06 May, 2015

Best Mass Multiplayer Online Games to play in 2015

After covering the top 10 MOBA games for 2015, today, Kill Ping would be covering the top online multiplayer games that are a must play for any MMO gamer, showcasing you the best MMO games along with solely online multiplayer games as well.

Total Domination

Best mass multiplayer online games

First stop is Total Domination which has more than 30 million players throughout the world. TD is a hit Sci-Fi MMO in which players are required to construct an entire kingdom on the base of ancient civilizations. Based over the number of its fan following and players, the game is a hit and is a must play for any MMO lover. It is important to know that there must be something that has made the game a huge hit worldwide and has been a huge success in online multiplayer games.

The good thing about Total domination is that along with its detailed graphics and enhanced game play that the game provides to its players on a PC, Total Domination is also available to players on their Android and iOS smart phones.

Nova Genesis


Being an open beta game, Nova genesis is awesomely good for an MMO that is browser based. With improved graphics, game play and emphasis over in-game combat, Nova Genesis offers something of a package for any MMO enthusiast. Something that is worth trying. The storyline of Nova Genesis is strong given a fun experience for all who play the game. Even being a browser game does not stop Nova Genesis to provide high end graphic results mostly seen in client downloaded games. Just hit the button and you will be playing the game in no time.

Aura Kingdom


Aura Kingdom is an anime based MMO game based in the world of Azuria. Players choose from eight different classes to play as Envoys that have the purpose of defending Azuria from evil. Being an anime game, the good thing about Aura Kingdom is that it is able to provide the exact same experience of what anime lovers want. Being an MMO game, Aura Kingdom is par level with other online multiplayer games based over the details its has been able to provide in terms character modifications, in depth questing and pet systems along with detailed skill level.

Another good thing to add is that Aura Kingdom is a free MMO and therefore should be in your list of MUST PLAY games.

Dungeons & Dragons Online


Are you a classic MMO lover? Then DDO is the game for you. The reason why DDO has been a huge success is based over the story line and game play that brings in the original and classic theme of dungeons that literally through its name gives you that experience. The common quests seen in many MMO games are not something that you will find in DDO. The game has brought a traditional but unique way of playing the story that allows players to go through various dungeons, traps puzzles and mysteries not common in any other game of its genre.



The reason why Wildstar is among the top MMO is somewhat different from other games of its genre in the scene. Wildstar brings humor and cartoon to games in a totally different aspect. The common thought about an online multiplayer game to be funny is for it being a browser based game. However, what Wildstar brings to the table is ahead of the level. A game that is essential for any player that seeks an element of joy in online multiplayer games coming through a very comic and fun story along with joyful dialogues throughout the game.
Apart from these aspects Wildstar provides the same adventures of MMO games such as PVE, PVP questing, raids and an entire market for in game stuff.

The Elder Scrolls Online


The Elder scrolls Online (TESO) has been able to gather a whopping 5 million users even in its BETA stage. Even though having mixed reviews from players and critics around the globe, TESO has proved to be an MMO any gamer would fall for. Game creators have continuously put efforts to enhance the game play and in game content in such a way that TESO becomes super-addictive after a few moments of game play. And yes they have succeeded quite a lot in it. The game gives its players fantabulous graphics along with a very detailed open world environment, something that every MMO gamer wants to be awesome.

Elder Scrolls online is a game that keeps giving you more and more. All this makes TESO one of the top MMO for the year 2015.

Camelot Unchained


The game has been one of the highly anticipated games to play in the year 2015. The game brings something unique to MMO lovers but at a huge level. Camelot Unchained has introduced RvR (Realm vs. Realm) for players. Not much to say about Camelot Unchained right now since the game has not been released however still has been able to gather more than 2 million dollars for the kickstarter campaign. However, promised by the game itself is an adventurous journey with shockers everywhere.

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade


The game is estimated to be released in the late 2015 and available for players on PC, Xbox One and PS4. This MMO is based over third person shooter open world action. Consisting of a total of four classes, this game is mainly PVP focused and looks to be worth a try. Somewhat A trial version with incomplete details is available for users who want to get to know the game first. The entirety of Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade would however be limited to the premium version only.

Star Citizen


Star Citizen shows potential to be an upcoming MMO hit that would be able to top charts in list of online multiplayer games. The reason lies over the game play and story line the game brings to MMO. Star Citizen however, does not have any sort of class or races to work with. On the other hand players would have the opportunity to customize their own ships and prove their skills in PvP game mode. Star Citizen also provides the option to choose from two different PvP modes which are the classic close combat and another ship vs. ship battle mode.

Project: Theralon


Many people say that Theralon would be a game so good that it’s impossible to exist. However the initial trailer of the game proves that the game would be an upcoming sensation in the world of MMO. Being a sandbox game, Theralon has more focus over the game play rather than the creation of different races/ classes common in other online multiplayer games. The game itself gathers the social aspects of gamers that allow them to play alongside many of their friends and give players the initiative to create their own empire from ground zero to sky. Enhanced crafting and housing systems are also a crucial part for the upcoming MMO.

Civilization Online


The game that was set to release in the year 2014 is in its closed beta stage as of now. Civilization Online allows players to work together to create a kingdom, rather than every player for himself type of game in which civilizations are created solely by every player. Civilization Online increases the overall team play by which players have to coordinate and divide specific roles and responsibilities to properly work their way to a prosperous nation. Civilization Online therefore comes in the list of top MMO for 2015 considering it gets released this year ‘Fingers Crossed’.

Albion Online


The game is officially set to launch this year however; what future holds for the game is unknown and hopes are high for this upcoming online multiplayer game. Albion online is in the list of top MMO games due to the fact that this game brings several new features to play with. A player driven economy makes sure that players are responsible to increase or decrease the market worth of items through what role they choose to play. Furthermore, guilds have been incorporated to control player territories and hence PvP battlegrounds come as an obvious thing. Players are also given liberty in selecting class and creating characters according to their will.



Skyforge is the forthcoming MMO game from Allods Team, based over futuristic fantasy. Even though there is no official date for the game’s release, Skyforge has gathered a huge fan base even in its beta stage. Skyforge also allows players to select their class and head straight to action with no need of level ups. Initially, the player can select from three classes out of a total 10 which are unlocked as the player achieve rewards and with the gradual completion of the game. Overall Skyforge seems to be an action packed MMO capable enough to compete with the big fish online multiplayer games in the scene.

So, did you like our list of top MMO games for 2015? Do you think we missed out on any online multiplayer games? Give us your feedback in the comments section below. You can also see how Kill Ping helps in maximizing your MMO experience by heading  over to the solution to MMO lag or you can get Kill Ping and see the difference yourself.

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Best Mass Multiplayer Online Games to play in 2015

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