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Kill Ping is a creation of great hard work and


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About Us


Kill Ping is a creation of great hard work and devotion by professionals within the gaming community coming from different backgrounds. The sole purpose of developing Kill Ping was to provide online gamers an environment that is free from Ping Spikes and LAG issues.

Kill Ping has build its own network dedicated for game data by installing the best 100+ servers across the globe. On a regular internet connection there are all sorts of data packets travelling in the network causing a traffic jam for data and packet loss. Kill Ping’s dedicated route allows a gamer to beat the clutter and traffic, enabling the game data to travel faster to the game server reducing high ping, eliminating lag and packet loss.

Our philosophy, from the beginning has been to help gamers overcome lag issues and show their true talent during online games and tournaments. We believe in supporting the community because we believe that being an old member of the industry we better make a difference.

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You can send us your queries and feedback to Kill Ping at [email protected]