soldier or you might want to be a diplomat in the outer worlds, the choice is yours. Get into global battles and also have a chance of getting your share in full loot PvP.

Explore beautiful galaxies and be a part of a player based economy. Start from level zero as you get your way up being more powerful strengthening your economy through winning and trading.

Key Features:
– Vast Open World
– Epic Battles
– Full loot PvP

Total War: Warhammer
If you have been an RTS fan then there is just no way you haven’t heard about Total War. If still you haven’t then you have missed a lot of RTS fun. Total War is back with another game set to release in early 2016, and it’s the sequel for the Total War: Warhammer Trilogy. This turn based RTS multiplayer online game is also probably the reason why many of us know a lot about historical wars, strategies and yes, history itself.

The Warhammer lore brings in the fantasy element to the Total War title so that you will be getting the fun of warriors, monsters and heroes as you play the game. Select from a total of four factions, each different from another and unique for their own thing. Another good part about the upcoming game is the inclusion of Magic as well as flying units, so next time you are setting up your base in Total War, you might wanna be ready for incoming attack from dragons or maybe witches on their broomsticks.

Key Features:
– Intense Battles
– Addition of Magic in Battles

Yes my friends, the legendary DOOM is back, and this time it’s going to be multiplayer. There is not much known about the game except the only thing it’s going to be release in 2016. So just sit back, relax and watch the exclusive E3 video below till then.

Key Features:
– Multiplayer
– Awesome Graphics

No Man’s Sky
The upcoming survival game is set to be released in June 2016. This multiplayer online game is being considered the most unique game ever made, No Man’s Sky literally feels to have an unending open world to it. Actually it’s not unending. You just have 18 quintillion planets to explore.

Key Features:
– Infinite exploration
– Open World Battles

Star Citizen
Star Citizen is also a Sci-Fi MMO expected to release next year. Developed by Cloud Imperium Games, Star Citizen is a multiplayer online game that allows players to be a pilot, bounty hunter, smuggler, merchant or even a pirate of the galaxies. Being backed up by a famous game designer Chris Roberts, the game is expected to be a great hit for Sci-Fi MMO lovers. Star Citizen would be a one time payment game so you won’t have to worry about monthly subscriptions and recurring payments that MMORPG players are usually frustrated of.

Key Features:
– One Time Payment
– Deep Navigation System
– Player Driven Economy

Dark Souls III
Another greatly anticipated game in the list of upcoming multiplayer online games. After hits like Dark Souls and Dark Souls II, game developers brainstormed for another hit for 2016, Dark Souls III. Not much is known about the game, but it is still speculated that the game will include a total of four classes to choose from. The Barbarian, mage, priest and the knight are the known classes as of yet. But if you have played Dark Souls II, then you will remember a total of 8 classes so more can be expected from Dark Souls III as well in the future. Overall, Dark Souls is the new and improved yet more brutal version of Dark Souls II. Each and every piece of this upcoming multiplayer online game is beautifully textured and the visually stunning graphics of the game will just want you to get your hands on Dark Souls III as soon as it’s release in 2016.

Key Features:
– Harder Bosses
– Intense Multiplayer Skirmishes
– Jaw Dropping Graphics

Camelot Unchained
This is another fantasy MMORPG that was initially funded by Kickstarter. Camelot Unchained is considered as a successor of the original Dark Age of Camelot, and will have more focus over PvP battles and the overall unique game play of the game. Currently in its Alpha, there hasn’t been much revelation about this multiplayer online game. The only thing we can do is anxiously wait for 2016 till we officially get our hands on the anticipated game.

Key Features:
– Unique MMORPG experience
– More PvP Inclination


Another MMORPG in the list of upcoming multiplayer online games for 2016. Contemporary to others in the genre, Crowfall is a game with more focus over political alliances and disputed wars. What has been a long time wish of the game developers, Crowfall will allow players to compete with each other in intense PvP and get the throne if they are worthy enough.

From a total of five campaigns Dregs, The Shadow, The Infected, Eternal Kingdoms and God’s Reach each is unique with its own rules to follow. All world’s last for a certain amount of time with Eternal Kingdom being the only world to overrule it.

As the campaign starts, players would have to enter the new worlds to explore. As times pass by, resources become harder to find and monster becoming more and more powerful while you will also be defending yourselves from other players as well.

Key Features:
– Play to win
– Vast Open World – Multiverse
– Wide Character Models
– Player based economy

World of Warcraft: Legion
Since we are talking about MMORPG, who can’t ignore the legendary title, World of Warcraft? Well, Blizzard will be setting new records for sure with its upcoming release of the new expansion, World of Warcraft: Legion. Recently revealed in BlizzCon 2015, Legion is set to release in 2016, and will take players on the past journey to defeat the bad ass boss, Illidan. Well, that’s probably what people are speculating right now. With the recent decline of players in World of Warcraft, Blizzard seems to be taking the perfect move by bringing back World of Warcraft in the age that was praised by many. If there is one MMORPG that you should be waiting with all your heart, then it’s World of Warcraft: Legion and it why it definitely deserves a spot in the list of upcoming multiplayer online games in 2016.

Key Features:
– Player Driven Economy
– New Classes
– New Locations
– Skill Based PvP/PvE

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