02 Feb, 2018

Best PC Games Releasing In February 2018

With the first month of 2018 behind us, it is now time for February. However, with January packed with massive titles like Dragon Ball FighterZ, Subnautica, and Total War: Warhammer II Rise of the Tomb Kings, the second month of 2018 has some big shoes to fill. With what the gaming industry has to offer, it seems February will be much, much bigger in terms of PC games.

This might be very difficult for you to believe since January was quite exciting. However, after looking at the list below, I guarantee you will agree that February is one hell of a ride for any PC gamer. It’s time to check out the list of best PC games releasing in February 2018.

Best Upcoming PC Games of February 2018

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

  • Developer: Warhorse Studios
  • Publishers: Deep Silver
  • Genre: Role-Playing
  • Release Date: February 13, 2018

It is safe to say that Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one the most anticipated games of 2018. It is because the entire video game community has been desperately waiting for this open-world RPG to release since its announcement back in January 2014. It is since then, the game has been in development.

Furthermore, since Kingdom Come: Deliverance started off with a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter, there are hundreds of thousands of gamers who have invested their hard-earned money into the development of this game. As a result, with this incredible title to release after being in development for four years, fans are in for something epic.

Metal Gear Survive

  • Developer: Konami
  • Publishers: Konami
  • Genre: Survival Action Adventure
  • Release Date: February 20, 2018

Metal Gear Survive is the first title in the Metal Gear franchise, following Hideo Kojima’s departure from Konami in late 2015. You can imagine the controversies behind this upcoming video game. And if that wasn’t enough, with the developers taking an unusual spin-off from its usual gameplay genre, the game’s announcement was quite mixed.

According to Konami, Metal Gear Survive takes place in the time frame between Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain where the world is absorbed and thrown out in an alternate reality filled with zombie-like entities called “Creatures.”  Moreover, unlike the usual stealth-based approach, players will team up into groups of four and will try to survive the harshness of the new world.

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

  • Developer: Forgotten Empire
  • Publishers: Microsoft Studios
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Release Date: February 20, 2018

Over the past few years, there have been countless titles releasing in the real-time strategy genre. However, the genre has evolved into something which has been quite boring (for us at least). Apart from some interesting titles, the entire genre is morphed into a single game as most games feature similar content. But, it seems the few games which made this genre popular are coming back, better than ever.

Just last year, Microsoft Studios came out with an announcement revealing details about their upcoming product, Age of Empire: Definitive Edition. This took the industry by storm as many have been waiting for this specific moment. Age of Empire: Definitive Edition is set to add in 4K support, remastered soundtracks and a few other gameplay changes.

Dynasty Warrior 9

  • Developer: Omega Force
  • Publishers: Koei Tecmo
  • Genre: Hack and Slash
  • Release Date: February 13, 2018

Ever since 1997, the Dynasty Warrior franchise has been releasing incredible titles for all major platforms and hence, has created quite the following in the online gaming world. However, all this is set to grow even larger as the developers will release the ninth main title in the decade-long franchise, Dynasty Warrior 9.

The upcoming video game will follow suit to all of its predecessors and feature hack and slash gameplay mechanics. This time around, apart from improved graphics and visual elements, the developers are making a debut with the series’ first stealth elements. This new introduction looks to be quite interesting. However, nothing can be said until you get firsthand experience of the game.

Battalion 1944 (Early Access)

  • Developer: Bulkhead Interactive
  • Publishers: Square Enix Collective
  • Genre: Frist-Person Shooter
  • Release Date: February 1, 2018

Battalion 1944 is an upcoming online first-person shooter game which takes the inspiration from titles like Call of Duty: World War 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is a concoction of the two which, if done right, could be big enough to compete against the FPS giants. Plus, with developers like Square Enix backing it up, this new game could be the next big thing in the world of video games.

Right now, players will only get the early access for the game which would not give them the complete experience but that’s good to have. Plus, with titles like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) also becoming big after its early access stage, the same could happen for Battalion 1944. Since this new FPS shooter completed its Kickstarter campaign in just a few days, I believe the possibility for that to happen is quite high.

It is a fact that the month is packed to the brim with other indie titles. You never know when one of these smaller titles become big. We all have already seen this happen with titles like Rocket League. So, the potential for more interesting games releasing in February is a lot more than what is listed above. Plus, if you wish to learn more about all the best PC Games which are set to release in 2018, check out our blog post

Stay tuned for more details regarding the game listed on this blog. However, while you wait, give a minute of your time and let me know which out the game above are you most excited for?



Best PC Games Releasing In February 2018

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