20 Mar, 2019

Just 5 Simple Tweaks to Fix Rainbow Six Siege Lag

Rainbow Six Siege lag stopping you from reach the top of the competitive ladder? If this is the case then these tweaks are definitely going to help you solve the troubles.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has been a massive hit ever since the game’s release back in December last year. Although the community thinks this game has the capability to be the next big FPS thing that can compete with CS:GO, the problem of Rainbow Six Siege lag is kinda getting in its way.

No matter where you try to queue the game, online gameplay is just not fun to play if you are facing Rainbow Six Siege lag. Forums and communities are filled with players complaining about Rainbow Six Siege lag. Heck, even Twitter is filled with a plethora of tweets complaining about the issue.

Seems like players from all around the world are complaining about Rainbow Six Siege lag due to the server or network issues and an actual solution to it seems nowhere to be found.

Rainbow Six Siege Lag Fix

How To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Lag

As part of our efforts to reduce lag problems of online players from around the world, we are today bringing you a detailed guide on how you can do the same as well as reduce your lag. After some testing and research, we have compiled a series of fix and workarounds that you should do to see a difference.

Minimum PC Requirements

First off, let’s make sure that your PC is up to the mark that is set by the game developers. This is important to know and fulfill because even if you are doing everything right but your PC specifications are not appropriate, you might never be able to get rid of Rainbow Six Siege lag. We have gathered the minimum requirements that are a must for you to have in order to play Rainbow Six Siege and now face any lag or PC crashes.

Operating System Windows 7 or Above 64Bit Only
Processor Intel Core i3 560 @ 3.3 GHz
Graphics Adapter NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460
Hard Drive 30GB
Internet Connection Atleast 4MB with 512kbps upload speed

Fixing Steam Conflict

Players normally also face Steam Conflict when trying to play Rainbow Six Siege. Steam game files are the source of this issue and can be fixed by doing the following.

  1. Close Steam
  2. Go to “C:Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\” and rename your game folder for example from “Rainbow Six Siege” to “Rainbow Six Siege backup”.
  3. Relaunch Steam and Right Click Rainbow Six Siege to open the Game Properties. Now Delete the Local Content.
  4. Go back to the folder you renamed in Step 2 and rename it back to the original one.
  5. Now go back to the Steam Game library and click on Install.
  6. Steam will Reinstall the game without redownloading all the game content while also fixing the conflict issue.
  7. Verify the Game Integrity of Rainbow Six Siege and run the game.

Fixing Game Crashes

There hasn’t been any official update from Ubisoft’s side as to why their game crashes during online play even if it is working fine. While, they try to figure it out, we have been able to somehow reduce it by updating all the current device drivers of the PC.

Rainbow Six Siege Lag Spikes

This is somehow related to the game files which tend to crash the game if the drivers aren’t up to date. If you are also among those unlucky ones who at times face game crashes then it’s better that you update your drivers ASAP.

Rainbow Six Siege Fps Lag

Apart from the game crashes, Rainbow Six Siege players are also troubled with regular game freezes that just stick the game like wallpaper on your desktop. You end up restarting your computer because even the CTRL-ALT-DEL thing isn’t working as well. And along the waste of time, you are also welcomed back with a series of flames and curses.

Rainbow Six Siege Lag

We found out that the game freeze issues are due to outdated Visual C++ Redistributable Packages. The file installs key components that are required by many programs that are built through C++. Rainbow Six Siege which was made through AnvilNext 2.0 game engine was solely programmed through C++ and therefore any outdated run-time components will prevent the game from running smoothly. The best way to overcome it is by re-installing or getting the updated version of Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio. You can download the file from over here or by going over to the Microsoft website.

Rainbow Six Siege Lag Spikes

As discussed above, backed up with some stats and not so happy tweets of players, one of the main cause of lag is due to poor game connections and network issues. Ubisoft in this regards don’t have much that they could do in this regards and in the end, it’s up to the mere gamer to fix even this issue as well. You are not alone in this matter, and luckily Kill Ping will help you get rid of the network issues that are leading to lag in Rainbow Six Siege.


Along with providing the best possible solutions to fix game problems in all aspects, Kill Ping specializes in giving online gamers an environment free from network issues and latency/ ping problems. Supporting many online games in the past, Kill Ping now supports Rainbow Six Siege as well and will make sure that your game lag due to network issues won’t happen, EVER.

We recommend you to try the steps mentioned above and if they weren’t able to solve your lag issues then most likely you are also among those who are facing lag due to network problems. In that case, the best thing you could do for yourself and your favorite game is to play it with Kill Ping.

We won’t be going into the technical aspects of how Kill Ping does the magic cause that would get boring. Instead, try Kill Ping for once and the result would be enough for you to not let go of the application ever again.

Tell us if you still face any trouble and we will be more than happy to guide you further. In case you still have any questions feel free to give any comment or feedback by writing in the comments section below.

How To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Lag


Just 5 Simple Tweaks to Fix Rainbow Six Siege Lag

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