01 Jun, 2015

Best Support Heroes in Dota 2

Best support heroes in dota 2

Yet another episode of Dota 2 heroes by Kill Ping gives you insight for some of the best support heroes in the current META. Previously after covering the most neglected heroes in Dota 2 now we are covering the most picked supports that are seen very commonly in competitive matches. This in any sense does not mean that they are only limited to the current META. The heroes selected are only chosen based over their versatility and in game effectiveness that they provide to the team and carry. This means that even with patch updates the heroes would still have a great impact over a game regardless of any changes unless a particular Dota 2 hero gets completely nerfed.

Anyways, let’s hope that support players don’t see that day when their favorite Dota 2 hero gets nerfed for no good reason and without any delay we bring you the best Dota 2 support heroes of all time.


Chen is a jungling support who is one of the heroes who does not heavily rely over items to create emphasis in game. His potential can be seen from the very start of the game when Chen converts a neutral creep and goes first blood over the enemy who’s unaware of Chen’s capabilities.

Overall Chen is a very good support hero that can heal the entire team in difficult situations and if you go for Mekansm as Chen you will have your teammates at full HP in no time. Chen at the same time can be a good initiator with his converted creeps. Chen’s versatility comes from his abilities in which he also provides a decent amount of damage to the enemy with Test of Faith and gives damage amplification through Penitence. However, Chen needs times to master as controlling Chen and his max 4 converted creeps along with their powers is somewhat difficult. Even so, Chen is one of the most picked support heroes even with patch updates and changes. A hero that keeps everyone happy with his abilities Chen is a must play hero and is recommended to be mastered by all support heroes.


Another support Dota 2 hero that is good in lane pushing, healing, damage amplification and literally calling a hero back from the grave. With Shallow grave effect over a dying carry you can turn tides of the match with him having 5 more seconds of physical, magical invulnerability. Dazzle provides both passive and aggressive support game play and allows the carry of the team to be a more ease when farming. Dazzle with his abilities just does not allow a teammate to die. He is an easy to master hero with just timing a main factor when casting shallow grave. Dazzle’s ultimate can create huge impact in team fights being used both in aggressive and defensive manners.

Overall a very versatile hero that does not rely heavily over items, Dazzle is in the list of top support heroes that helps greatly in team fights and supporting the carry.


Heavy spamming abilities make disruptor and tough job for the opponent to handle. His ultimate provides him with an AOE silence and burst damage that is effective when the enemy heroes have crucial spells. Imagine a team fight broke at the mid lane and the enemy team’s tide is just ready to ravage the crap out of your team, suddenly you/ Disruptor come out of nowhere and cast your ultimate in the middle of the fight. Result? The enemy team with their crucial heroes stuck in your ultimate and kinetic field combo doing next to nothing being silenced and taking huge damage with 0.25 sec intervals.

Disruptor’s Glimpse can be a game changer if used at the correct moment by targeting on a flanking carry or a hero who bought back and teleported to be in a fight. This spell is all about timing and if you cast it at the right time you may even be the man of the match


Earth Shaker is one of those Dota 2 heroes that have huge impact over the game even at level one. Proper positioning of earth shaker allows him to get early kills with the help of spamming abilities or just right click damage of another hero. With earth shaker on the side the enemy mid hero has constant pressure of ganking and has to position himself in such a manner that he is away safe from potential ganks. With a proper positioned fissure ES can just disjoint the enemy hero from his lane making him unable to fall and face ultimate death. Support players can utilizing the roaming abilities of ES to position themselves for ganks and have fissure at the right moment can seal a kill easily for the team.

ES is also a good pick since he is able to provide chain stuns with constant spamming of his abilities and is not item dependant except for just a Blink Dagger to have good initiation and damage through his ultimate. Overall mana pool is low and since fissure is mostly a spamming ability so support players may opt for a soul ring or arcane boots depending on the situation.


Lion is literally a pain in the ass. Being able to harass enemy teams from the start Lion is a Dota 2 hero that can be a baby sitter for the team carry and at the same time harass the hell out of a lane. Lion also being an item independent hero has good disables and heavy burst damage. His spell Mana Drain is at many times neglected by players but it’s not a spell that has to be neglected.

Mana drain can dehydrate core enemy players that don’t have much mana pool making them ineffective in team fights and also providing lion with extra mana that he needs to spam his abilities and his high mana cost ultimate.

Lion can create nuisance in almost any lane and his abilities allow him to be a roaming support which can duo with another support and create deadly roaming combinations in almost any lane they tend to. Being item independent Lion in many ways have great impact on the overall game and at times can solely burst down enemy heroes with proper timing.

Tell us what you think with the list of the top support Dota 2 Heroes. Also tell what you would like to read next for your favorite MOBA game.

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Best Support Heroes in Dota 2

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  • Nathania Puspita

    Phoenix is the best tanker melter with Sun Ray. Long range and high damage. At early game he can spamming damage (pushing) enemy with his Fire Spirits so that he can win lane easily

  • Greed

    Add in Winter Wyvern and Witch Doctor to your team and you got healing and disables at your disposition anytime you need it wherever you need it. Voodoo magic is especially good to keep being healed in a team fight and of course Death Ward coupled with aghs and Maledict can get you kills like a boss along with winter’s curse you can easily either get rid of that pesky but fragile support on the opposing team or disable their carry.