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Top 10 CS:GO Weapon Skins To Crave For

Top 10 CS:GO Weapon Skins To Crave For

UPDATE: With the induction of new skins in CS:GO merchandise,…

Overwatch’s Latest Hero Is Orisa

Overwatch’s Latest Hero Is Orisa

After a series of hints and teasers over the period…

EnVyUS officially sign Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom

EnVyUS officially sign Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom

The one tap star Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom has now become…

DreamHack Master Las Vegas in the bag for

DreamHack Master Las Vegas in the bag for

After an easy group stage and a clear journey to…


The Three Best Tracer T-Shirts On The Marketplace!

April 29, 2017  |  by Faizy

In the world of gaming today, franchises are about much more than just gaming. The same is the case with Overwatch. Fans of the game are always on the lookout for the best quality Overwatch Merchandise available on the marketplace. Keeping that in mind, one of the most popular forms of merchandise for the game

Top 10 CS:GO Weapon Skins To Crave For

April 29, 2017  |  by Spark

UPDATE: With the induction of new skins in CS:GO merchandise, we feel obliged to update this blog for our readers. This article was originally published in June 2015. Ever dreamt of the best CS:GO skins that you could have? Ever wondered what could be the most beautiful weapon skins that you can have in CS:GO?

Kiev Major 2017: iG too good for Miracle and Co.

April 29, 2017  |  by Spark

After an intense best-of-three showdown between iG and Liquid, Burning’s squad got the better of Liquid and cruised their way to the semi-finals of the Kiev Major. Game One Starting off the game, iG went for their comfort pick Ember backed by Burning on his Morphling. Liquid on the other hand also went for heavy

Overwatch World Cup 2017: Teams to Watch Out For

April 25, 2017  |  by Faizy

UPDATE: The voting process for Overwatch World Cup qualification is over. A total of 32 countries have made it to the group stage of the Overwatch World Cup 2017. Blizzard Entertainment’s next Overwatch World Cup is on the horizon. Check out the current standings of the countries.Let’s have a look at the current standings for all

SK claim CS_Summit title after win over Gambit Esports

April 24, 2017  |  by Spark

The Counter-Strike version of The Summit is finally over as SK Gaming take down Gambit after a 3-1 scoreline. Ggwp @GambitEsports good fight!Champions of CS Summit! Thanks for cheering boys.We want more! Preparation for Sidney starts tomorrow. — Gabriel Toledo (@FalleNCS) April 24, 2017 SK Gaming came into the finals after defeating Gambit Esports

New Wave Of Overwatch Funko Pops Arriving In May

April 21, 2017  |  by Faizy

Overwatch Funko Pops are the most popular Overwatch Merchandise among the fans of the game. They are always on the lookout for the best Overwatch Funko Pops available anywhere on the marketplace. Citing immense demand and popularity, the developers of the Overwatch Funko Pops have announced the next wave of these cute toys. As you

Ninjas in Pyjamas remove syndereN from Dota 2 roster

April 21, 2017  |  by Spark

The legendary Swedish esports organization Ninjas in Pyjamas has just announced the removal of Troels “syndereN” Nielsen from their Dota 2 squad. NiP came into the Dota 2 scene in early 2017 as the organization picked up Escape Gaming members Adrian “Era” Kryeziu and Max ”qojqva” Broecker and synderen. Completing the roster were old school

Next Final Fantasy XV Patch To Improve PlayStation 4 Pro Support

April 21, 2017  |  by Faizy

Square Enix will release a new Final Fantasy XV Patch next week. This patch will bring in additional features and changes to the game. According to the patch notes, the next Final Fantasy XV Patch will provide “additional features” to the game’s PlayStation 4 Pro Support. There will be a new mode which will allow

Did VG.J deserve an invite to The Summit 7?

April 20, 2017  |  by Spark

VG.J, the Chinese powerhouse is the second team to receive the invite after the first one being handed out to the CIS legends The team is led by none other than Xu ‘fy’ Linsen, would be making their entry to the BTS house alongside Bai ‘rOtk’ Fan The team’s carry player Sun ‘Agressif’ Zheng