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Blizzard Shares New Details On Overwatch Competitive Mode

June 20, 2016  |  by Taha Effendi

Blizzard is all set to launch the much-awaited competitive mode of Overwatch, most probably by the end of the month. However, the developer hasn’t really given us an exact date just yet. So how is competitive mode going to be different this time around or more exciting than the one in beta? Well, Game Director


Dark Souls 3 Series Creator Confirms DLC Release Dates

June 16, 2016  |  by Taha Effendi

Fans of Dark Souls, the dark fantasy action role-playing game, may get yet another reason to try their luck at surviving through the game. FromSoftware has planned post-release content for the latest game in the series and it may come out sooner than you think! When asked about the post-release content, Hidetaka Miyazaki, Series Creator Replaces LGD Gaming at ESL One Frankfurt 2016

June 16, 2016  |  by Taha Effendi

LGD Gaming has withdrawn from the upcoming ELS One Frankfurt 2016 which will be held in Frankfurt, Germany. The team announced its withdrawal from the Dota 2 tournament with just 48 hours left for the start of the group stage. To explain its sudden withdrawal, LGD Gaming cited health issues following the recently ended Manila


Overwatch Records 10 Million Players!

June 15, 2016  |  by Taha Effendi

Overwatch has only recently come out but it seems that there’s nothing stopping the game from climbing the charts of popularity. The game has already crossed 10 million players according to an official announcement by Blizzard on Twitter.   Ten million Overwatch agents activated and counting! Thank you for daring to see the world for


What Really Happened At The Blizzard-Nostalrius Meeting?

June 9, 2016  |  by Taha Effendi

This April, Blizzard Entertainment finally dropped the hammer on Nostalrius, arguably the biggest World of Warcraft servers run by fans. However, after a massive outcry across the WoW gaming community, Blizzard conceded that it was better to have an official meeting with the people running Nostalrius. According to “Viper”, Project Manager of Nostalrius, the meeting


Lucio is Most Popular Overwatch Hero

June 9, 2016  |  by Taha Effendi

Overwatch has an in-game mechanism that records statistics based on things such as healing, kills, damage etc. However, a star-tracking website known as Master Overwatch has taken the game’s stats to the next level by giving you the score-per-minute, popularity rate, and winrate of your favorite Overwatch heroes. And, what Master Overwatch has in store


Overwatch Teases Buffs, Nerfs, New Character

June 8, 2016  |  by Taha Effendi

Two popular heroes from the Overwatch universe may soon see some major changes. According to Jeff Kaplan, director at Blizzard Entertainment, D.Va and McCree will undergo major changes in the upcoming update along with other features and a reintroduced competitive mode. McCree May Be Nerfed McCree is famous for his “It’s high noon” sound cue


FORG1VEN Benched Ahead of EU Split

June 8, 2016  |  by Taha Effendi

Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou has been removed from the starting roster of Origen. The team announced on Tuesday that the star is being benched until he finds the necessary motivation to regain his passion for the game. In the meanwhile, FORG1VEN will be replaced by Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño who will play in his place as AD carry. xPeke


League of Legends S+ Rank Guide

June 7, 2016  |  by Taha Effendi

If you have been playing League of Legends for a long time, you would certainly have noticed how Riot Games ranks your gameplay at the end of a game. Your rank can be anywhere between a D (poor) and an S+ (awesome). When the game first came out, many people failed to understand how exactly