04 Jan, 2016

The Best of Esports in 2015

E-Sport is growing and its every year brings new trends, dynamics and events that make us forget the accomplishments of yesteryear. 2015 was no different and apart from hosting some of the best e-sports tournaments it brought to us some of the best talents, plays and strategies in various gaming genres.

Legendary Tournaments
The most inspiring and progressive events in 2015 were the various e-sports tournaments that brought to e-sports a new breed of gamers with new strategies, skills and intelligence not seen before. Here are the leading tournaments that kept gamers up from Seattle to Singapore and beyond:

1. Counter Strike Global Offensive
CS:GO experienced its epic revival in 2015, apart from becoming the third largest game in 2015 it gave away $6 million in prize money. 2015 literally resurrected CS bringing it back from the dead while at the same time the legendary FPS moved into the top 5 list of e-sport earners of all time.

2. The International 2015
the international
The DOTA 2 International 2015 or TI5 was possibly one of the most watched gaming tournaments ever broadcasted. YouTube, Valve and Twitch all setup exclusive channels to broadcast TI5 offering a non-stop ad free broadcast live from Seattle.

The humungous $18 million plus prize pool, the unveiling of brilliant talents like Sumail from EG and super teams like CDEC from China. Gaming engine Valve itself made over $50 million through compendium item sales, donating a massive $1.6 million to the TI5 prize pool. TI5 became the benchmark that e-sport tournaments measure against.

3. League of Legends World Championship
lol worlds
A game that needs no formal primer, LoL or League of Legends is simply the biggest e-sport game in the world today with players no less than celebs, teams known the world over and tournaments that break viewership records. Gamers like Faker “the devastator”, Febiven, Rekkles, Pawn, Kuro, Pray, xPeke, Niels,Nagne & Deft make the LoL Worlds Tournament a buffet for MOBA fans.

LoL World’s 2015 was absolutely awesome featuring a million dollar 1st prize and all top 5 LoL teams in the world. The event was won by the South Korean MOBA powerhouse “SK Telecom T1” who won LoL World’s in 2013 and the 2015 Pro-league in StarCraft II. Worlds celebrated its fifth season on the international platform giving young upcoming LoL gamers a solid stage to showcase their talents.

4. BlizzCon

Blizzard the patriarch of e-sports has been organizing BlizzCon for the last 9 years establishing a battle ground for 4 world championships. The 2015 BlizzCon ceremony was highlighted by an epic Linkin Park performance. BlizzCon 2015 featured an immersing final for StarCraft WCS played between the champions of 2013 (sOs) & 2014 (Life).A surprise Hearthstone Final winner was also named as Sebastian “Ostkaka” Engwall beat the opposition silly with some seriously mind boggling strategy. Heroes of the Storm also received great acclaim with Cloud9 winning the franchise final with complete authority.

5. DOTA 2 Majors
Although the International was probably the most famous DOTA 2 tournament ever played, there was a huge gap of platforms for young and highly skilled gamers to prove themselves. What began after TI5 was “new tradition” in the world of DOTA 2 professional gaming.

Beginning in the fall of 2015, The Frankfurt Major was the first of 4 planned events from the organizers & creators of DOTA 2. A total of 4 events which include three Majors (Fall, Winter & Spring) plus the International have been established. The 2015 Frankfurt Major was won by underdogs OG where they beat the likes of Team Secret, EG and CDEC, while a brilliant new talent “Miracle” was unveiled by OG.

The Majors bring forward new roster management rules and new team rules to create a more competitive platform for all world class teams & new comers. Rules include:

• In order to participate in a Majors tournament, players must be locked into a team.
• Locked players cannot leave the team, or be kicked.
• If any locked player leaves the team after the roster lock date, that team will not be eligible to receive direct invites or compete in the regional qualifiers of next Majors tournament.
• Ineligible teams can still attempt to qualify through the open qualifiers.
• Players are unlocked at the end of each Majors tournament, and must be re-invited again.

The Majors will now move on to Shanghai for another DOTA 2 epic, calling upon more gamers to join the party.

In a Nutshell
Hope you enjoyed the best e-sports events of 2015, did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below. Visit us again for the second in the series of Best of E-Sports in 2015 features where we discuss the 5 most amazing MOBA & MMORPG talents who came up in 2015.

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The Best of Esports in 2015

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