About Kill Ping

Let's make the Gaming World a better Place!

It was the winter holidays and 6 avid online gamers were getting ready for fighting it out in Counter Strike. As they started heading out in the maps, they noticed some response deviation; their players were lagging behind and the video was choppy. Every headshot they tried ended up in a missed shot. Every grenade they threw landed somewhere else. It was hopeless.

That’s when these 6 die-hard online gamers declared war on high ping times, in-game latency, ping spikes, response deviation and anything else that spoils online gaming. That is the day Kill Ping was born.

This pack of 6 gamers is now leading all development at Kill Ping. Its mission is to deliver the best possible online gaming experience to every gamer on this planet, using the best database of servers placed strategically across the best datacenters, all around the world. Try Kill Ping today and experience Lag-Free online gaming like never before!

About the Company

Kill Ping is a creation of the gamers at GZ Systems Ltd., a Hong Kong based IT organization. The company has many renowned IT products and applications, with an existing customer base of more than 1 million users. Kill Ping is a brain child of the Pro gamers working hard to give back to the gaming industry by developing a solution to resolve a common issue faced by millions around the world.

Want to know more about Kill Ping or GZ Systems? Or, simply have a feedback for us? Kindly feel free to contact us.

Features Offered by Kill Ping

In the world of Online Gaming, high ping times and latency can prove to be the decisive factor in winning and losing. If you don't want to lose any of your missions, fights and conquests due to slow response times and in-game lags then partner with Kill Ping. Once Kill Ping is at your side, you will enjoy up to 60% reduced ping times, stable latency, and better response accuracy. Try Kill Ping now and experience lag-free online gaming like never before!

Access All Servers in One Package
Reduce Lag by
up to 60%
All Major Games Supported
Unlimited Server Switching
Uninterrupted Server Connectivity
Recommended Server Selection