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Something Big Is Here: CS:GO Operation Battle Royale!

December 7, 2018  |  by Dani

Update 12/7/2018: Finally, the CS:GO Devs come out with what was initially promised to us on Wednesday, a brand new Operation, one which introduces a 16/18 man Battle Royale mode to the game. Operation Danger Zone is now available for all to see and enjoy. With the CS:GO Devs expected to make an announcement regarding what

Did Valve Just Hint Who Dota 2’s Newest Hero Mars Really Is?

November 29, 2018  |  by Dani

During the International 2018, Valve came out with a trailer which introduced not one but two brand new heroes which are set to make their way into Dota 2. Now out of these two heroes, one has already made its appearance in Dota 2, and that being Grimstroke. The second hero on the other hand

How To Fix Fallout 76 Lag And Other Performance Issues

November 26, 2018  |  by Dani

When one talks about the kings of the RPG world, there are only a handful of studios which come to mind and Bethesda Studios is one of them. These American developers are known for releasing incredible titles like Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas. However, with their most recent project, one which experiments with

Steam Autumn Sale 2018: Here’s What’s Good

November 24, 2018  |  by Dani

With Black Friday 2018 in full swing, Steam is here with its very own sale, one which will have you regretting your decisions in the months to come. The Steam Autumn Sale is now live, which means massive discounts on video games left right and center. So, for all those who have been patiently waiting

PUBG Weapons Guide: The Best For Getting A Chicken Dinner

November 22, 2018  |  by Dani

With PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) getting massively popular, with each passing day, I thought this is the perfect time to bring the readers with a comprehensive PUBG weapons guide. Furthermore, since the developers are constantly updating the game, trying to figure out the perfect balance, I believe you need to know as the more recent updates

A Complete Guide To Fix Dota 2 Lag On Laptop

November 14, 2018  |  by Faizy

Dota 2 has been a very well known Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game and it is very improbable to find a gamer who does not know about Dota 2. The game has arguably the most played online game that we may have ever seen and it is an undeniable fact that the game has a

League of Legends: A Beginner’s Guide to Ahri

November 14, 2018  |  by Spark

Since you are reading this, it’s safe to assume that you are a fan of Ahri and want to get the most from her. This Ahri guide will help you and a lot of other beginners to master Ahri own their opponents through her. Remember one thing though, mastering Ahri has a price, which is

CS:GO Guide: How To Stay Consistent

November 14, 2018  |  by Spark

CS:GO is all about skill and experience. You start from the bottom where even Stanley bot might have better frags than you. However, with enough time and devotion who knows you might be the next GeT_RiGhT of the scene. But have you ever wondered how the likes of GeT_RiGhT, f0rest or Guardian got to the

Simple Ways To Fix Civilization V Lag

November 8, 2018  |  by Faizy

Civilization V is one of the most played games out there right now and there are a lot of players out there who have been playing the game ever since its release back in 2010. The game has been incredibly popular in the community but with its popularity, there have been increasing reports of lag,