21 Nov, 2016

Best servers to select through Kill Ping

While Kill Ping has been a savior for many online gamers around the world, some players seem to be having troubles getting the best experience out of it. To solve their issue, today we will provide you some details on how you can select the best servers to play your favorite game through Kill Ping.

Kill Ping gives players the option to play their favorite online game through the best possible route via the best possible servers. An improved connection won’t be possible if you are not doing it the correct way and thus may lead to an even more problematic situation.

Server Selection Method

Depending on the game that you play, Kill Ping gives you the option to initially choose the region that you are willing to play after which you have the choice to select the server through the Automatic or Manual Server selection.

server selection

Automatic Server Selection

In the Automatic server selection option, Kill Ping automatically selects the best server through which you are connected directly to the game. This can at times lead to a higher ping if you are connecting to a game server other than that you have selected in Kill Ping. This is because Kill Ping sets up the connection keeping in memory that selection the user has made during setting up Kill Ping and will make sure that the shortest most effective path to that region is made. In case a player decides otherwise, the results will obviously not be satisfactory.

Manual Server Selection

Now, in case of Manual Server Selection, a player has the liberty to select any server to connect to the game. Once again, if you are willing to play in let’s say SEA region but instead have selected the Western Europe Server via the Manual selection method then obviously you won’t get the results that you expect.

Manual Server Selection
Kill Ping selects the servers according to the game region that you are willing to play. Therefore, selecting the same in the game is important as well. So, make sure that you are doing so to get the least possible ping on your online game.

Talk to Us

In case, you are having any trouble playing your game via Kill Ping, you can mail us your concern at [email protected] alongside your Kill Ping ID so that we can further assist you on your problem.

If you want quick assistance then the best thing to do is contact Kill Ping’s support team via the 24/7 available chat system on Kill Ping as they will be the fastest ones to help you solve the issue.

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Best servers to select through Kill Ping

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