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Apex Legends News: Two New Weapons Leaked – HAVOC And L-Star

February 15, 2019  |  by Dani

With it being less than two weeks since Respawn Entertainment released Apex Legends, the game has already attained a massive milestone of bringing in over 25 million players worldwide. And from what it looks like, this is just the beginning as with each passing the day, the game is becoming more and more popular. Due


Fortnite v7.40 Update Now Live: Get A Free Season 8 Battle Pass

February 14, 2019  |  by Dani

For the past couple of days, the entire Fortnite community has been desperately waiting for Epic Games to release its highly anticipated v7.40 Update. Well, after a minor delay, the update is now live bringing in quite a number of new additions to the game including a new Infantry Rifle and the developers’ Stats v2


World of Warcraft Patch 8.1.5 Hotfix Tracker [Update]

February 14, 2019  |  by Dani

Now that Blizzard Entertainment has officially come out with its much-awaited World of Warcraft 8.1.0 Patch, titled Tides of Vengeance, a new adventure awaits for the community. The update was being tested out in the game’s PTR servers for the past couple of months, but now, Patch 8.1.0 is available for all. That being said,


Fortnite v7.40 Update: Balance Adjustments Details Revealed

February 12, 2019  |  by Dani

With the game’s Share The Love event in full swing, the developers have come out with a sneak peek of the upcoming Fortnite v7.40 Update. It seems Epic Games is working on bringing in a ton of balance adjustments to the game which will include changes to Ziplines, Planes and a number of different in-game


Apex Legends: Ranked Matchmaking Coming Soon?

February 8, 2019  |  by Dani

For the last couple of years, a new video game genre has been seen dominating the entire gaming community. The genre which now goes by the name of Battle Royale. Well, with Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds bringing in a million players on a daily basis, a new contender has entered the arena, one which is


Dota Auto Chess Update February 15 – Blink And Silence Added

February 8, 2019  |  by Dani

Update: New Dota Auto Chess Update now live in the game. Check out the details mentioned down below. With Dota Auto Chess becoming more and more popular with every passing day, the developer is forced into releasing constant updates to catch up to the game’s rapidly rising demand. However, since DAC is a custom map within


Dota Auto Chess Guide: How Can You Master The Game

February 7, 2019  |  by Dani

A couple of weeks back, Drodo Studios released a brand new map called Dota Auto Chess for Dota 2’s Arcade Mode. It was a spin on one of the Arcade mode’s genre, tower defense but it featured some very unique elements which made this quite fun to play. However, what the creator did not know


Dota Auto Chess Strategy – How To Easily Rank Up To Bishop

February 4, 2019  |  by Dani

In the start of the year, a new custom map by the name of Dota Auto Chess made its way into Dota 2. This new map was a unique take on the game’s classic tower defense genre but with added complex elements like economies, synergies and boss fights, in play. As a result of all


New CS:GO Update Brings Abbey And Zoo To Competitive Matchmaking

February 1, 2019  |  by Dani

Previously, the developers behind Counter-Strike: Global Offensive released an update for the game which introduced the community to two new maps called Abbey and Zoo. However, since these maps were just recently added to the game, they were only available to play in games modes like Casual and Deathmatch. Well, today’s  CS:GO Update, along with