14 Nov, 2018

League of Legends: A Beginner’s Guide to Ahri

Since you are reading this, it’s safe to assume that you are a fan of Ahri and want to get the most from her. This Ahri guide will help you and a lot of other beginners to master Ahri own their opponents through her. Remember one thing though, mastering Ahri has a price, which is your time and devotion.

Why You Should Choose Ahri?

The main reason for choosing Ahri as your champion is her uniqueness. Her main strength is her special abilities, mainly those that allow you to inflict massive amounts of damage. The skills and abilities of Ahri make her an assassin and a mage simultaneously. The spells of Ahri also allow her to take down targets in an effective manner, making her a nightmare for roaming champions. This attracts players even more since her effective picks can help change the tide of the game completely.

Ahri is a top pick by many players because of how dangerous she is at catching enemies off-guard, and also because of the fact that she can easily outrun opponents in tricky situations.

Here Are Some Pros and Cons of Ahri:


  • Good in the Laning phase
  • Sustainability
  • Inflicting damage
  • Gains a great amount of mobility after level 6
  • Crowd-control abilities
  • Does not fall in late game situations


  • Can be run over if she has not been effective early on
  • Damage relies on skill shot
  • Difficult to master


  • Offense: 21
  • Defense: 0
  • Utility: 9

Starting Items

Starting off with Ahri is almost always the same. You basically need sustainability during early game and that is why health potions along with a need for passive mana regen help Ahri in growing her abilities.

Mid-to-Late Game Items

The laning phase to mid-late game strategy for Ahri is based over many aspects. This also depends on the type of role Ahri is playing and her opponents.



One of the most basic items that you should get for Ahri is Morellonomicon because of the stats it provides.

  • Gives 80 AP
  • Reduces cooldown by 20
  • Passive: Increases Mana regen by 100% along with inflicting serious wounds to enemies below 40% HP.

Rabadon’s Deathcap

Rabadon's Deathcap

An item you must have because it complements the things you already have or will get later on.

  • Gives 120 AP.
  • Passive: Enhances AP by 30%

Zhonya’s Hourglass

Zhonya's Hourglass
An item that will be able to give Ahri more survivability due to stats and the active.

  • Gives 120 AP
  • Give +50 Armor
  • Active: Makes your champion immune for 2.5 seconds

Useful Tips

  • Whenever Orb of Deception (Q) is cast, it deals more damage on the way back since that damage is pure.
  • Her Charm (E) can be combined with Flash making Ahri cast Charm where she casted flash.
  • Ahri’s Charm (E) becomes more effective with Orb of Deception and therefore it is important for you to land Charm (E) for maximum effectiveness.
  • Almost always use Orb of Deception (Q) with the maximum range.
  • Spamming Orb of deception as much as possible allows you to inflict huge damage since half of each is true damage and hence is great for clearing waves. However, this requires timing and placement to be mastered.
  • Spirit rush can be used for offensive as well as defensive situations, so it is important to hold on to your charges for the right time.
  • Spirit Rush can be cast with Fire Fox to inflict maximum damage on an intended target and be as mobile as possible so Ahri can move in and out of fights in no time.

That sums it on the basics of Ahri. If you think this guide was helpful and would like more of these on your favorite champions, vote for it below and Kill Ping will gladly cover it for you.

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League of Legends: A Beginner’s Guide to Ahri

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