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Fix Your DOOM 4 Lag

March 20, 2019  |  by Taha Effendi

Update: Doom 4 is a hardcore favorite for FPS players. And when you are playing it online increases the fun even more. Well, unfortunately, the issue lag-related issues remain. But this has not stopped us. We have updated our blog, bringing you more ways to deal with Doom 4 lag. Doom is one of the


How To Fix Battleborn Lag In Australia

November 5, 2018  |  by Taha Effendi

It’s been just a few weeks since the game came out and they are already complaining about constant Battleborn lag. Regions, where lag seems to be the most consistent and annoying, include Oceania, or more specifically, Australia. Australian gamers complain of constant lag in Battleborn and a host of connectivity issues in the game. Truth be


League Of Legends Guide: How To Play With LoL Supports

October 3, 2018  |  by Taha Effendi

Are Lol supports important? The simple answer to this common question is “Yes”. When playing League of Legends, you may assume many different roles to lead your team to the threshold of victory. Of course, each of these roles is integral to your game strategy and collectively contribute towards scoring a victory against the enemy.


Top 5 League of Legends Legendary Skins

July 23, 2018  |  by Taha Effendi

Developers at Riot Games sure know how to keep their fans satisfied. From buffs and nerfs for popular champions to upgrades for collectible items, the developers of League of Legends seem to know just what game fans are expecting next. LoL Legendary Skins One interesting addition to the game is the concept of skins. From


Low Ping in Online Gaming with Kill Ping

July 16, 2018  |  by Taha Effendi

It’s been few months since Kill Ping entered the world of online gaming and has already conquered a lot by providing lower ping to thousands of online gamers. However, Kill Ping won’t rest until each and every online gamer is free from ping problems for good. Many Kill Ping users wonder how Kill Ping is


How to Fix Doom 4 High Ping

July 5, 2016  |  by Taha Effendi

Bethesda Softworks, the developers of Doom 4, recently released the game’s beta version. Doom 4 is the latest installation of the Doom series. The game takes a paradigm shift from previous incarnations of the popular first-person shooter as it taps into the world of online multiplayer gaming. However, one problem that the game invites by


How To Fix Dead By Daylight Disconnection

June 29, 2016  |  by Taha Effendi

When Dead by Daylight was released nearly two weeks ago, gamers all around the world were instantly drawn towards its dark theme. In the game, a group of survivors must elude and dodge a cold-blooded ruthless killer as they make their way through decrepit cornfields, abandoned junkyards and secluded forests. While the game has become


NiP’s HeatoN Becomes First Esports Hall of Famer

June 29, 2016  |  by Taha Effendi

Emil “HeatoN” Christensen, Team Manager of Ninjas in Pyjamas, is the first person to be officially inducted into the Esports Hall of Fame at the ESL One Cologne. The official announcement was made by the Esports Hall of Fame this Tuesday.   Happy to announce our 1st inductee will be Emil @Real_HeatoN Christensen at ESL


Why did Blizzard Choose 6v6 Format For Overwatch?

June 27, 2016  |  by Taha Effendi

Unlike most big titles in its competition, Overwatch boasts a 6v6 format. So, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that the upcoming competitive mode of the game will also follow the same format. But why did Blizzard shy away from the widely popular 5v5 format and choose a 6v6 format for Overwatch? Let us