23 Feb, 2016

All Time Best Ganks of Dota 2

The world of Dota 2 has given very memorable moments that will help us cheer and feel amazed for a very long time. Whether, it is the legendary base race between Na’Vi and Alliance in The International 2013 or how Sumail was literally able to man handle the entire Vici Gaming squad in DAC 2015, Dota 2 is filled with moments of joy, intensity and celebrations. Over the time, moments of such nature come and go and while we witness them first hand there are some that we just can’t get enough of.

Today, as part of our all time best Dota 2 moments we are bringing you five of the most bad ass ganks in professional matches. So, without intensifying hype any further we will jump you straight to the action.

First on the list of top ganks is the eastern qualifying match between VG and RattleSnake. Though both teams had solid performances in the event, VG had a slightly upper hand going into their match against Rattlesnake. Three of VG’s members set prey on RS.Luo, now a part of Invictus Gaming as they smoked in an attempt to completely burst Luo’s snowball QOP. Though it was perfectly timed and executed, the result was not what they expected. Take a look yourself;

RattleSnake vs VG The International 2013 Eastern Qualifiers

The loser bracket finals between Cloud9 and Empire at Dreamleague Season 1 gained huge popularity based over the plays both teams were able to make in the Best of Three match. The video below shows an epic gank by Empire on Cloud9 in the second match of the series and some great positioning by ALWAYSWANNAFLY allowing him to make a place in top Dota 2 ganks of all time.

Empire vs Cloud9 Dreamleague Season 1

Ever heard the name Fy-God? Well, there is a reason why they call him that and that is exactly why we placed him in the list of best Dota 2 ganks. While doing shenanigans with Rubick is like eating a pie for Xu “fy” Linse,n here is his best gank play with Rubick in a very crucial match against Cloud9 at The International 2015. While, VG was originally losing the match the moment fy stepped up his game, Cluod9 has their backs against the wall as they apparently had no answer to his plays with Rubick. Wondering who’s the best Rubick player in the world? Here’s a hint below;

VG vs Cloud9 The International 2015

Natus Vincere has been a team that literally dominated the era of Dota 2 for almost three years. In a game where competition lies at its peak going to the top and staying there is the toughest thing to do. There is a reason why Natus Vincere is the only team to gain such domination and why no other team stood any chance against their supremacy in their prime. The video below takes you the time of The International 2012 where Na’Vi took on iG in the upper bracket Main Event. Though the gank attempt was made by iG which they even executed quite perfectly; Na’Vi showed their prowess and completely turned around the fight and time wiped iG for the map for Dota 2. Already Hyped? Let’s have a look;

Na’Vi vs iG The International 2012

You have probably heard about the 6 Million Dollar Echo Slam. No matter how many times you watch how Universe and PPD make history with their wombo combo you still just can get enough of it. The play made by these two is something that will remain in the hearts of Dota 2 players for a very very long time. Prediction, coordination, timing and trust are what differentiate best from the good and the two have been able to show you all of it in such a way that even their opponents were left in a state of shock and amazement.

EG vs CDEC The International 2015

Tell us what you think about our list of Best Ganks in Dota 2. If you think we might have missed on some of the incredible plays worth noting then hit us up with a message in the comment box below

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