26 May, 2016

8 Overwatch Tips To Get You Started!

With Overwatch finally out, enthused fans from all around the world now get to play the complete game and try out its amazing roster of heroes and high-tech sci-fi weapons. Although the game really doesn’t have what you would call a ‘steep’ learning curve, there are some essential Overwatch tips that you must keep in mind to increase your rank fast. So, here are a few pointers to get you started:



The tutorial of Overwatch doesn’t really teach you anything out of the ordinary. However, it still helps you to get acclimatized with the game’s environment and gameplay. For about 20 minutes, you will control Soldier 76 in the tutorial, perhaps because he is by far the most noob-friendly hero of the game. We recommend you to go through the tutorial because it is a good starting point – it teaches you basic combat maneuvers like moving, shooting, looking around, dashing etc.



If you have already tried out Overwatch beta, you’d know that the game has different classes of heroes who fit their own respective roles. The four classes in the game are offense, defense, support and tank. Although you would be more inclined to play heroes rather than focus on their classes, it will certainly help you to keep the four classes in mind since they are, in many ways, the foundation of the game. This is one of THE most important Overwatch tip, so pay attention. Here is how differently the four classes work:

Offense Heroes – These heroes are damage-dealers and should ideally deal nothing short of a critical hit to the enemy. However, there is a catch – offense heroes can’t go all commando on the enemy and live to tell the tale. This is because Overwatch compensates for their superior firepower by weakening their armor. Thus, an offense hero needs either a support or defense hero by their side to cushion the blow and redirect all the fire away from him. Reaper is an Offensive-class hero.

Reaper Offense

Tank Heroes – These heroes have incredible armor and are great at holding the line. They can also provide great support to their allies and can deal critical damage too if you know how to use their weapons cleverly. The downside of tank heroes is that they are slow on their feet. This makes tanks a poor choice for ambushes. Winston is a Tank-class hero.

Winston Tank

Defense Heroes – These heroes have a high reserve of health which means that they will mostly come out of a fight unscathed or, at the most, with minor scars. Defense heroes are not trained to be on the frontlines. Instead, they must keep their distance from the conflict area and try to kill enemies by sniping them or by deploying turrets. Bastion is a Defensive-class hero.

Bastion Defense

Support Heroes – These heroes help the team in many ways. They can either do this by healing team members after a vicious fight or with the help of buffs which upgrade their firepower or armor. Additionally, support heroes are also great at disabling enemies during a fight to give their allies the upper hand. So, when you’re up against a particularly tanky hero, a support hero will come to your rescue and disable him to level the playing field or give you the upper hand! Zenyatta is a Support-class hero.

Zenyatta Support



¬†Perhaps the best thing about Overwatch is its incredible Hero dynamics. This means that every hero has their own unique abilities and traits. For instance, Widowmaker has a weapon that is effective at long as well as shot range. The pistol form of the weapon is great at short range although it does need a few shots to kill a single enemy. Hence, the most important Overwatch tip is to know the hero you are playing as AND know the ones you’re playing against.


On the other hand, the weapon can also transform into a long-range rifle that is highly effective for sniping. Every hero in Overwatch has unique abilities and weapons that you can exploit to your advantage and then mold your gameplay around the heroes. In the same way, every single hero of Overwatch has their own unique ability that you can mold your gameplay around. We would advise that you try a couple of heroes from each class to get a better idea.



It’s certainly going to help you if you go to war with a well-balanced team. So, pay attention to the character select screen before you begin the match. If the character select screen tells you that your team has no offensive players, pick more of them! If it says you need more tanks, then select a tank. Your team composition needs to be balanced in order to increase your chances of survival and boost your chances of success. Remember, it’s a team job with everyone playing their own respective (and important) roles in every match. This is THE most important take-home Overwatch tip for you!




Another important Overwatch tip is to learn, constantly! Overwatch doesn’t boast a steep learning curve – many gamers can learn to play well within days. And, if you have a considerable level of experience playing first-person shooters like Black Ops 3 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the game will come to you naturally.

However, there are numerous ways you still have a lot of learning to do as far as the in-game dynamics are concerned. Getting used to the unique abilities of every hero, for instance, may take most of your time while mastering these abilities may demand even more time.


Also, you must try to get a good grip of the cooldowns of special abilities of each individual hero and learn to time them well. With practice, you can even learn to chain them too! Understandably, you will fail numerous times before you can master these skills. However, it will all be worth it in the end, so just keep learning and practicing.

Another important Overwatch tip is to learn from your enemies (and you’ll get numerous chances to do that!). One way to do so is to observe the in-game kill cams. Observing these kill cams will give you a deeper insight into the gameplay of your enemy – how well they time certain abilities or which weapons they use to great effect. The next time you spawn, you can mimic the skills of your enemies and overwhelm them.



Ignoring the in-game objectives is one of the biggest signs of weak team-coordination. Overwatch is a team-based first-person shooter and this means that you must work as one unit and support each other in order to meet the in-game objectives. Here are the main objectives that you must complete in different game modes:

Assault Mode – In this mode, your main goal is to capture objectives. Of course, it’s more complicated than that – one team will attack while the other must defend itself. Yes, disposing of your enemies is important in Assault mode. However, capturing the marked strategic points should be your main focus!

Escort Mode – In this mode, the attacking team must deliver a payload to a delivery point and they will try to meet their objective at any cost. Being on the opposing side, you must stop the payload before it reaches the delivery point.

Assault/Escort Mode – As the name suggests, this is a mixture of Assault and Escort game mode. To start with, play Assault in order to capture strategic points on the map. Then, switch over to Escort mode and deliver a payload to its delivery point.

Control – In this mode, you must fight for control of an objective. Control mode has a best-of-three format so you must try to win two out of three matches in order to win.



Another very useful Overwatch tip is to listen closely. If you do, you’ll realize that every hero has their own unique and distinctive sound cue which is played right before the ultimate is fired. With a bit of practice, you can learn to pick up these sound cues both when used by the enemy or by your own hero.

How does this help you? Well, it will give you an edge in the battlefield since you will know when the enemy is firing his ultimate so you can dodge it. With good timing, you can even dodge sideways as the enemy fires his ultimate and counter it with your own ultimate. Your enemy will be a sitting duck as he is stuck in the ult’s animation sequence.



This is one of THE most important Overwatch tips. The ultimate is your most powerful ability in Overwatch and deals critical damage to multiple enemies depending on the hero you have selected. Each hero’s ultimate has a different cooldown timer and you must learn to time them well.

Timing your ultimate means knowing when to save your ultimate and when to unleash it to deal maximum damage to the enemies. This, you will only learn with a bit of practice. Timing your ultimate well also means firing it when the entire enemy team is arranged in a line, or clustered together, or distracted by your team’s tank.


However, this certainly does not mean that you use your ultimate sparingly as that would mean letting go of easy kills which, in turn, would mean that you are forfeiting points that you could have scored with those easy kills. Five sub-optimal ultimates in a game are much better than when you finish the game with a full ult meter.



These are the 8 Overwatch tips to get you started. We hope you find wisdom in our words and success on the battlefield. And, if you think we missed anything important, do let us know by commenting in the comments section below.

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8 Overwatch Tips To Get You Started!
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